The week got off to a muggy start… but some
relief is in store on Tuesday… as a monsoon front makes its way over the Korea Peninsula
again… mostly hitting southern areas. Jeju Island will recieve the most rain…
somewhere between 30 to 80 millimeters. Sourthern regions can expect moderate showers… whereas
northern provinces might see light drizzles. The mix of clouds and rain will bring down
temperatures in many parts…. Highs will be 4 to 9 degrees lower than today,… hovering
in the mid to low 20′s. So taking a closer look at tomorrow′s readings.
Seoul reaches 27,… Daegu and Gwangju top out
at 23… while Busan will climb to 22.
Daejeon hits 25,… while Jeju and Dokdo get up to 28 and 22.
After the rains taper off,… things are looking dry for the rest of the week.
Temperatures will also stick near seasonal averages under partly sunny skies nationwide.
That′s all for the weather, good night.