Hello and Welcome,
My name is Jaskirat Kaur and thanks for tuning in to Glamrs in Hindi! The rainy season, can present a whole host of problems for us to deal with, but the one
that bothers me the most is wet feet. It’s really important to take care of our
feet to avoid some gross infections and that nasty smell It’s as important to protect your feet from
the rain, as protecting your body. So don’t wear fabric or leather shoes, stick to waterproof
sandals. Add some Dettol to a tub of hot water and
soak your feet in it to disinfect them. Then don’t forget to scrub between your toes as
that’s where most of the gunk collects. If you’re not at home, pack some anti-bacterial
wipes so you can keep your feet clean. Trim your nails short during the monsoon,
so no dirt or gunk collects under them. Use anti-fungal powder on your feet regularly
for that added layer of protection. To avoid that nasty smell from damp shoes,
wash them before wearing. And finally don’t forget to moisturise your
feet before you go to sleep at night. We hope you found these tips helpful. Do let
us know in the comments below if you have any questions. Till next time, stay tuned, stay glamrs!