I repaired the motor that failed last time. I also changed the prop color. I can easy to find, which direction the drone faces. In addition to one of the blades I pasted a scotch tape. It is to take the prop balance. If the prop balance is broken like this Extra vibration was born It has an adverse effect on the drone. Temporarily past a scotch tape to a blade I will balance it by cutting it. Now, it’s a flight time… A typhoon is coming and it is a strong wind. The wind speed is about 10m/s I fly upwind To make returning easier. It can not go forward at all. There is no choice but to raise altitude This was a huge mistake. Generally, go up to the sky The wind gets stronger. After raising the altitude to about 250feet I notice that it is being swept away! I should immediately lower the altitude I mistook to activated RTH. It will be swept away further. Where the altitude fell Activate RTH again! It managed to return home! Don’t fly on strong windy days.