Hey folks, welcome back to another review with yours truly Sam Healey today We’re taking a look at this little fellow right here Onitama, way of the wind. Now This is a an expansion for onitama You do need the base game in order to use this product but I will show you what comes inside the box also i’ll show you how it works throughout the course of the game and Then we’ll come back with some final thoughts in just a few moments after that. So let’s go ahead and get to it Here I have a game of Onitama set up using the way of the wind expansion Now the way of the wind expansion comes with a number of different wind cards and two movement cards And I’m showing you everything you get in the box here in this picture but what will happen in a regular usage of the Expansion is that you each person will get a wind card each and then three Movement cards are used. The third of which will determine who goes first by the symbol, either red or blue. Now what this Wind spirit miniature does is it actually blocks Movement because you can never move a piece, whether it’s a master or a pawn on to this Space wherever the wind spirit is but additionally you have a number of different wind spirit cards that you’re going to be using During the course of the game. At the top It gives the movement pattern for your master or your pawn if you choose to use this Movement card, and then at the bottom if you use the top you must use the bottom and that’s where you move the wind spirit On the board now, of course the same movement rules apply. You can never move a piece off of the board You can’t move a piece onto Another piece that’s already existent except for if the wind spirit is going to move on to a piece that where a pawn is then the Place is actually swapped like so. The wind spirit cannot be moved on to a place where the master is ever So you do have to keep that in mind as well. So generally speaking around may work something to this effect. Where The red is going first. So he’s going to use this scorpion move. And so the Scorpion is allowing the Master or a pawn to move to the right either forward or backward Diagonally one square. So since we’re all in our backline right now, we can only move diagonally forward so we’re going to move this guy up here like this and then We have to move the wind spirit in such a way that it will land in one of those four spots, so that would be One much like a knight in chess It would be one over and like this or it could be two over and one like that So that’s what we’ll do We’re going to put him here. And then that one will come out here like this Then this card is put over here and swapped out with the goat well the blue player is just going to use their sheep here and they’re going to move back one like so and then this is going to come over here and Now he has both of the wind spirit movements. come back and red will use the eel and come over this way. Like that Taking the Sheep and then blue will use the bat to go forward one here like that And then the pawn the wind spirit will move over here like this and that’s how the game can would continue until One or the others either got their master over to the other podium or took out the other person’s master with one of their pawns So that’s about that for the way of the wind Expansion for Onitama as I mentioned before I just want to make it clear you do need the base game in order to use this expansion. Now the expansion comes with eight way of the wind cards and two more new movement cards, so that is interesting The also comes with that miniature that looks really neat on the board provides a little bit of a pop to the board I think too So there is that I think that what this expansion does for the game is it might prolong the game a little bit more which might not be down your alley, but I don’t think it’s a needless or fruitless elongation, I guess you could say. Because while it’s making the turn go a little bit longer because you are not only tracking where Your pawns and masters can move. You’re also trying to then Factor in how you can best use that wind spirit because it does block some of the movement spaces That will be possibly utilized by your opponent. You can also make your pawns move in different spots by Swapping it with the wind spirit You can also do that to the other your opponent’s pawns as well bringing them in close or moving them further away So with all that being said, I’m gonna go ahead and get into my pros and cons here First of all the pro is I think that well first of all the component quality is great the miniature is nice its chunky and it’s it’s not Going to break easily. It’s not made of a material that’s going to break or anything like that So there’s a lot of durability there. It looks great on the board So there is that I think component quality is great. The cards are what you are expecting from Onitama They are the same quality with a linen finish So they’re gonna hold up to usage pretty well I believe as well the second Pro to the expansion is simply this I think it adds a great level of thought to a game that already used a lot of thought without changing the complexity of The game much at all. Yes, there’s the added layer of Where are you going to use the wind spirit tile? token or model. How you’re going to use it and how you’re going to best use it in your favor and all that kind of stuff, but it doesn’t add any more complexity than that and While I did say earlier that it might elongate the game a little bit more than what you’re probably used to I don’t think it’s a bad thing because the level of involvement that comes with the extra time investment I think is equal I Think that the gameplay is fun I think that the addition of the wind spirit adds to Your enjoyment of the game and I think that’s more what I’m trying to say than anything else Yes, you are getting on some extra thought processing that has to happen there But at the same time you’re also getting a little bit more enjoyment out of the game as well Another pro of the expansion is that it is a seamless addition to the game. There’s there’s nothing there that would make it look out of place yes, it looks different but it’s still the cards are all very picturesque in their vintage or Traditional kind of way and the model while it is that it looks a little bit more flashy I guess you could say then the master and pawns. It’s Different enough to represent what it is. It’s a wind spirit. It’s not just some Human that’s walking around the board. So I Like how it is a seamless Interjection into a game that is already one of my favorite abstract strategy game. As far as cons are concerned maybe the pro that I mentioned how it adds a slight bit of complexity to it, but even though it’s not a needless Complexity I think it’s it’s beneficial that might not be what everybody’s looking for One of Onitama’s strengths is how simple it is and how easy it is teach and adding this little thin Albeit layer of complexity on to it might not be what people are looking for, but I really did enjoy it I thought it didn’t add so much complexity that it changed the game It’s you’re still playing the base game of Onitama you just have a Couple of extra things to take into account on your turn and I don’t think that’s an egregious error on their part at all I don’t think it’s an error at all really, but some somebody might so I’m going to put it here But it’s really the only con for this expansion. I really do like this and I like what it adds to the game so all in all we’re gonna go ahead and give Onitama way of the wind a Nine out of ten for an expansion now Now this is the kind of expansion that I like that games Usually have they add a little bit to the game But they don’t change the foundational principle or concepts or mechanisms that are employed in the game They simply give you something else to do that Expands your enjoyment of the game. And I think that’s exactly what expansion should do So I’m going to give it a 9 out of a 10 because I really did enjoy it I thought it was a great I think it’s a great addition to the to the game and I think you should go out and Catch a copy with it. If Onitama is one of those games that sits on your shelf I don’t think you’ll be disappointed at all So that’s it for me and 9 out of 10 for Way of the wind and the expansion for Onitama We’ll see you guys and gals on the flipside. Take care now