3 typhoons are traveling northward .. fortunately
the Korean Peninsula won′t be directly affected by any of these systems.
But… rain is store as the 9th typhoon of the season Chan-hom pushes up a monsoon
front … So it will rain from Jeju tonight, before
showers gradually spreads nationwide. The capital will recieve rain from Wednesday
afternoon so make sure to have an umbrella handy through the week.
And while the central regions are hoping to get a nice amount of rain… Jeju and southern
provinces will again… get the most rainfall. In fact, some of the southern coastal regions
could get more than 100 millimeters. As for tomorrow′s readings…
Seoul rises to 29,… southern cities like Daegu and Gwangju will be cooler at 22 and
23… and Busan tops out at 21. Daejeon will climb to 25,… Jeju Island
and Dokdo will see highs of 21 and 22. For those of you in the southern areas,
be sure to have that umbrella and layer up for tomorrow
That′s Korea for you and let′s take a look at weather conditions around the world.