Hey guys, this is Andrew Esquivel here back
with a part three to my review of the “Ozark trails 3 room cabin tent”. I wasn’t actually
planning on making a third part of the review but I thought considering it’s extremely windy
out right now, it’ll be a good point of topic to talk about. I’m sure you can hear it on
the microphone and I’m sure you can see the tent waving about as it does. Let’s put it
like this: those small metal stakes that come with the tent simply will not do in the event
where the wind is very high. There is a lot of surface area for the wind to catch on this
tent. Though as I explained before, in the previous part of the review, we’re using these
heavy-duty plastic stakes: very hard to get in but also very hard to get out. I recommend
whole-heartedly you get some of these if you don’t want your tent to fly away. For instance,
I have a smaller tent up as well and the small metal stakes had come undone for the drawstrings.
The drawstrings are very important to make sure the tent stay upright at the event of
wind. So definitely pick some up, you can probably get them at Walmart, they’re pretty
cheap. You’ll have to use a mallet to really get them in there. Make sure when you put
your stakes in, you put them at a particular angle that makes it hard for the wind to move
out of the way because let’s see, for example, we’ve got this stake at an angle because it
makes it harder to pull out or at least for the wind to dislodge.
One way to kind of ease the stress of the tented fabric if it’s not raining; you could
open up a number of the windows and simply let air travel through it instead of using
the surface area as a point of which the air could catch it and undo your drawstrings.
This is a very important tidbit to talk about. It’s been very windy all day, the tent has
maintained its ground because of the upgraded stakes. So keep that in mind, let’s put our
stakes in like I was saying before. Right here, we have a lone stake. This is one of
the standard ones that come with the tent. This simply will not do. We did use this to
stake in the main points of the tent. But the rain fly, we used a mallet to get it in.
Just a one friendly tip from me to you. All right guys, I think that’s pretty much all
we can talk about this tent. We’ve gotten over the dry test, the rain test, and now
unexpectedly, the wind test. And if you noticed I don’t have the one of canopy section set
up with the one pole. I undid that because it fell over due to the wind. There’s nothing
really to support it, so can’t really falter for that. And I just put it away inside the
tent. All in all, still a fantastic tent. I just walked through it, no damage. I walked
around it, everything’s still in place. So far so good. The wind’s been kind of
crazy, on and off. Once again, still got to recommend this tent. It’s just performing
flawlessly. Thanks for watching guys. Don’t forget to comment, rate, subscribe, show to
your friends, check out my other videos and I’ll see you next time.