Big and burly, the Oboz Beartooth BDry hiking
boots have a durable construction and a rugged outsole and they are designed to hit the trail
hard. Let’s take a look at what makes them so special. Starting with the upper of this boot we have
got a really nice waterproof Nubuck leather and a highly abrasion resistant textile. So
those are going to give you some really good durability in the upper portion of this boot.
We have got metal riveted eyelets all the way up. So that is another added bonus to
the durability there. You have got a really nice rubber molded heel counter and a molded
toe cap as well. So they are going to give you just that extra protection and durability
in the heel portion and in the toes of the boots, so if you find yourself kicking rocks
or potentially dragging your toes, you are going to have really good durability there.
And the heel counter is designed to hold up over, you know, long periods of wear. So that
is going to stay true to its hold where, you know, the leather and the materials will break
in and loosen up a little bit. That heel is going to provide a nice, sturdy hold throughout
the life of the boot. We have also got Oboz Bfit lacing system.
It is a really nice kind of pulley like lacing sys-tem that really allows to cinch in and
lock in the heel. You know, keeping everything in place how you want to without pinching
or binding in any way. Another really nice feature about the upper
of this boot is that the heel and the tongue are lined with a really soft glove leather.
So on the inside here we have got this really soft leather. It is going to add a lot of
comfort and, again, a lot of durability to the boot. So it is just a really nice feature
there that I haven’t seen in many other boots. As the name suggests, we also have the Oboz
BDry membrane. It is a fully waterproof breathable membrane that extends through the majority
of the upper portion of the boot. It cuts off right about where this gusseted tongue
finishes, just below the second to the last eyelet there. So really good waterproof protection
all the way through the boot so you don’t have to worry about, you know, bad weather
ruining a backpacking trip. So with the upper we have got some really
nice materials in this boot. Moving down to the midsole of this boot we
have got a two part dual density PU mid-sole. So that is a little stiffer and a little more
hard core than some EVA that you would find in some other boots. It is going to provide
a lot more protection and durability as well as that shock resistance that you want in
a good hiking boot. We have also got a full length molded shank in there. So that is going
to provide really good torsional rigidity. It is going to provide some stiffness without
inhibiting too much of the flex. But most of all it is going to provide that protection
from that stone bruising or those rocks or anything that you may find that kind of damages
or hurts your foot. So really good protection, re-ally stiff construction. Again, lots of
protection, lots of durability with the Beartooth. Another feature that Oboz includes in their
boots is their insole which is, again, it is a lot different than what I have seen in
other shoes. They are using their Bfit deluxe insole. So what that is, it is a bit of a
stiffer insole. It is not just a flimsy piece of foam like I found in some other shoes.
It has actually got some really good support and stiffness in the arch and in the heel
of the insole. So it is going to provide that support that you want in the insole of the
boot. And on the bottom a nice feature there is
that it has got these little EVA pads. So in those high impact zones you have actually
got some extra shock absorption and protection. So some really nice features in the insole
of the Beartooth. Finally, moving down to the outsole we have
got Oboz wind river outsoles. One of their biggest and burliest hiking outsoles, you
have got five and a half millimeter directional lugs for optimum grip and durability. It has
got a little bit of a harder rubber compound so it is going to maintain its durability
longer than some of the other outsoles in the Oboz line. So really nice outsole, again,
super grippy, really durable, you know, nice and stiff. So it is not going to break down
or you are not going to feel those really rocky or really rooty trails when you have
a heavy backpack on, really excellent condition for the outsole down here. So there you have it. It is the Oboz Men’s
Beartooth BDry hiking boot. It is a great op-tion for extended backpacking or a little
bit of a heavier adventure, you know, designed to hold up well over all kinds of terrain.