Miss, we are coming! Hi there! Welcome from my car my sister Agniezka is behind the camera and today we are in Memmingen (Germany) city, where headquarters of Goldhofer is located the best company in the world producing trailers for overdimentional heavy haul and today we are celebrating the first event, more a party the Goldhofer Drivers Club the club has just been founded if you operate a Goldhofer trailler you are very welcomed to join us we will have trainnings in club too, but today we party we shall see how it goes to be honest I am very stressed now earlier I was happy and excited now I am stressed I am stressed cause we celebrate my birthday too so I am a bit scared – don’t be affraid – look how beautiful that city is – look up now – my association of Memmingen is mammography so ladys, get tested! – where should I enter? or there? – shall we call Kirsten? there is a man there – helo, where is the Goldhofer Drivers Club party? – you need to go 100m ahead, on the right side, the main building – OK, thank you – Iwonka speaks two foreign languages! English and German… – no, my German is rather basic today waitress in hotel, at the breakfast ‘Is everything OK? and I said ‘No, thanks’ cause I understood her saying if we would like to order anything – but she was speaking so fast – what did I say? oh, that’s we finished and then she understood me and started to laugh and me too, after some time when I realised I told her nothing is OK well, what can I do so, here we are – you can open the window we were supposed to be half past, it is 29 so perfect – just like in german mechanism – yeah, you need to remember that here we have legendary german ‘order’ german precision damn, I am so stressed – it is going be perfect – come on, show how we drive in, they seen me 1000 times Today at breakfast, Agnieszka wanted to catch waitress to order a tea and said “Entschuldigen” and then she asked, ‘What does it mean?” and ment ‘Entschuldigung’ it was Skoda that braked, not me it braked itself before side walk interesting if I broke the bumper… let’s have a look yeah, so we had fun… nothing, Skoda got scared and braked it saw that board – it is good you have such a fearful car – take your bag and let’s go – Welcome in Goldhofer! today October Fest starts! the story of Goldhofer founded in 1705 now we have a company tour we’ve been to production workshops where I couldn’t record after all they have the most innovative technologies in the world, which the rest of the manufactures copy, so I won’t give them any info :p and now we are in the area where the trailers wait for pick up let’s have a look around that huge trailer for example is designed to transport huge pipes, like the wind turbine ‘leg’ so big that’s how you haul it empty and for pick up you unlock it quite a lot of work as far as I have seen I have never done it myself of course but you see, I was next to it 😉 we have one like that in our company too look what I have looks cool, doesn’t it? I would love to have it in my room above my bed I would be staring at it and dreaming of Goldhofer trailer let’s keep on visiting Actually, I don’t know if you realise that Goldhofer produces not only trailers and modules but also air planes tow trucks so if you travel by air plane before taking of such a two truck pull the air plane and when you land after taxing the tower takes the plane to proper doc at the airpot 3 different towers such a big tires I think that’s the biggest one to be honest I don’t know how it works I think it lifts up and take the plane on it self it reverses under the plane front wheel lifts up that’s what I think but I might be wrong here we have such a 6axle trailer am I right? (counting) 2 tunnels to extend here something to haul construction machinery hydraulic ramps, very nice where else is there low boy in american or tiefbett in german 3 axels in the front plus 5 axels rear everybody is gathering for group photo then I am going too those are proper toys for big boys party have you seen it? I have shown you before, in my earlier movie from Bauma but let’s have a look that’s a GO, switcher ‘forward’ ‘backwards here you adjust level left and right here enjoy so here we are some trailers but we are going to see sth different semi traillers there is some strange trailer, I can see it’s been designed for some particular cargo in case you didin’t know, Goldhofer designes and produce their trailers for individual needs of a client let’s count the axels 6 axles nice and shinny so a 6 axle one such a telesattel trailers I think there are few of them in our company but those one are 3 axle those are the blade lifts it lifts the back of the blade high as needed to get into tight spots damn, so many axels… how many is there? let’s count my favorite game (counting) I got confused 14! you can check it here bit less those trailers are parked so perfectly german precision nearly touch each other, but don’t OK, let’s keep on going that is a very complicated one! and the way those axles turn… in the front, all of then turns similar direction of course, each one has different angle, but the same direction but in the rear section, first 3 turns one direction the middle one goes straight more less and the rest turns opposite direction so many tons on such a sphere with a grease such a cute color honey color parked next to orange one look how nice that composition is! there is a beach, sunset and the sky recently I have seen a white excavator and now I see a white trailer… to walk under the trailer… just look a that’s, that’s are first Goldhofer trailers got to tell you, I have such a telesattel at home 😉 that’s a special stopper look at those colors sunny yellow with a red rims nice composition of colors where can you meet Agnieszka… – where? At Goldhofer Drivers Club party! I got hungry as well we have beer already a tire cake! it is going to be nice! that’s a huge piece! and that’s how the party goes people stand, seat, walk, talk, eat, drink and enjoy them selves and the party is over what an amazing day it was! – and I need to go to the restroom – what a surprise