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cruisers good morning we are having some gnarly weather and I am gonna show you
guys just how gnarly it is ready I had to put my bag down because it’s pouring and I love a tropical storm
you can hear the wind howling you guys this is insane
the ship is listing it’s really dramatic pool is closed off I don’t know why but
welcome to our rainy sea day yeah can you hear the wind howling is it just me maybe the water it’s like flowing down and as quickly as the rain came it went
and everything is now just soaking wet it’s so beautiful out here right now
though it smells like the sea and fresh rain love it I’m thinking these people
probably didn’t know it was gonna pour rain and they said their towels out
he’s freaking we’re kind of disappointed to come back to these soggy guys nobody
ever said 9 a.m. is too early to go in the hot tub after a cool storm while
your son and husband are still sleeping guilty mom pleasures right it’s crazy raining again and from where
we are here on the Caribe deck you can look up at the bridge and see the water
just cascading off of it like when you’re in the shower and the water comes
off your chin and like a big line it looks like that so let’s go check it out
well you don’t have to come out here so now if I plan on today being a pool
day I’ll be super disappointed but being a California girl who is used to the
drought this is my idea of an awesome day I love it I love that it’s
thundering I love that just starts raining and stops raining constantly of
no idea no way of predicting it people keep putting their towels out by the
pool and then having to like bring them in and put them in the towel bin and then
if it gets sunny they get clean towels dry towels and put it back out it’s
crazy this is fun and for us California people it’s kind of thrilling honestly kid cam is back what’s up kid cam? yeah
stuff are you just looking at the rain and the thunder yep
pretty cool huh I’m gonna ask you some questions you’re gonna ask me some
questions okay so why do you like most about this tropical weather what do I
like most about this tropical weather I like it it’s unpredictable I like that I
can hear the thunder and I like this different because I’m not used to this
tropical weather how about you I like that it is very we don’t get much of that in
California it’s true huh we live in the desert basically huh yeah you we have
right now pretty awesome today right now sounds good bye bye bye
we’re having a great sea day so far but the day is going by way too fast we had
another time change yesterday so after Costa Rica and on our way to Grand
Cayman they set us back to East Coast time so when we were in Costa Rica we
had fallen back to we’d fallen back one hour and now we’re one ahead so we lost
that hour today which is kind of a bummer especially on formal night but
there’s something I actually want to share with you guys I was looking
through the room service menu the other day and I’m just looking at all the food
la I love all the dining options and I stumbled upon at the very end they had
their prices for their for drinks and things like that to be brought to your
room and so I always assumed of course you can have beers and sodas and stuff
like that brought to your room it bottles wine if you wanted to and that
if you wanted to buy a bottle of liquor you could but the I assume that it would
be like a hundred dollar bottle right well not on princess on princess you can
actually buy small bottles and they vary from three hundred and seventy-five
down to three hundred and fifty milliliter bottles of things so they’re
basically like they’re not the sample size or the single-serve kind but
they’re kind of middle-of-the-road and they’re really inexpensive so I’m
actually going to buy a bottle of my favorite gin I’m gonna buy a three
hundred and seventy five milliliter of Bombay Sapphire for 20 bucks so we’re
gonna call room service right now and see how this works and see if it’s just
as easy as it seems if there’s any strings attached or whatever so let’s go perfect picture oh hi there I’d like to
have a bottle of Bombay Sapphire delivered to my room please Bombay
Sapphire yes can I help a baby number c10 seven language them Caribe that
ain’t one fitted them okay thank you for gonna deliver great how long do you
think that will take you know once a minute Oh wonderful thank you so much
thank you for calling okay bye-bye okay that was so easy definitely I don’t
know what I expected but I kind of thought they’d say something like they
were out of it or whatever but I want to give you guys an idea of some of the
other things that are offered and then I’ll have my husband take a little
picture but they do have they do have single serving of Bloody Mary Mix
and then getting into the other spirits that they have they have bourbon they
have Jim Beam Crown Royal Jack Daniels they have two types of scotch they have
one type of cognac of cognac cognac of course it’s Courvoisier and then they
have two types of vodka rum and gents I think it is really cool these very you
guys from fifteen to twenty eight dollars that is not bad as a really
really good option and it’s definitely a little bit easier than smuggling your
booze on let’s just be honest so our little pre formal night tip of the day
for you guys come on sorry how are you
oh thank you so much that’s cute here how do you bring in this thank you so
much here you hold this for mommy good mom
alert mm-hmm Thanks have a great day bye take care
here son hold my booze while I sign for this okay no seriously why did I order
this little bottle because I have discovered some secret mixers that you
can get complimentary on the ship and that would be grapefruit juice and
orange juice from breakfast in the morning so if you just order a little
glass of orange juice or grapefruit juice or whatever kind of juice you want you
could probably even ask for cranberry you have a nice little mixer for an
evening cocktail so let’s go see how this works there are new little bottle
of Bombay Sapphire which is adorable by the way high-five okay thanks for
helping buddy high five! welcome to the cruise tips TV bar this
is my adorable little bottle of Bombay Sapphire that I just ordered for $20
plus gratuity 15% gratuity which I think it’s totally fair for onboard prices
because I definitely am gonna get a lot more cocktails out of this then if I’m
going to the bar so for comparison’s sake I want to show you guys what it
looks like next to a 12 ounce or 500 milliliter bottle of water this gin is
375 milliliters I’m getting so technical today what’s that all about
I just want to show you guys like really what the size is because sometimes it’s
difficult to be able to tell so as I mentioned I got some little juices this
morning at breakfast so grapefruit and orange so we’re gonna put a little
orange juice in here okay and a little great for juice we have our trusty
little ice bucket that our stateroom stewardess refills for us and then oh no
I don’t know if I can get it open okay yeah a problem and then I’m gonna pour a
few capfuls into my little juice bottle here okay
this is a lot of couples it’s a small cap you guys don’t judge so I think
that will make a fun little makeshift cocktail and I could save a few bucks
and you guys know how I feel about gin and grapefruit it’s my favorite thing in
the world so why not just make it in your room okay it may be a little too
strong Cheers lobster night lobster night was a success it was delicious we
had a great time and me me dining room everybody who’s wearing
tuxedos including our waiter is very formal cruise this time I’ve seen a lot
of fancy and fun twists on formal wear including a guy in a bright red jacket
getting his picture taken with his wife in front of a Christmas tree it’s
actually really adorable but a lot of a lot of fun a lot of festive things going
on in the ship tonight so we have been taking full advantage of our photo
package walking around looking for different settings for family photos and
we’re feeling like we’re getting the most out of the package haven’t
mentioned this before but what we did is we got an email about a week before our
cruise for a discounted all you can I guess all the photos you could take for
199 instead of the awkward price of 249 well in the first four days of our
cruise we weren’t really getting the most of it we didn’t feel like the
photographer’s were out but we’re feeling a little bit better now got some
great Panama Canal pictures and we’ll be sure to show some of them to you guys on
social media so be sure to check it out thanks for tuning in today tomorrow’s a
fun one we’re going to Grand Cayman so we’ll see you then