Southern regions will see heavy monsoon showers
for the next few days. Up to 100 millimeters of monsoon rain is expected,
which could lead to flooding in some southern areas. Rain alerts are in place across the southern
regions with warnings in parts of Jeolla-do and Gyeongsang-do Provinces. Jeju will be warm and sunny getting up to
32 degrees Celsius while Seoul will also be warmer today at 28 degrees. With that, let’s take a look at the international
weather for viewers around the world. Heavy rain will batter southern parts of South
Korea while North Korea will have passing showers during the day. Beijing will be hotter than New Delhi, as
monsoon rain will bring cooler air to New Delhi. Over in New Zealand, it’s below freezing on
North Island, while Wellington also has nippy temperatures. Temperatures are on the rise in New York,
record breaking temperatures are on the way. As for South America, Brazil’s two major cities
will be warm and sunny. Taking you to Europe,…sporadic rain in Madrid
will ease the heatwave. Lastly to Africa, those in Cairo will see
heat reaching its peak on Wednesday. That’s the weather update for now.