We’re at a moment right now when homegrown
energy, like wind energy, is creating new jobs all across Iowa and all across the country.
And guess what? Governor Romney said, let’s end the tax credits for wind energy production.
Let’s get rid of them. He said that new sources of energy, like wind, are imaginary. His running
mate calls them “a fad,” but if he wants to learn something about wind, all he’s got to
do is pay attention to what you’ve been doing here in Iowa. If he saw what you’ve been doing,
he’d see that there’s places like Newton, where a few years ago the Maytag plant closed
down, jobs dried up. Folks are now back to work manufacturing these enormous new towers
and blades for some of the most sophisticated, high-tech wind turbines on the planet. The
wind industry now supports 7,000 jobs here in Iowa–75,000 jobs across the country. These
jobs aren’t a fad, these are good jobs, and a source of pride that we need to fight for.
And if Governor Romney understood what you’ve been doing he’d know that we’d used to have
to import most of the parts that were used for wind turbines. They’re now being made
here in America, by American workers, in American factories. That’s not imaginary, that’s real.
That’s part of what we’re fighting for in this election. If he knew what you’d been
doing, he’d know that 20 percent of Iowa’s electricity now comes from wind, powering
our homes and our factories and our businesses in a way that is clean and renewable. In fact,
over the past four years we doubled the amount of electricity America generates for wind.
Across America we built the equivalent of 12 new Hoover dams worth of wind energy. Think
about that. Think about that. America now has enough wind turbines installed to generate
enough electricity, from wind, to power nearly 13 million homes with clean energy. That’s
how we leave something better for the next generation. That’s worth fighting for. That’s
what’s at stake right now. So I want to stop giving $4 billion in taxpayer subsidies that
are going to oil companies that are making huge profits and have been subsidized for
100 years, and let’s keep on investing in the new homegrown energy that’s creating jobs
right here in Iowa. That’s a difference in this election, that’s why I’m running for
president of the United States of America.