Hello Friends, Welcome to the Masala Kitchen Now a days the weather is so beautiful So much of rainfall is there Today we will make so many types of Pakodas Due to the rain, weather becomes so beautiful So in this weather we should make Pakodas So today we are going to make many types of Pakodas Make whatever you want Watch the full video You will like it as there are many types of Pakodas It may help you Firstly I am going to make the specialty of ours You must have heard about Sindhi Pakodas “Sanna Pakoda” So for making it We put Onions more than the Gram Flour It is little different from others It is similar to Kanda Bhajiya But for making it we have to chop the onions finely Put some Green Chilies according to our taste Put Coriander Leaves It is finely chopped and washed also We will put Some whole Coriander Seeds Crush it with your hands like this And then put it in the bowl Put some Cumin Put some Fennel Seeds Put 2 pinch of Asafoetida Now put some Salt as per the taste Some Crushed Red Chili Powder Some Turmeric Powder Now mix it properly Let the water released from it We have mixed it We will keep it aside for 2-3 mins Now in this bowl We will put 1 cup of Gram flour We will mix it now Now I will put A pinch of Baking Soda Now we will mix it with our hands Now we will put around 1-2 tbsp of Water in it We will not put so much of water in it We will mix it In this way We will keep it aside again for sometime Now we will put some more water in it Its batter should be like this Like this See! Now in it We will put 1 tbsp of We will put Hot Oil in it It makes the Pakodas more crispy You can skip Baking Soda But must put the hot oil in it Now its consistency is perfect We have to put the flame in such a way It should not be so heated It should be heated but not too much heated And if you like then Put it by using spoon Or if you like then you can put it with your hands also Make thick Pakodas like this The Sindhi word Sanna means Thin Pakodas But right now I am making thick Pakodas Put the flame medium Now we will turn the Pakodas to the other side And if you don’t prefer Onions And if you want to make the Pakodas like this Then you can put some finely chopped Vegetables in it Like You can put finely chopped Apple Gourd (Tinda) You can put finely chopped Bottle Gourd also You can put Pumpkin in it Then it will be like Onion When it gets light golden from both the sides Then we will take them out of the pan Take out on a paper napkin like this And then let them to be cool down Till then we will make the left over Pakodas Now if some guests are coming at your home You can make the Pakodas like this And then we will make small pakodas from it In this way Like this We have to do 3-4 pieces from a big Pakoda And then we have to fry them on high flame Until it gets golden in colour Now the Oil is heated We have make the small pieces of it like this And then on high flame Fry them till it turns golden See! We call it “Sanna Pakoda” See! These are crispy from the inside as well And its taste is so different You must try it Sanna Pakoda are ready to serve now As much as crispy these Pakodas are from outside That too it will be as soft from inside As we had put Oil in it Due to which these are crispy from outside But soft from inside So it is its specialty You must try this Now we will make Mix Veg Pakodas The Pakodas we are making now That you will get as a street food at everywhere At Mumbai or at anywhere We call it Mix Veg Bhajiya If you want to add Onion in it then add it or if not then skip it We will put so many things in it and very less Gram flour will be used It is very different type of Pakoda First of all we will take Onions for it We will chop it in long slices See! We have to open its layers and chop it like this So we will take 2 Onions As I have some Carrot I have chopped it long and thin like this I have Capsicum So I am putting this also It is not compulsory to put it I have also chopped the Green Chilies in this way I have some Mint Leaves I have washed them properly And chop it Put some finely chopped Green Chilies also Put some long chopped Ginger Some Coriander Leaves finely chopped and washed Around 1 cup of Thickly chopped Spinach I have chopped a Potato in this way Now we will put Salt as per the taste Put some Turmeric Powder Red Chili Powder Put 2 pinch of Asafoetida Now we will put some hot Oil in it also as we had put put in the first Pakodas Some Fennel Seeds Some Whole Coriander Seeds By crushing with your hands Put some Carom Seeds Put some Dried Fenugreek Leaves It will make it more tasty Now we will mix it Spinach will release water Because of Salt in it Onion will also release water because of Salt in it As we already dipped the Potatoes in water while chopping So the water will not be added in it Mix it in this way Now we will gradually put the Gram Flour in it Now we will put some more Gram Flour in it It is the same Gram Flour, I didn’t take the another Gram Flour When you see that it starts binding Put Gram Flour till it will get properly bind When you see that this much of Gram Flour is enough Then after that don’t put Gram Flour in it Here I had put 1 cup of Gram flour in it Don’t add more Gram Flour in it Only 1 tsp of water, we have to put in it We don’t want the mixture so loose And don’t keep this mixture by making it ready You have to make it quickly As you have added Salt in it Salt will release some water Put 1 small serving spoon of Oil in it So that it will become very crispy Flame is medium Now in this way, we have to make the pakodas in the unequal shapes It should not be made on high flame So that the Potatoes will also be cooked I had uploaded many videos of Pakodas last year as well Tomato Pakodas Moong dal Mangodas And many more Pakodas You can Click on to the ” i ” button You will see many more types of pakodas Must watch every types of Pakodas Or you can check our playlist as well Just like this Golden colour of very crispy Pakodas Take them out of the pan on the paper napkin In this way, the potatoes will also get soft in it These are so crunchy And very less Gram flour is used There are so many vegetables are used in it It is the specialty of this And you must try this Must have Tea with these Pakodas Now we will make Green Chili Pkaodas Potato Pakodas And Brinjal’s Pakodas In the same way, you can make many more Pakodas Now we have to choose the Green Chilies for these Pakodas We will not put Potato filling in it We will make it in a different way that I usually made it at my home Take medium size of Green Chilies like this Its size is long you can see But it is medium broad We will not take so thick Chilies And it should not be so thin So here I have taken some chilies And I have taken some Potatoes Cut the Potatoes like this in round shape It should not be so thick Now here I have a Brinjal We will cut the Brinjal also We have keep the Potatoes in the water See! We have to cut the Brinjal in this way It should not be so thick It should be little thin like this It looks little thick So we will cut the thin slices like this We will put some Salt in the Brinjals Put some Turmeric Powder Now I will put some Lemon Juice And with it we will Marinate it We have to keep it for 5-7 mins In this way Now we will take out the Potatoes from the water That we have already cut them in slices Put some Red Chili Powder on it Some Salt And some Mango Powder And some Cumin Powder And keep it for sometime Like this Now we will take the Chilies We have washed and wiped the Chilies here No need to cut the upper part of the chili We will cut it from here And slowly-slowly like this Cut it See! If the Chilies are so spicy Or if you prefer some less spicy So you can take out some seeds from it And if you like to have some spicy Then don’t take out the seeds from the chilies In this way We will make cuts in all the Chilies Now first of all we will take some Salt And in all these Chilies We will put Salt in it It is very necessary Now we will take 1 tsp of Coriander Powder And we will take 1 tbsp of Mango Powder And no need to add more Masalas in it We have to fill these 2 things in it properly We have already filled the Chilies with the Salt Now we will fill these Mango Powder and Coriander Powder in it It will become so tasty You must try it Now we will put the Mango Powder and Coriander Powder little more in the chilies See! We have to fill it like this Now we have filled the Masalas in all the Chilies Now we will keep them aside Till then we will make the Gram Flour batter for it For these Pakodas, Gram Flour Batter will be prepared same Now for all these pakodas, I have taken 2 small bowls of Gram Flour And the Gram Flour should be properly sieved Put 2 pinch of Asafoetida in it Some Carom Seeds 1 pinch of Baking Soda Salt as per the taste Red Chili Powder Some Turmeric Powder Now we will Mix it And we will put Water slowly-slowly in it So that the lumps will not be there in it And the batter will become so smooth You can see the batter is so thick Now put some water in it Now put some chopped Coriander Leaves in it And 1 small serving spoon of Hot Oil in it Now you can see how will we make it… Like I am making the Chili Pakoda Dip it in the batter like this Dip it properly in it You have to heat the Oil on medium flame Chili with less masalas will be very tasty See! Chili Pakodas are ready now Now in the same Oil By using the same batter We will make Potato Pakodas For Potato Pakodas, put the flame medium As we put some Baking Soda and Asafoetida in it So because of it becomes so fluffed Now you can see In the same batter, take these Brinjal slices We will dip them in it And then fry these Brinjal Pakodas in it Very tasty Brinjal Pakodas While putting it in the pan, keep the flame slow Very hot and tasty Brinjal Pakodas are ready now For all the viewers, Pakodas are ready now You can have any Pakodas and enjoy it If you liked my video so please like it Share it as much as you can And don’t forget to subscribe this channel.