he’s your first alert 5 whether we sand Schreyer good morning everyone skiers if you’re catching me this morning to get your forecast for the slopes looks pretty good this morning you have no problems getting out to the resort’s although really you should be leaving now to get out there we’ve got 8 o’clock – noon snow starts to show up to the west Gunnison we’re talking around crested butte cooper monarch getting snow telluride hopefully some good snow down south more scattered snowfall through some of the range can about west over towards Summit County you know even out Dora it’s probably gonna get a little snow early this afternoon the snow arrives s’mores towards areas like Bret Keystone a base and some of those areas moreso into the late day although Crested Butte should be some good snow all afternoon I think monarch mountain would be another good place to go as well 4 o’clock so is your coming home that’s when the roads could start to get a little slick but look by 8 o’clock it’ll be much worse tonight on i-70 5024 the later you go the later you stay out the worse it’s going to be on the road so I would come back pretty close to wins the ski store areas start to close down run 4 o’clock now temperatures this morning 55 to the springs 48 in-wall Sandberg Pueblo your sense are still says 25 man it’s probably a little warmer through different parts of the city because the winds are very strong now your forecast today Colorado Springs 58 degrees this is part of the challenge for the forecast for tonight we could see a sprinkle out across the city late this afternoon but snow arrives tonight especially over Monument Hill 32 degrees with blowing snow in the Springs but accumulation looks barely to be anything Monument Hill I’m forecasting by tomorrow morning somewhere between 1 to 4 inches but up by Larkspur in Castle Rock it could be closer to 6 so basically the more north you go the worse it’s going to get blowing snow high winds could be a big issue even for the springs but accumulation just does not look like a big deal that being said tomorrow morning we’re going to on the storm impact scale to be safe visibility can be a bigger problem than actual snowfall totals through the week we do warm up little snow on Thursday Pueblo today 64 degrees tonight some blowing snow could make it down to you a lot of my mom doesn’t have it but I just think that we could easily get some to reach down 36 you will not have a problem as far as slick roads tomorrow from everything I’ve seen 40s and 50s over your extended visibility with some blowing snow could be the thing that’s a little challenging Sammie Canyon City I just don’t see actual snowfall totals being much of a thing for you you should stay well under an inch but blowing snow low visibility tonight tomorrow morning that could be the bigger problem warmer through the week finally we get over towards Woodland Park I am seeing blowing snow tonight a little snow this afternoon but the accumulation would really come tonight tomorrow morning somewhere between 1 to 3 inches drifts could be higher same with Monument Hill drifts could be higher then we go through the extended we’re pretty dry it’s good