G’day Youtube I had one person ask with my solar panels whats holding them down well anything is holding them down as
gravity and those tek screws the only one that seems to move one just up there so im going to reposition that so it shouldn’t move the only reason that one moves because it’s one of the cords on there that’s sort of lifting it up slightly im going to move that and today is extremely windy looks like we might have a storm today that I think I have to check on the weather i’m going to get on and move that and i’ll let you know what happens as you can see they sitting on tek screws so now I got it now sitting on the solar
panels and the tek screw so i’ll see how that goes so I hit over 10 amps with my first string this cheap Chinese charge control its only a 10 amp my voltage is a full completely at full this is my new surveillance camera system that I had to put in because of some circumstances and now battery system can’t really cope with it during the night so I definitely just with this surveillance system and I had my modem I got down to just slightly under 50 percent of my batteries so i have to take the modem off of it that’s a power throw ethernet so i could get internet in here because of those those camera systems they don’t do wireless today it’s really really really windy
looks like we might have a storm later on so I’m cranking over the 14 volt mark the only problem is when it’s really windy because it’s a built up area and i wish i could put that pole up higher if I could do that it wouldn’t be
so chopping and I wouldn’t spin around and i’ll probably get more amps put through it I’m definitely in quite a bit of volts
today coming out of the wind turbine we wont get a lot of amps because i’m getting up to the 14 volt mark things are shutting off state of charge on my my phone app says
that im at seventy-five percent of my batteries um yeah but i had to put up a new surveillance
camera so now all my energy out of those batteries are pretty much being used to control that as you can see now it’s really starting to
get overcast wind died down a bit now yep that’s definitely coming down here’s a bit of a Australian storm for you there is more content to come so like it or
hate it subscribe if you have any questions or comments please leave them down below I’ll catch you on the next one thanks
and bye