Everyday , people use energy for their phone,laptop, tablets,headphones, and camera and spends money for that what is the main problem ? Battery is often getting low If you use PowerBank it has limited energy and once used and need to charge it for long way you’ll need more energy Also it is not FREE ! What is the solution for it ? If you have -bike,motorbike,car,moped or you are – cyclist,camper,biker,hitchiker or live in windy place,tower blocks,seaside,high places you just need wEC what is wEC and how does it work ? wind turns propeller and gearbox make relation between propeller and generator generator turns mechanical energy to electrical energy and sends it to stabilizer stabilizer stores all energy in battery so we finally get energy from wind why wEC ? because it is portable and also it has small size it saves money and energy it is waterproof and all day of week and 24 hours of day finally you get FREE energy !