Hello my friends, we are here in beautiful Istanbul. This area is called Kadikoy. The population of Kadikoy is about 5 million. It is about the size of Jamaica. It is actually larger than Jamaica all within this area. It is a very cloudy day here and for the most pary it has been like this for the past two weeks. And it can stay like that until early January for a few months. What do you do when you have a solar installation in an area like this? Many of our students have been asking. ‘Mr. Bailey we have a project here but when it is winter the solar productivity goes down a little how can I stuppliment my solar system?’ And for that we’ll be talking about wind energy. Today guys I am going to show you how wind turbine installation video. It is going to be very long. I know, but I don’t want to skip any step. It’s very important. Something I want to mention, ensure that you purchase your wind turbines from KimroyBailey.com. Our wind turbines are guaranteed. We have
fast shipping from the port of Istanbul to anywhere in the world in less than three days. It is ridiculously awesome! Alright so without further ado I will go ahead and
take you through the steps but first ‘Why wind energy?’ In a metropolitan like this roof space is a precious commodity. While solar panel installation works very very well because it’s cold. A lot of my students think that solar energy needs heat but believe it or not it’s inversely proportional to high temperature. The hotter it is like in Jamaica central and Latin America, Africa, Nigeria. sometimes the solar panel reduces efficiency because of the temperature. So a wind turbine is a very very good
complement. So guys watch this video all the way to the end let me know your
comments. If I’ve missed any steps. I’m only human and if you have any advice
or tips please share with the community and it’s KimroyBailey.com/StepbystepSolar start your solar installation training. Solar is boominghere in the Middle East, India, Africa, Europe, Northern and Southern Americas it is wonderful and I am happy to share the journey with you guys. It is cold and chilly I need to cut this video so take care guys. So the first thing you want to go ahead and do is ensure that you have prepared a space for your
wind turbine. This box is about three feet wide by three feet long and about four feet tall and will be the foundation for our wind turbine tower structure is going to be mounted inside. The galvanized pipe is about two inch in diameter and it’s about five feet tall and at the bottom we have corrugated steel. Here we have my dad Mr. Keith Bailey, he is the best in the world. He is preparing the foundation. We are using corrugated steel and we bend that steel. This allows the tower to stay deeper and stronger in the concrete structure We go ahead we bend the steel in random directions and then we prepare our concrete mixture. For this particular project you’re gonna need about 10 to 12 bags of cement and about 30 buckets of course sand. You can mix that with fine sand. You’re gonna go ahead and add water to the mixture and ensure that it is thick and rich. You will need a lot of concrete. You don’t want to have a weak
foundation for your wind turbine. It is going to be under a lot of stress especially in the high wind areas. And there we have mr. Noldi Powell preparing our mixture. He’s the best at what he does. Trust me! Go ahead add water and you use a spade or a shovel whatever you call it in your area of the world and you mix that
composition together. Unfortunately we could not prepare our mixture at the location where the wind turbine is installed. Here you can see our box we started pouring some concrete. We had to walk out and we use almost a primitive, caveman method. I lifted th I lifted the concrete up using a regular piece of rope and bucket and get that concrete to the wind turbine. But if you want to increase your efficiency you can have that motorized quick and easy when you have machines on the job trust me guys it cuts your workload significantly this component of the project typically takes a day. Just for the foundation. Setting up your box
structure is important. As you can see the box is made of plywood and at the edge we have some 2×2 or 2×4 boards. Once you have added about sixty percent of a concrete mixture then that’s when you place the wind turbine’s base in the concrete so the wind turbine foundation does not have to be placed all the way to the bottom. Depending on the height of your tower and then we use some wood to secure the foundation for the concrete to dry or set. This has to be plumb guys, it has to be very very perpendicular to what we would call the z
axis. So the x axis has to be straight and the y axis has to be straight and this is protruding up or out which would be the z-axis here we’re taking a closer look at how we use a corrugated steel. The corrugated steel are used to tie in the base. We bore holes in the concrete push the steels trough, that way the foundation of the tower for the wind turbine will never move. There I am playing around with my father on the job. Here we have two levels on the tower that I’m touching right now and you can see it’s absolutely plumb, perfect that’s what you want to see because it don’t want your wind turbine to be wobbling especially in high wind or if you’re in a hurricane or storm zone like Jamaica, the Philippines, Vietnam etc. Areas that does have storm surge, you want to ensure that your wind turbine Co is very strong then that’s us wrapping it up we installed an anemometer so we could get some wind reading At this location we are right on the sea about 500 meters above sea level so we’re getting some wonderful wind and you can see the anemometer there and drawing himself we wait about a day for the concrete to dry. it depends on the region of the
installation for our students in Africa you can actually do this a little on the
same day here we have one of our technicians mr. nan all the power he is
removing the wooden box structure from around the concrete I get to do that
once the concrete is dry so ensure that your concrete is nice and dry before you
remove your wooden box structure and then he’s an artist he ensured that his
job is nice and neat so we go ahead we get some motto we use cement we sieve
the sand and we apply that to the surface to ensure that it’s nice and
smooth and aesthetic wind turbines are beautiful so you want to ensure that
your job your site your customers are happy we go ahead here and we pass on
that mixture that Marta to ensure that it’s
nice and neat you’re gonna see the beautiful job that’s done once it’s
completed the edges should be 90 degrees it should be sharp and crisp we do not
want our students to be installing sloppy winter vines all right so we have
our anemometer up we’re gonna move on to our next step which is a little bit more
challenging and that is a process of getting our wires down for this
particular job we had about a hundred meter for our wire run and now we grab a
wind turbine and we’re bringing it over literally so we are moving over this
wind turbine is sold and shipped on Kim Roy Billy calm it’s a five bleed
three-phase a synchronous generator beautiful one kilowatt of power one wind
turbine can produce the equivalent of eight solar panels yes guys one wind
turbine can produce the equivalent of each solar panels but this is for strong
high wind regions here we are starting the assembly process our wind turbines
don’t only come with a manual it also comes with a video installation
training program where you can watch the videos and do a complete installation
nice and fun then I’ll go ahead and I remove the anemometer from the tower for
the wind turbine the blades of the wind turbine are just about three and a half
feet so you have to ensure the diameter of the wind turbine blades are about
four feet so you have to ensure that you have sufficient clearance 360 degrees
around that surface area so the blades of the wind turbine can spin freely
after we remove the anemometer in all the power there is
I had an assembly in the bleeds to the hub of the wind turbine on chemo a b.com
we have numerous wind turbines not just this one kilowatt a unit we also have
500 watt and smaller and we also have mega wind turbines we have one megawatt
we have a hundred kilowatts we go all the way up so whether you’re pouring a
home or an entire community are you building out a wind farm we have
wind turbine solutions for you and we also do global installation we do
on-site training we do system design and consultations so it’s your one-stop shop
for all wind solutions here we’re putting on the five blades onto the wind
turbine and quick and easy nice once you get the first bleed in it becomes easier
but you have to prepare our work area because you need a lot of clearance
around the blades and if you’re installing the wind turbine in a high
wind area ensure that all your tools and parts are anchored because the wind can
actually blow the bleeds like a kite right off the roof so guys let’s work
safe here I’m grabbing the generator for the wind turbine this generator is a
maintenance-free generator you don’t need to worry about it it has a self
lubricated bearings it’s it’s a beautiful machine at the base of the
generator we have what’s called the slip ring the slip ring guys allows the wind
turbine to face the wind whichever direction the wind is blowing from
without spinning the wire that’s connected to it and I’m gonna show you
that in greater details in just a few minutes oh we are already about 15
minutes into this video guys in the description section of this
video I’ve created what you can call a Content guide so different topics they
can click the different areas if you don’t want to watch minute by minute of
this 35 minute video but go ahead here we have the component that is anchored
to the 2-inch galvanized pipe this area it affixed the base of the wind turbine
generator just above the slip ring to the 2-inch galvanized pipe here we are
coming around and taking in the view is beautiful it’s very windy but it’s a
beautiful day here forgive the shaken camera we just want to ensure that we
capture every moment from every angle that way you have a comprehensive guide
for for the circuit diagram on how this is a hybrid installation this one
kilowatt wind turbine actually complements it 315 watt solar panels and
this entire property is off the grid running on this wind turbine and solar
panel for the circuit diagram and the complete guide on doing this
installation do sign up for the step-by-step solar course we have all
the circuit diagrams so we connected the charge controller and all the fun stuff
included there here you having a closer look for a fixing the blade of the wind
turbine to what is called the hub we have three not unbolt pair for each
bleed I hope you got that so each blade has a knot at the back the board
protrudes to the front with the washer and you simply tighten it up with I
think it is a 15 millimeter socket so you go ahead you grab that you tighten
up here we are doing our fourth blade it’s pretty simple honestly it’s it’s
very straightforward we ensure that wind turbines that we sell on camera
become are sturdy built from a top-of-the-line materials these blades
are from fiberglass they are pressure coated so too are the wind turbine
generator and the hub these it’s a maintenance-free installation you don’t
have to worry about pulling it apart or doing anything it can withstand a
category 3 up to category 5 hurricane the thing with hurricane guys listen a
hurricane or a storm will not blow down your wind turbine it will not the only
thing to consider is de breeze flying our own in the atmosphere so if the wind
turbine is low and possibility of a roof lifting up and hitting the turbine
exists then that’s something to be concerned about what you don’t need to
worry yourself at the thought of the wind turbine itself is gonna be blown
down especially if you follow our guide on installing the tower and the toy is
very solid here on site we had a soldier a member of the Jamaica military force
who came by and got some training on-site as well we love our jobs so our
five blades here are installed and yep ready to go and should I apply about 250
Newton meter of torque on each bolt you want it to be tight and snug tight and
snug the force that is applied you have what
is called a torque wrench that we use after unfortunately the torque wrench is
not included in this video but you can adjust your torque wrench to anything
between 200 and 250 should be fine that’s almost an overkill but we really
want to ensure that these blades go nowhere they stay where they are put
before we mount our wind turbine guys we install the electrical wire and for this
installation I think it’s a 1.5 millimeter between 1.5 and 2.5
triple-core wire is suffice the wire is installed.first
to the slip ring which is connected to the generator because this allows us to
stop the turbine from spinning once the bleeds are connected again it’s a very
high wind region here in Jamaica and that’s another point I want to mention a
lot of persons things that you know for you to install a wind turbine you have
to be having a whole lotta wind every single day all year round and that’s
just not a fact in fact many of our metropolitan wind turbine installation
it’s it’s a slow continuous blue of wind that sustained our wind generation and
you may not get the full 1 kilowatt that is totally fine once you are at your
rated RPM anything between 800 and 1500 RPM we have what’s called a synchronous
speed we do have power coming out so we can generate anything with anywhere
between 400 watt all the way up to a thousand kilowatt these wind turbine
here I’m loosely not the connection for the slip ring the slip ring is a very
very important module a lot of persons
install wind turbines without a slip ring and for a basic do-it-yourself home
installation yes you may explore that option but for a professional
installation on step-by-step solar we do not recommend it because the wind
direction changes wind comes from north south east west it variants consequently
the wind turbine itself will have to turn to face the wind in the wind farm
industry it’s called yawn W a Y Yas it turns along the z axis so it is
perpendicular to the z axis and it’s turning our own between x and y trying
to face the wind and maximize energy production if you don’t have a slip ring
what will happen is that the wire will keep twisting and twisting and twisting
and twisting and then before you know it within a couple months of all that
twists your wires can short-circuit which can damage your generator or they
can just simply break because if you consider you have piece of wire in your
hand and you keep turning it every single day for six months it’s going to
break at some point so the slip ring ensures that that does not happen and
that’s it that’s pretty much all it does you take each of your three phase the
color doesn’t matter the polarity is not important because in the step-by-step
solar course I will show you the how we connected to the charge controller we
take these three wires and it’s inverted and controlled and it gives you a DC
output this can be used to charge a 24 volt battery bank or a 48 volt battery
bank we actually can go up to much higher as well but for this particular
wind turbine and on this particular installation it’s rated for 24/48 volt
battery bank also guys in the step-by-step solar course I really want
to point this out because it’s something that if you have an existing solar
system and you would like to add a wind turbine to it it’s not just as simple as
buying a wind turbine installing it and dumping that into your battery bank the
reason why that is not exclusively recommended it’s because the wind
turbine can offer generate right your battery bank is full let’s say you have
four solar panels and they charge your batteries and your battery bank is full
and you have wind is just blowing blowing night and day what do you do
then so in the step-by-step solar course as well will show you how to add a dump
load or you can use the excess energy to heat a water for example for our friends
in Turkey Pakistan Singapore etc they actually use their system for heating
and that’s this heat in their apartment her property and that’s with the excess
power so that’s something that you have to keep in mind a wind turbine it’s not
just from 9:00 a.m. the Sun rise and then it sets at 5:00 p.m.
wind blows you can blow all day and it can blow all night and the battery has a
specific capacity good I don’t know we getting on to the fun part where we’re
seeing the wind turbine being actually mounted to the tower and is a sense of
excitement once you reach this point this is a two day installation again on
day one with the concrete and all that hard work on day two we’re doing the fun
stuff and just seeing the wind turbine up even before the blades go on its
nice beautiful feeling and thank god this has been a wonderful installation
it’s been nice and safe here I went ahead I grabbed the blades for my wind
turbine that’s actually the hub where all five blades are molded and here we
we also sell turbines with three blades for the larger units and we have seven
blades as well and a lot of persons ask why are the blades on the wind turbine
frequently offer odd number you rarely see a to bleed wind turbine what is out
there are a four bleed and that’s due to center of gravity with an odd number the
hardest part of for a wind turbine to produce is when it’s producing from
standstill when it is producing from standstill you require what is called as
try to overcome that start in torque with that having an odd number of bleeds
for a three bleed wind turbine the blades are a hundred and twenty degrees
apart you are able to have a momentum once one blade starts its propulsion and
huh it’s a lot more behind it I don’t think I’m giving this explanation
justice but the odd number of blades primarily helps when you’re starting and
if you look right here guys the wind is very strong
no but the blades are not spinning very fast and that’s because of the first
step that we did which was connecting the wires to the generator once you
connect the wires to the generator you can short-circuit the generator or stop
it from producing by connecting any two of the three wires together
once you connect any two of the three wires you’ve created a short circuit and
the electromagnetic feel you’d have essentially when you put two north poles
of a magnet together and you see them repel each other that’s what would
happen inside the generator because the generators really does wires magnets and
coils and with this the magnets would be out of phase or in phase in this case
once the wires are connected so you will not have the rotation of the plea of the
blades the charge controller also has that built-in technology where you can
stop the wind turbine from spinning let’s see if you’re going to do
maintenance etc by using the charge controller and what it does is exactly
short-circuit short-circuiting or connecting two of the three phases from
the generator all right then we add our bolt I think that was a 24 millimeter
bolt not I’m sorry to the shaft of the generator where the hub is connected
then we put on what we call our nose cone the nose cone that you’re looking
at in the center of the hub is it allows a wind turbine to break through the wind
once we are breaking through the wind we have a nice aerodynamic portfolio and
that profile allows the wind turbine to produce nice and smooth this has been a
mouthful all right guys at the back of the wind turbine it looks like a shark’s
fin that’s what we used to face the wind direction and that’s pretty much it we
are now going to step down we are going to disconnect the wires again and see
the wind turbine start up but before we do we have some excess electrical wire
at the base of the wind turbine and we you believe that there just in case in
the future we want to add another turbine or we want to increase the
height of the tower etc we have some electrical wire that would be able to
facilitate that and here you see the beautiful view in San Tomas Jamaica
Naldi Powell he’s grabbing his tie straps and securing they wire to the bay
right guys so believe it or not you’ve done a wonderful job you’ve watched all
the way to the end and here is our one kilowatt wind turbine up and running
this project we are so proud of this project because believe it or not with
only eight solar panels and a wind turbine were able to run this entire
home and this location is so close to the sea and we were having such great
wind that this wind turbine almost constantly overproduce so it’s a great
installation the tower is very solid you can see the artistry in the mason and
concrete work it’s seamless it’s almost like the wind turbine store who is
always there isn’t it alright guys let me know your comments your thoughts
anything you think about this video share in the comments below comments if
I’ve missed any steps I’m only human and if you have any advice and tips please
share the community and it’s Kim Roy Bailey become slash step-by-step solar
start your solar installation training Solar is booming here
in the Africa Europe northern southern Americas this is wonderful and I am
happy to share the journey with you guys so it’s cold and chilly I gotta cut this
video and to get out of it take care guys keep believing this is team K V
let’s keep believing you can do it they can install a system with a small team
you can build your business you can make money from the multi trillion-dollar
solar industry all right love you guys god bless take care