My name’s Ozawa. First time here? Just a moment. Please fill this out. “Patient’s Name: Rio Ozawa, 14” Tests show a brain tumor. This type of tumor can turn malignant. Median survival is about 2 years. Enlargement leads to paralysis, memory loss, impaired judgment. At any rate, we’ll need to operate. Can an operation fix it? Regrettably, total removal the tumor is not possible. Even the best surgery can’t prevent a relapse. Is there an Ozawasan here? Ozawasan? Yes? Here! We’re coming! Come, Rio. It’s time. What’s wrong? I’ve changed my mind. Please, Rio. We’ve discussed this. I can’t go through with it. Please! I’ll do whatever it takes! This is what’s best for you! No, it’s not! Just stop it! Whoa. What’s so funny? Nothing. Shall we go? “Death Registration: Kouki Ozawa” You okay? She’s going all out. Today’s the day to play hero, isn’t it? Was it? I don’t remember. You really didn’t bring any money? I’m sorry. I’m sorry. It’s impossible. I’ve nothing left. Forgive me. A promise is a promise, Tomoko. I’m completely broke. I’ve got nothing to give. Please! I see. Then you’ll have to earn it. What? Get naked. We’ll post your pictures on a porn site. Strip her. Okay. Just sit still. It won’t take long. She’s such a pain. Somebody help! Quiet! Somebody… One, two, three… That’s enough. Rio? What is this? Looks pretty cruel. You all right? We were just… You’re my friend, Naoko. But I don’t like bullies. Yeah but she… I don’t like this. I’m sorry, Rio. Here. You gonna be okay? Don’t worry. You won’t be bullied anymore. Oh come on. Don’t cry. Chin up. I don’t know how to thank you. I’ve lived in fear every day. It’s been hell. With nobody lifting a finger to help. We said, “Don’t cry.” Yeah, be strong. There, a smile. That’s the spirit. Why are popular girls like you helping me? Why? Because we can’t let friends suffer. That’s right. Exactly. “Friends”? With me? Rio! It’s about time. That’s my boyfriend, I guess. Wow. Come on. Looking cute, Maki! Hair cut? No. Oh. Stunning as usual, Miho. Thanks. And you’re… Tomoko. Right, I remember now. What’s up? How do you do? Hi. Cute, eh? Tomoko’s a dear friend treat her nice, okay? With pleasure. Ken! Over here! Hi, ladies! This here is… Kumiko. Tomoko. Show Tomoko around. Sure thing. Hi, Tomoko. Aren’t you cute! What? Oh no, not me. Rio! That was fun! I should do this more often. Not that I can. Why not? Why can’t you? Well, it’s expensive for one thing. You’ve got to earn money. We all do. Right? That’s right. Of course. Really? Like parttime jobs? They pay that well? They do, if you know the secret. Really? Why don’t we show her tomorrow? Yeah, let’s! You’re up. Morning! Feeling okay? Why am l…? You passed out after three gin and tonics. I carried you here. I did that? Is this your house? No, it’s a “studio” that Papa rents for me. Really? Wow! Your father must be something. That’s infinitely better. Whoa! Is that Tomoko? You’re gorgeous! Perfect, huh? Smokin’ hot! So what’re your jobs? High pay means physical labor? You could say that. Like where you register online for temp work? Not exactly. Oh… then what could it be? It’s paid dating. What? We date sugar daddies. It’s just sex. No biggie. And boy, does it pay. Hundreds of dollars just to sleep. But… I mean, look at the condo Rio’s “Papa” got her. “Papa”… We’re friends, right? Join us. You’ll get to play all you want, and hang with us. You don’t want that? No, I do! But… Let her be. Maybe Tomoko is different from us. Go on home, Tomoko. What? I forced my friendship on you. It’s just all so new. You stay pure as you are. We’re all defiled. But it’s our bond. It was brief, but we enjoyed having you with us. Let’s go. Rio! Let me join you. I want to join you. What? I want to be with you guys. You don’t have to. Yeah, it’s not for everybody. No, I’ll be fine. I promise. I like being with you guys. What’s more, you’re my saviors. Oh, Tomoko. Thanks. Rio? Sea slug, maybe? Not that slimy. A pickle? No way. A pickle’s bumpy. It’s surprisingly smooth. And pinkish. I expected worse. Everywhere else is hairy. Barbapapa. A guy’s “thing” is like Barbapapa. Come on. It’s not that cute! That’s basically it, Tomoko, with slight variations. Let’s go through it again. What do you do first? While he showers, I email you the hotel name and room number. Good. Any sign of trouble and we’ll be there. Under no conditions do you give out your number. Gotcha. Am I good or what? Perfect focus. ‘Course, it’s automatic. Forgive me! I had no idea! Please! Listen, Bro. She’s 17. You can’t bring a minor here. I don’t know what came over me. I won’t do it again! Okay, okay, okay. 5 grand, then. What? I don’t have that. That’s too bad. I guess I’ll visit your place of work tomorrow. See you then! No! Okay, okay! I’ll find a way to pay! Absolutely dazzling! Aren’t you buying anything? I’ve never been in a store like this. What would I buy? How about this? Yeah, that’s really cute! We’ll take two. Wrap them, please. Certainly. No, don’t. I’ll pay for it myself. It’s a gift… to celebrate our friendship. Matching pair. I’m speechless, Rio! You’re such a cry baby. Could you believe that guy? On his knees crying and begging. I worked hard today, Rio. First things first. Right. Here you go. – Nice work. Yup. Your cut. And here… this is for tonight. Thanks. The wait is over! Oh, Rio! Thanks, Naoko. Thanks to you, we roped in Tomoko. I’m glad. Anything for you, Rio. This is for today. Truth is, I’m jealous of those three. You’re always with them. It’s just because they’re useful. You’re my only real friend. That’s our little secret. Yeah. Who is this guy? Don’t know. He’s not bad, though. Serious? What’s this? Wow… film. I’ve never seen that before. It’s pretty. Rio, look! It’s the wrong Ozawa. Different first name. Stupid store gave you the wrong photos. Want me to call and complain for you? No, I’ll call. But why’d he take photos like this? He’s a narcissist. Could be lD photos. Probably. Yes, that’ll be fine. Good-bye. Did you tell ’em off? Does he have yours? I’m meeting him tomorrow. Who’d you call? Kouki Ozawa. Not the photo store? No. Hi, there! You’re really cute. Waiting for someone? Looks like you’ve been stood up. Get a cup of coffee with me. ‘Course, I forgot my umbrella. So we’ll have to share yours. Take it. – But it’s a Vuitton. Get lost. What? Take this and go. If you insist. Mr. Ozawa? I’m Rio… Ozawa. Ah. How do you do? Here you go. Thanks. Can you believe that stupid photo store? Yeah, if they’d only checked, they could’ve spared us this trouble. Trouble? Yeah, and in this weather. Yes, you’re right. – So… So? Do you have mine? Oh, of course. Here. Thanks. Well, I’ll be off. Okay. Wait! Yes? I rushed out so fast I forgot my umbrella. Could I join you as far as the station? Yes, of course. What a downpour, huh? Indeed. I see you had trouble with your photo shoot. Yeah. Lower your chin and try for slight overexposure. What? The secret to taking a good picture of yourself. I see. You’re quite tall. I am? About 6-foot-one? Something like that. Blood type B, but people think you’re an A. I’m an “O.” I’m an A that looks like a B. Is that so? And you’re from? Mr. Ozawa! I’ll do whatever it takes! We agreed…this is what’s best for you! No, it’s not! Just stop it! We’ll keep Mr. Ozawa here tonight just to be
safe. What’s wrong with him? His symptoms are stable. You needn’t worry. We’ll do some tests tomorrow. I understand. Thank you. That girl waited around for hours, worrying about
you. Maybe you should’ve said a word of thanks. Catch a cold, Rio? You okay? It’s nothing. Well, shall we get to work? Okay. – You’re cute. Thanks. Excuse me. Hello? What? Something wrong? Something urgent’s come up. Getting the jitters, huh? Don’t worry. I’ll be gentle. I’m sorry. I’ve gotta go. Hey! Hello? Hello? Rio’s late. That’s rare. Yeah, she’s usually the quickest worker among us. Maybe her cold is slowing her down. Speak of the devil. She’s gone home. Still in top form. Hello? It’s Rio Ozawa. Mr. Ozawa? Where are you now? Hospital lobby. Hello? Hello? Why’re you…? I don’t know. Why’d you come here? I don’t know. I was worried. Worried about what? You don’t even know me. You’re 6’1″, blood type O, a little anti-social… sad and distant… someone who’s lost hope. Am I wrong? Six feet even. What? My height. I was close. Anti-social is right. Did I just see a smile? So it’s possible. No, I didn’t. – You did. – I’ve never smiled. Liar. I’m not good with people. So I think… Don’t worry. That’s my area of expertise. The Hojo Regents unified land tenure and
taxation code… to establish a stable stream of revenue. It extended bureaucratic reach into… Teach me Japanese history. What? Why me? What do you mean “why”? I saved your life, right? Then what? Then I got the professor to promise me private
lessons. Come next Monday, then. I will! I hoped to have dinner with him, and find out
more… his likes and dislikes. No way! You have a rival! A real viper, too, I bet. I think so. 4-inch heels and deadly perfume. How do you know? By the timing of her entrance. It’s standard. Straight out of a comic book. Have a visitor? Yes, an acquaintance. I was just leaving. Wait a second. – Kaori’s just… “Kaori,” huh? It’s not my business. Why did I behave like that with the professor? Oh come on… you kidding me? You’ve fallen in love, what else? – Love? Love. Like this. Give me a break. If not love, then what? No way. You’re cute when you’re jealous, Rio. What a relief. Rio’s human, too. What’s that mean? Come in. Excuse me. Oh, it’s you. You really are in high school. It surprises everybody. I’m ready to learn, Sir. This was the Battle of Okehazama. And what a fight it was. Arguably the greatest upset in military history. Aided by rain, Nobunaga led an assault on lmagawa’s forces undetected…! You really love history, don’t you? Sorry. I get carried away. No, you make it easy to understand, and really enthralling. Oh, I don’t know. Let’s end here. We’ll pick up from Okehazama next time. Okay. I’m sorry about the other day. What? I was very rude. I don’t know what got into me. I shouldn’t have taken that attitude with you. What’s more… I’d like to apologize to your girlfriend. Oh… no, that’s okay. Kaori is… that woman is my cousin. Your cousin? Yeah. So it’s not what you think. Really? Why do you follow me? Because you’re there. Strange answer. Listen, some might call this “stalking.” You ever see a stalker this cute before? Here goes. Why me? What’s wrong? Your food’s getting cold. This ramen’s amazing! Really? Seems pretty runofthemill to me. Trust me. Tell me, professor… do you have a wife or
girlfriend? Nope. Seems a waste. Not interested. Too much trouble. You gay? No. I’m kidding. Don’t get angry. I’m not angry. I’m just not good with people. I see. Must be hard for you. Sometimes. Don’t you get lonely? I’ve never felt that, no. What if I gave you company? What? No alcohol. I’ll be your girlfriend. You can’t. Why not? Am I that unattractive? No, you’re young, charming and pretty. Then why? Well, you’re a minor, for one. So what? It’s a big deal. Well, I’m an adult… In every way. What? Did you just have a dirty thought? No, I didn’t! G’ night. Thanks for dinner! Welcome. Hamburger joint next time? Now hold on. No? Like I said… If I score 100 on my school history exam, take me on a date. It’ll make me study real hard! A date with me as a reward? Why? What kind of teacher are you? You want to crush a student’s drive to excel? All right. Yes! Woohoo! Fine, now goodnight. Goodnight. Professor? Just tell me when. When what? When my age no longer matters. Until then, I’ll forgive any other woman you have. Professor! Stop it. Stop. Shall we get going? Why not? Let’s roll. Rio? You okay? Forgive me. I know I started this, and I’m being selfish… but I can’t keep doing this after I met him. Rio? Talk to us. What about Yuji? I plan to tell him. And “Papa,” too. We won’t be able to use the condo anymore. You serious? You’re really in love? Yeah. You dating? No. Actually, he’s not that interested in me. You’re kidding? He must be something. He’s an ordinary guy. Really? I thought it was kind of cool the way you removed yourself… you know, from love and all that. Disappointed? No, I’m actually… relieved. You’re a regular girl, after all. Yuji… Can I ask a favor? Sure. Sleep with me one last time. Please! I didn’t see this coming! As a final memory, please! One last time! I missed you, Rio. What’s so urgent? I’ve fallen for someone. I mean completely. Are you… cutting me off? ‘Course not! We’re friends forever. Just not romantically. And you expect me to accept that!? I thought we were special! You want me to be like Tomoko and the rest? We can still be the same, right? I’m sorry. Rio, how’d it go? No. One measly point. I’m telling the teacher off crushing love! Yeah, let’s! He’s too picky! Marking off for this and that! It’s okay. Thank you guys, though. But I did my best. I have to tell the professor. How’d it go? Let me see. “Who commanded the riflemen at the battle of
Nagashino?” Sassa, Maeda, Nonomura, Akechi, Ban… oh, l
see. He docked you for Akechi, huh? He was looking for the name, Fukutomi. But newer theories place Akechi among them as
well. So if I were grading this… it’s correct. Here. Really? Truly? Does this mean a date? Well, a promise is a promise. Yes! I did it! Yes! Wait… you wanted to go on a date with me, didn’t
you? No! That’s how I would grade it! As a neutral scholar! Fine, whatever. Sorry. Wait long? Where shall we go? Anywhere you want. No, it’s your celebration. We can even shop if you want. I want to go where you want. What’s this? Senbon was beheaded here. In 1560, by Munenori Nasu at the Battle of
Matsugahara. An inscription! Come take a look at this! Incredible! Professor, come here! What is it? This helmet has the word “ai” on it. That means “love”! That was Kanetsugu Naoe’s helmet. It honors AizenMyoo, god of love. I think it suits you. Hey! Come on, Rio. Did you just call me “Rio”? Keep going, Rio Ozawa. Wait up! This is what I wanted to show you. Next, the Kawanakajima Battle site. What clothing brand is that? It’s the Toyotomi family crest. Nice souvenir, Tomoko! Thanks, Rio. It’s cute. And for Maki… Me, too? Kenshin Uesugi! Ugh. This is Miho’s. Whose crest is this? Mitsunari lshida. These were hard decisions. You really didn’t have to get us souvenirs. Of course I did! Thanks to you, I got to date the professor. Oh, I’ve got photos! That’s more like it. Ta-dah. This is the ravine where Masamune laid in
waiting. Wow… who’s Masamune? Rio, what’s this? A head tomb. Very romantic. Coming! Is Naoko in? No, she stepped out. I see. I’ll check back later. Rio! You’re here! I just wanted to see how you were doing. You haven’t been to school. What is this!? It’s so cool! Wow! Are you sure? Of course. Thanks, Rio. I’ll wear it every day! Who was that man with you? He’s my mom’s squeeze. A loser. He makes her work while he gets drunk. Real dirtbag. You look thin. Have you been eating? Rio? What is it? Nothing. Really? Happy? With what? You know what. Well, are you happy with me? Wrong book. So! Do you like me!? Tell me! “ldiot.” Ow. What? Very sharp. You look great. Whatever, let’s go. No, really. Thanks. Hey… can I assault you? No, you can’t. Rats. What’s “14” mean? Today’s the 12th. October 12th! Hey… you asleep? It was seen as a shift to a new order befitting of modern times. The edict was used to justify an attack on Odawara Castle but… …anyone in defiance was… um…. namely, Hojo Ujimasa was ordered to… …commit harakiri. Excuse me. Names get harder to recall at my age. FujiwaranoKamayatsu. FujiwaranoKamayatsu. You mean “Kamatari.” That doesn’t exercise the face. FujiwaranoKamayatsu. Give it a try. It’s real effective. I’ll pass. FujiwaranoKamayatsu. Fu… What? What’s up, professor? Quiet. I can’t breathe! Okay, it’s “Kamatari.” Forgive me. No way. You dishonor the Fujiwara founder. I don’t understand but I’m sorry, anyway. Now what? My funeral photo. I read online that one should have one ready. Saves a lot of headache later. Living is hard, but things don’t get any easier
after death. Please reconsider another surgery. I know it’ll leave you disabled, but it’ll lengthen
your life. And that’s if it goes well. I don’t want to live to be a burden on people. Well, I’d rather have my only cousin live. You can survive without me. You’re strong. That’s not the point. I haven’t seen you smile in years. You’ve changed. Yeah? Does she know? The girl you’re dating? It’s not her problem. Tell me why. Why won’t you say it? Don’t you love me? You should show your feelings. Love lives for that, you know. I’d even accept a halfhearted attempt. Give it a shot. I’d like to be alone today. Well, I love you! I’m not afraid to say it! As loud as I can! In a long email! In the look on my face, color of my nails, my dress! In my timeconsuming hairstyle! I’ll express my love for you every way I can! Not Maki. Yes, it was. No, no way. Yes way. Who then? it was you. Tomoko spilled it. Naoko? Hey, Naoko! Where’ve you been? It’s okay, Tomoko. Yeah. Join us for lunch, Rio… I’m sorry, Rio. Maki! Naoko! It’s your fault! You took Rio from me! Rio! Naoko! Naoko! Stay away! Naoko, don’t! Come here! It’s too late! Why? My mom’s boyfriend… I killed the bastard! What? He kept… …molesting me. Over and over. But I couldn’t… …tell that hag… my mom. Naoko. He dumped her yesterday. Know what she said? She said it was my fault. No. It makes you wonder why I was ever born. I guess I was a mistake from the beginning. Stop it! Nobody’s a mistake! You weren’t a mistake, Naoko! You’re kind, Rio. I’ve always adored you. So I was glad we became friends. I didn’t have any real friends before you. I’m sorry. I really am. Don’t be. You made me feel wanted for once. You were my idol, Rio. It doesn’t matter how I was with you. I was just glad to be with you. Naoko! Naoko! Naoko… Don’t, Naoko. No one’s over there. I’m here! You belong here. Naoko! Naoko! Naoko, please! See? Everyone’s calling you. Come. We’ll be together always. I’m sorry. If I’m with you, I’ll just get in your way. Well? Cool, huh? I knew it. It looks rad on me. Rio… Thanks for everything. I loved you. Naoko! Naoko! Rio! Think about it! Rio, stop! I’ve got to tell Tomoko. I can’t keep hiding it! You want Tomoko to end up like Naoko? I won’t let that happen. Rio! Tomoko! Rio! Guys? What’s up? Listen, Tomoko… You caught me. I wanted to make this picture a surprise. When it’s finished, it’ll be my present to you all. Tomoko, I’ve got to tell you about Naoko. Okay. I ordered Naoko to bully you. She never hated you or anything like that. What? I don’t understand. It was awful. I’m so sorry. How could you do something like that!? I’m sorry. I don’t expect you to forgive me. You, too? No! It was all my doing. No, it wasn’t. We went along with it. I feel so stupid. I thought you were real friends! What an idiot I am! Tomoko… good morning. Rio! Maki, Miho… What happened? How’re you feeling, Rio? You passed out from stress. You’re supposed to rest. Oh, yeah. Sorry. Tomoko. She’s been with you the whole time. Thanks, Tomoko. Did something happen, Rio? The professor left. What? How so? I went to his place. It was empty. No letter? Or phone number? What? Is he out of his mind? I was too pushy. I exhausted him. No excuse. It’s my punishment. For all my cruelty. For making Tomoko suffer… for pushing away Naoko. I deserved it. I’ve been wondering. Why you kept me in your circle. Why you threw yourself on me to protect me from
Naoko. My old friends never even tried to help me when l
was bullied. But you did, even when I was no use to you
anymore. You may have lied, but you saved me twice. So I vowed that someday I would return the favor. This is my chance. Tomoko. Tell us, Sir. Where did the man in that old house on 6th Street move to? A guarantor’s name on his lease would do. I really can’t tell you that. It’s confidential information. Don’t be that way, Boss. You’ve put me in a bind here. Let’s just party. That stubborn old pervert. We’ll break him tomorrow. This is proving harder than I thought. Too few clues. Try again tomorrow. Right. What? Who’s that? Don’t tell me… …it’s Kaori. Kaori! Who’re you? Are you Kaori? Yes. Do I know you? You’ve come to see Rio? No. What’re you here for? Regular checkup. She’s hiding a pineapple! You came to visit Rio, come on! I did not. Why the pineapple then? Why not? It’s unnatural. Whatever. Go and see Rio. No, thanks. He can’t just leave without telling her why. That’s
low. You know nothing about Kouki. Rio’s still madly in love with the professor. Seriously. Dead serious. Let her see him. This is for you. Thank you. How’re you feeling? I’m fine. Just got a little anemic. Kouki says to apologize for the sudden job
transfer. He’s got to absorb himself in his research. I see. That photo. It’s the photo that brought us together. The moment I saw it… it was like an electric shock ran through me. My mind went blank. My friends laughed at me, saying it was love. He made me want to start my life over again. And I felt like spending it entirely with him. But he didn’t feel that way. The harder you love, the more it hurts. Yes, it hurts like hell. But that’s how a woman learns her fate. Don’t say you heard it from me. Kouki’s new address. Go prove your love. But l… You can decide when you see him. I didn’t think you’d come. Your friends pushed me for 15 hours. Good friends. Yeah. Too good for me. There’s something I couldn’t tell you out of fear you’d hate me. If I did, you’d pull farther away. I’m resigned to anything. Your friends would keep hounding me anyway. 3 years ago, something happened that turned me bad. Bullying, prostitution, blackmail. I was kind only to those I could use. In the end… I hurt those who cared for me. That was all before I met you. What happened 3 years ago? When I was 14… I was raped, and got pregnant. My parents insisted… …that I abort the child, of course. From then on… I felt I’d rather hurt people than be hurt by them. Did that help? It showed me there were worse things than being hurt. Seeing a loved one get hurt was a million times more painful. I can’t believe it took 17 years to learn that. I see. But you’re no longer the same person. You’ve been through a lot. You have friends. You’re not alone. I’m guessing you have the strength and compassion… …to fight off anyone who tries to hurt you now. Professor, the truth is I still… I’ve started a new research project at this school. It’s a great environment. I’m real happy. Yes. Of course. I just wanted to say thanks. That’s all I planned to do. I’m so pathetic. You okay? Yeah. Hang in there. You, too. Bye. Wait! Stop the bus! Professor! Kouki Ozawa, 35. He arrived unconscious. His body was convulsing but stopped in transit. Can you hear me, Mr. Ozawa? Brain scan and 1 amp of saline diluted Alleviatin. Are you Mr. Ozawa’s family? I’m Ozawa. Sister? If there are other family members, please call them. Is my brother going to be okay? We’ll explain in detail later. In all frankness, it doesn’t look good. See this white ring? It’s a malignant tumor. Brain surgery 3 years ago couldn’t remove all of
it. It was only a matter of time. Wait. What you’re… saying is… … my brother’s going to die? You should value your time together as a family. Hiya! Rio. Care package delivery! Thanks. This might be clutter but… …you might want it. It’s clutter. I just realized something. Those photos you took were for your funeral? Well… no… You took them yourself thinking you might die. You’re too prepared! It wasn’t that. You could’ve at least smiled for them. I suppose so. Care for a pineapple? Since when did you become my little sister? Hey, Bro! Stop it. I never said I was your sister. All I said was my name’s Ozawa. You implied it. Really? Well, if you plan on dying, I’ll kill you. I see. So I die either way. I never expected this in my wildest dreams. I remember being told how much time I had left to live. I was a walking corpse of 35, and then a girl appeared. Said her name was Rio. Pushy, aggressive… yet delicate. Kindhearted and beautiful. What man… … myself included… …wouldn’t fall in love with you? But I thought, “Uhoh, I’d better try hard to resist.” It would be stupid… …for a man facing death to start something new. And yet… I was wrong. With your arrival, my life… …grew warm, humorous and tender. Just in time. I never felt more alive. So it’s ironic that you should come along… …and give my life meaning. Thank you. You’re an idiot. Our encounter is just a beginning! It’s much more! I’ll be much more! So please, professor! Watch me! Take it easy. I won’t! Stop being selfishly dramatic! Rio. How do you do that? Live with such passion. Don’t you even know? It’s ’cause I met you. Kouki… …you brought me light. It wasn’t supposed to go like this. I was supposed to die quietly. Since meeting you, I actually… …began wishing for… …more time. I want more time with you. Professor, please. Have the operation. Stay with me. No. Why not? I may not even know who you are. What meaning is there if I forget? It’s okay. I’ll remember everything. I may be paralyzed. It’ll be a big burden on you. That’s okay… as long as you’re alive. I’ll be even more difficult with people than I am now. I told you… that’s my specialty. Okay. But promise me one thing. No matter what… …even if I die… …you keep looking straight ahead and live. Stay true to yourself. Don’t waver. I’ll be watching to make sure. Okay. I promise. Here. No limit. Please start getting ready. Okay. It’ll go great. Yeah. Rio… I love you. What’s that about? Love lives to be expressed, right? I was tired of waiting. Even the weather celebrates. Graduates, parents, guardians… …congratulations. We’ve owe this great milestone in life… to each and every one of you. Hello. Hello. Um… Yes? I um… rushed out so fast. And forgot my umbrella. Could I join you as far as the station? Of course. What a downpour, huh? Yes. But I like rainy days. You do? Thank you. You’re welcome. Where to? Tokyo. I see. Well… I live that way. Yes. Say! Uh… thank you. I was wondering… Yes? That is, if I may… Yes? I’m… Kouki! Nozomi Sasaki Shosuke Tanihara