There is a good pick up service from the Male airport The luxury yacht from airport to resort about 50 minutes The right of Arrival Jetty is the Staff Beach The One&Only team was there to greet us upon arrival Reception and Concierge Services Heading to our beach pool villa We stayed in the beach villa with pool room #135 The private pool is nearly 7 meters and total 23m2 This villa opens up to panoramic lagoon views This villa is located at the Grand Beach on sunset side Enjoy the private pool and relax under the beach chairs The room is very spacious about 165m2 Gracefully combining bathroom and living areas Elegant and comfortable with this bedroom The villa is also very well maintained Automatic light sensor under the bed Safes and Lockers Wardrobe and the free beach bag The toilet features a washlet with remote control A walk-in rain and jet shower The Grand Beach that our villa is located There are 12 white sandy beaches on the island The Sunset Beach This Grand Residence is located at the Sunset Beach I recommend One&Only if you love to walk on the beach The North Beach The river through the center of island from east to west We came to the Reethi Fire – Asian Cuisine for dinner Appetizer is Seafood Thai Salad and Lobster Spring Roll Main plate is Singaporean Chili Crab and Prawn Curry Dessert is Carrot Halwa and Coconut Milk Jelly Starlight Grill and Sax Night at Rah Bar Buffet Starlight Grill with live music on every Thursday Enjoying a beautiful night with live music at the bar Room decorating and champagne cake We came to the Reethi restaurant for breakfast Booster of the day drinks The morning buffet breakfast offering a wide variety Go to “29:58 to skip the details of food tour This breakfast area is designed for children Foods in indoor air-conditioned rooms A la carte set menu for world delights Enjoy the pool、beach and sunshine at our villa This beach hammock is my favorite location The Beach Club Main swimming pool area The Infinity Lap Pool We came to Tapasake Japanese restaurant for dinner Five tacos and tapas platter for two California Roll and Prawns Tempura Grilled Eel and Seafood Toban Yaki The sharks appear every night at Tapasake restaurants Teppanyaki Corner at Tapasake The Botanica Garden Restaurant The Palm Beach You can stay at Palm Beach if you book a beach villa with no pool Walking on the North Beach The Reef Beach The Sunrise Beach The Turtle Beach on the east side The Reethi Beach on the east side We came to the Fanditha for dinner Main plate is Grilled Prawns and Moroccan Tajine Dessert is Fruity Kunafa and Fanditha Pudding Earth French Brasserie restaurant We came to the Aqua Italian Cuisine for dinner Appetizer is Tuna Tartare and Parmigiana Main plate is Fettuccine All’anatra and Acqua Pazza fish Dessert is Tiramisu and Panna Cotta The SPA The SPA areas KIDSONLY offers a playground with books and games The GYM The Pizza for lunch Time to say goodbye! Many thanks to our butler Oni Thanks for watching