Seems like we will see more rain during the
second half of this week, with monsoon rain already drenching Jeju Island. For more details, let’s turn to our Michelle
Park at the weather center, Michelle? Yes, the monsoon has already begun to wet
Jeju and some of the southern provinces,… which will expand up to the southern Gyeonggi-do
and Gangwon-do provinces after mid-night. This monsoon is expecting to bring up to 100
millimeters of rain in the south coast and Jeju area,… and less amount as we move upwards. Meanwhile, the capital won’t seem to be affected
by the monsoon,… staying under just cloudy skies tomorrow. But it will be hot and steamy as Beijing. Most parts of the country will wake up to
a wet condition. Seoul at 23 degrees Celsius,… and very similar
elsewhere with Busan and Jeju starting off to 22 and 24 degrees respectively. Into the afternoon, Seoul and Chuncheon will
hit 33 degrees, whereas the rest will have lower readings. It looks like, the rain will continue for
some time as Typhoon Danas is making its way north from the Philippines. It’s expected to pass Taiwan and gradually
approach the Korean Peninsula over the next couple of days. Keep in mind… as the typhoon’s course changes,
that’ll affect the amount of rain and where it will fall. But as for now, we are seeing more rain from
Sunday to Monday,… so please stay updated with the forecast. I’ll leave you with the weather conditions
around the world.