MHI Vestas is very dependent on our leaders to help us succeed with the challenges that we face and the challenges of tomorrow as well. For me personally as Head of Training and Development The fact that I can offer an offshore wind specific MBA to our leaders to help them prepare and to help them help MHI Vestas to solve the challenges tomorrow. That’s just a win-win for me This is a very pioneering spirited industry, if you will. It’s new and it’s vibrant and it moves really fast and therefore it’s really important that we have a solid foundation to stand on and the Offshore Wind Energy MBA actually gives us that foundation. The traditional MBA is very theoretical and it’s good with theory but if you’re unable to apply it to practice it becomes detached. So the fact that we have these real-life cases that we operate from makes it extremely relevant and that is one of the the reasons that we also choose the Offshore Wind Energy MBA. The Offshore Wind Energy has an advisory board consisting of the various leading players from the industry and in the beginning we had concerns. “Do we want to offer our dirty laundry to our colleagues or competitors?” But actually we, pretty fast, made a gentlemen’s agreement saying: “Hey, this is something that we all face and if we can help each other get better, why not?” And furthermore the industry is moving so fast that tomorrow whatever challenge we had yesterday is going to be obsolete anyway. So let’s benefit from it together. And then, we’ll get there together. We all face the same challenges and when we face the same challenges and we have the same outcome in mind we want to reduce the emission from fossil fuels, we want to make the world a better place to live in. Well, one of the things that we can do to help each other reach that mission and that goal is to pitch in with these cases that we find challenging and maybe the other companies can actually benefit from them and together, we make this world a better place.