Welcome to the worst day of my whole life Yep, we very nearly got dragged onto rocks attached to another boat by a chain I was swinging off a propeller, and yeah lots of action in this episode. Ah Riley needed stitches But anyway, we’re gonna start from the very beginning So it started off as a regular day apart from the fact that it was blowing anywhere between 35 and 42 knots Holy hell We’d been anchored in a very sheltered Bay on the island of new saw Sarah Foss So we had a quick sale from Poros which is where you would have seen us last in the last episode to take shelter from The Meltemi wind the Meltemi is a breeze that blows from the north when you’re in Greece particularly in the summer months We’ve spoken about this in a few episodes But everyone knows about it everyone runs for cover when it’s coming and historically it’s been the downfall of many many vessels over the years We were in such a beautiful place, too But we couldn’t leave the boat because the missions to shore and back on the dinghy were like an adventure in itself, so we were basically stuck inside listening to crime podcasts about my pal Kala and Just hoping like Riley was diving on the anchor twice a day to make sure we stayed put and just you know buying time it was perfect We just went and woke the dudes up on that boat I don’t know if they were sleeping but they were certainly down below Because I’ve been using them as a landmark andI just saw them Drifting they were sideways which is a dead giveaway and when I saw the anchor rope out the front. I was like They’re dragging anchor so me and Elayna burned over there and woke him up they said that they’re all right and that we could leave and Let them do their thing Reset the anchor. so that guy next to us dragged anchor. now in order to fully Understand what we’re trying to explain to you. We’re going to talk a little bit about anchoring It’s very important to know what depth of water You’re in and then to let out an appropriate amount of scope, because it’s not the anchor that holds you in place necessarily It’s the amount of chain that you’ve got out and what’s called the catenary Now I’m not going to go into too much more detail apart from the fact that I would say you need to dive on your anchor and Make sure that it is nicely dug into the sand And if it’s blowing 40 knots like it was for us you want to have out even more, like what we did Then there are things like snubbers and stuff like that, but I’m not going to go into too many more details That’s enough for everyone to be up to speed with the story that we’re trying to explain at the moment What happens next is a guy comes and anchors over on top of the anchor We become fouled and we both start drifting out to sea. yeah, I heard this loud horn And I run out the back And there is a beautiful cream-colored super yacht with a crew of like eight in like the uniforms Like go like just yelling at us because we’re drifting really quick. not helping They couldn’t do much, but anyway. We nearly got wrapped around could’ve launched a tender We got nearly got wrapped around this super yacht, and I was at the helm We all got to our stations And it was up to me because the motorboat we were attached to had no engine, he was powerless And we didn’t know why anyway So I had the engines and I just had to gun it in reverse and forwards and just dodged this super yacht I’m back in the moment which turns out wasn’t a good thing because Then we were all drifting out to sea Yeah, we probably have any good thing if we wrapped around the super yacht, but anyway. Here is the first clip This is what we managed to capture on camera after dodging the Super yacht After we’ve been drifting for a little bit I thought the best idea would be to jump in the water and have a bit of a look. what I saw was, our anchor Chain going from our anchor well into his propeller There was a big tangle there And then there was more loose chain going to our anchor which was tangled to his anchor and then his anchor Chain just went up into the front of his anchor well My job was to try and organize how to untangle this Huge mess we were drifting further and further away and as we were getting further out the waves were building because if we’d gone from a protected bay to essentially open water and Whilst I was underneath I was trying to Unwrap the chain from around this propeller, and I got that back off and then another one I actually got George from the other boat to give me a rope – George is the name of the captain on the other boat I free dove down And tied a knot to the chain to so that he could take some pressure off so I could keep trying to Untangle the chain from the propeller, but in the end It was kinked the chain was actually biting on itself And I was like you know if it was going up and down and it got me in the arm The propeller didn’t it was barnacles, and I was cut yeah From my perspective like I was I was suddenly the captain of our boat cuz Riley had jumped in the water and tried to free us And like then I saw him climb out of the water after just panicking I was like if Riley hits his head because the boat’s slamming yeah with every wave boat slamming, and he’s under there. I was just In all sorts just so worried And then I saw him climb out and he kind of just shook his head at me And there was blood and I was like oh no cuz like that was quite an emotional moment cuz for me like Riley’s always just been this monkey man, and he’s just gotten us out of all these sticky situations And I just put so much faith in him. I was like he’s gonna get us out it’s happening like everything’s gonna be okay and to see him shake his head and and to just know that that’s failed I let the team down So after I decided that it was too dangerous to continue. I climbed up onto the back of the other boat and saw George’s wife and two kids both just crying like it was really bad so I went over and I was hugging them and Like assuring them that everything was gonna be fine, and I was covered in blood And then they got blood on em and then George was giving me drinks of Fanta and stuff and trying to calm the situation down Okay, anchors are represented by Keys Anchor chain is represented by string and la Vagabonde is represented because we keep getting **** about our new Fancy boat by a disco ball Elayna So what happened was we were safely anchored here for three days everything was going quite well along comes… now, George I Met him and he’s a good bloke. He just he made he made a mistake, which is totally fine. the anchor came His anchor came down on top of ours, fouled our anchor. We all started drifting off Then we started then he realized oh no we’re drifting He gunned it and our chain came so tight underneath his boat it had actually caught in his prop so now our anchors are tangled and our chain is caught in his propeller, and now we’re drifting off, and we’re just in all sorts from that point forth Elayna. They were very concerned about how are we going to be rescued, now the boats In the bay all of the other cruisers on the beach. They weren’t going to be able to help us Because – They were holding on for dear life Yeah, they couldn’t possibly come out and drag us both into into land. exactly. and you could have saved La vagabond Yeah, I could have saved La vagabond by chopping the anchor rope but we didn’t want to do that because George would have been powerless and just drifting out to sea possibly into cliffs, and we couldn’t do that to him We couldn’t have that especially cuz I was on their boat – yeah somewhere along the way we’d gotten in contact with the Coast Guard which was quite difficult and We were drifting. Yeah, we knew they were on their way But we drifted out to sea for another hour and a half, and it was hell It was quite scary But then we saw the fishing boat rock up and I really didn’t know how they were going to be able to drag us back to shore But you know after a few ropes being tied and and we were attached to George’s boat whose Boat was attached to the fishing boat just in a line and we slowly Very slowly made it back to land a catamaran had to move spots for us so we could go into their spot just on the outside of the marina there and This for me was the most scariest part because we were at the end of the of the line What would you call that we were at the end of the line and I don’t think the fishing boat could see how close we were getting to the ferry dock and rocks that were nearby and I just Kept yelling like tell them to go forwards more yeah, and it was so stressful I thought here was gonna be the place where a boat was gonna get washed up on the rocks But anyway, they managed to go forwards enough for our boat to swing in place We managed to throw our lines and get tied off, and I basically just fell on deck I was like Thank God, and then George managed to throw his lines, and he came in next to us tied off to our boat It’s okay And then it was time for a Drink and a bit of a debrief not even yet now we talked about insurance and you know George had arranged for a scuba diver to come and look at his propeller because it – when did we get to relax? I lifted and pulled off one, I lifted and tried to pull off another, but because it’s chain – yea I also did it in 40 knots out there freediving Before we could relax we thought we’d better glue up Riley He had some deep cuts on his shoulder and wrist from George’s propeller. I think it’s a really blunt It’s not a sharp propeller is it. It’s like a tear rather than a cut Sure. I can’t remember if that was the second or third time I’d had to patch up Riley this year It’s good that he has a sense of humor when he’s hurt But it’s always pretty stressful and scary having to deal with things like this It was a very tough day but it tested me on so many different levels well, so I’d like to Say a very special. Thank you to Kalaz and Daniel came on board in particular and of course Elayna everyone made really excellent decisions no one panicked It was just fantastic by everyone on board particularly our vessel, so I woke up and there was just chaos and Started yelling orders Elayna. Just nailed them, and that was the first thing when we missed that The super yacht, and then from there. It was just a well-organized very Contained Operation by the people on board La Vagabonde. it was really good I’m so I’m so proud of all four of us for how we handled the situation I thought I was gonna just melt so many times, but it was crazy I didn’t I didn’t leave the helm for what two and a half hours. I had to i was constantly using the engine and and it was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do like Kayla was feeding me water and coming and giving me hugs and I was just putting on my brave face like when is this gonna end like when is this gonna end Anyway we did it and we’re safe, and you’re healed mmm Some of the things that I would say that I’ve learned from this experience would be How quickly things can change definitely and I think you story of my life and I think some of the Different ways that you can come into trouble, so we’re always worried about Storms and weather and stuff like that and certainly weather had played a part in his it would never have been quite so bad But it wasn’t that it was the unexpected Outside things when you’re not really paying attention you think you’re totally fine And then all of a sudden something like that happens so yeah I think They’re the main things that I would take out of that and we did the best we could we went in a protected anchorage we anchored To dodge the wind and it wasn’t actually you know we did everything we could and this happened Yeah, thanks for watching that video if you liked it. Give it a like. Please. I really appreciate it we need one all right cheers guys I’m very happy to say that you will be joining us next week for another sailing the Vagabond episode Because the boat is okay and we’re ok Alright cool, thanks, see ya