Hey what’s up he;;p my name is Emma and
today I’m going to be spending my day at Barnes & Noble! So basically this week I
am all caught up my homework I have like no appointments, nothing pressing to do
and of course because I have the time to film, my creativity it’s just shot so I haven’t been able to film anything and I’ve been going a
little out of my mind just like sitting at home so I decided it’s a rainy day I
have nothing to do until like later in the evening so why not just like spend
all day at Barnes &Noble, just because I want to! I tend to spend quite
a lot of time in Barnes & Noble. It’s not close to me, it’s like 30 minutes
away, but I will drive there like literally just to sit at the cafe with a
cup of tea and like do my homework or edit videos. So I’m not entirely sure
what I’m gonna be doing today. I have a couple of books that I would like to
pick up. I’d be happier if Barnes & Noble’s 15% off coupon was valid in store
as well. It’s 9:30 in the morning it’s raining I’m feeling good so I’m going to
like start getting ready right now and head out early to spend as much time as
I can in the book the store today I figured while I am driving to Barnes &
Noble we could talk about what I’m currently reading right now. I’m in the
middle of The Case for Jamie by Brittany Cavallaro which is the third book in the
Charlotte Holmes series and I’m loving it so much. I think it might be my favorite
out of the whole series so far which is like a lot to say because I love A
Study in Charlotte so much. I unfortunately did not love the last of
August all that much so I was a little nervous going into The Case for Jamie,
but it’s been really satisfying. I love the character so much and I’m really enjoying the plot so far even though like not much has happened the narrators, like
the main character is their voices are so distinct and fun to read to, so I’m super excited to continue reading today and I am also
listening to the audio book for An Anonymous Girl. I don’t actually remember
in the two co-authors but I’m pretty sure it’s like a new adult thriller
release and it’s been really interesting so far like half the book is told in
second person perspective which is really interesting and I’ve just been
like flying through it. I am so mad at myself I realized I’m taking longer way.
WHY AM I LIKE THIS. But yeah, An Anonymous Girl is really good so far and it’s actually one of the books I am planning on buying today. Even though we’re not
that far into 2019 yet I haven’t actually bought any books like for
myself this year. I did that book shopping challenge video with Michael
which I’ll link below if you want to check it out so I bought books for him
but I haven’t treated myself to any new books lately so I’m thinking of buying
maybe three books today. I know I want to buy An Anonymous Girl l because I like to
own the books to enjoy and I also want to buy another adult thriller called
Watching You. The cover has just been like capturing me every time I see it I
haven’t been able to stop thinking about it so I think it’s a good reason for me
to pick it up especially because I am just like devouring so many thrillers at
the moment. And the third book that I want to buy I actually cannot remember. As I’ve been like preparing to go to Barnes & Noble, today I’ve been thinking
about the books that I want to get and there’s this one that I just like can’t
ever remember the title of. I’m pretty sure it’s a thriller it might be adult
but like I genuinely don’t know so I thought it would be funny if you have a
guess as to what book I’m potentially buying today, leave it in the comments below
and if you end up being correct because I’m sure I will remember when I see it
I’ll pin you if you don’t cheat and comment after I find out a book it is. Oh
I forgot to mention, my first stop today is actually not Barnes & Noble. I’m
going to Chipotle for lunch because I didn’t eat breakfast today I wasn’t
hungry enough yet so I’m gonna get some Chipotle and enjoy
myself and leave The Case for Jamie and then I’m gonna go to Barnes & Noble and book
shopping and also go to the cafe and either do some school work or some
YouTube work. UM. So. BASICALLY… They literally just cut off the parkway.
Literally there is just like a truck in the middle of the street and it’s just
like everyone get off at this one exit and there’s no visible reason why? Okay
like maybe somewhere down the parkway there’s like a lot of flooding but like
first of all it’s not even raining that hard and it never floods over here and
second of all like this is New York there is no force of Mother Nature that
can stop us. So I just witnessed this Jeep like get into the mud and grass on
the side of the exit to get away from this huge traffic jam and they’re just like racing up mud is flying everywhere and for a
second I was like you know damn like I really would normally be mad at that but
I respect the hustle and then he got stuck. Oh well, karma’s a bitch. Two bros, chillin’ in the hot tub five feet apart cuz they’re not gay. So I just scoured the YA section and for the life of me I cannot find the third book that I really really wanted over the last few
days. It’s not on my Goodreads TBR, it’s not my Amazon wishlist, like I didn’t save
this title anywhere and so I don’t know if I will ever find it but we’re gonna
go check the adult section maybe I mixed it up and it really is adult. I’m gonna
pick up the books that I want to get from there and then I’m gonna check out
and go hang out at the cafe for a while. Guess who just remembered the third book that they wanted… I want you so badly, but I already have a copy of you and I can’t do it to myself this is such a tragedy. [they ask you how are you just say that
you’re fine you’re not really fine you just can’t get into it because they
would never understand] Holy shit there’s a rainbow!!!! So I just got out of dance. My dance
class is not like competitive or anything I just do it once a week with
my friend and my dance teacher cuz we’ve been doing it together since I was like
2 years old. Really fun, I always love my Thursday dance class yeah now I’m
actually about to head out to pole like I’ve literally just been taking you
around Long Island today. But before I head out to pole, I wanted to just give
you guys a little final Barnes & Noble update and talk about the books that I
bought so the first book I got is An Anonymous Dirl by Greer Hendricks and
Sarah Pekkanen. This is my current read I’m listening to it on audio I don’t
actually know how far into it I am but I’ve definitely listened to like at
least a few hours at this point I’m really enjoying it so far it’s not like
the most mind-blowing thriller I’ve ever read but I find it really engaging and
it’s like so easy for me to fall into I’m still in the beginning so I’m
hopeful that like the intensity will pick up as the story goes on because one
of my good friends Ellias recently really loved it and
that’s like the main reason I picked it up because I always go to Ellias for
recommendations. The next book I bought is Watching You by Lisa Jewel. This book
was actually 20% off which was really exciting because as I said earlier I
really wanted a coupon in it so I’m glad I got an extra discount on top of it. The
main reason I picked this one up is just because like I have not been able to get
this cover out of my mind. There’s something about the art style of
it because I believe it is like a digital drawing I don’t think it’s a
photo plus the coloration and stuff in the way that the “YOU” goes in and out of
the windows, I just like have not been able to forget about it so I really
wanted to get it. I feel like it’s a sign that I should pick it up. I just realized
I haven’t actually bought a book based off the cover in like so many years but
here we are again. All I can really gauge from the synopsis is it takes place in a
Bristol and like someone is murdered in their kitchen and it’s all about finding
out the secrets about the surrounding neighbors and who would have wanted
these people dead so it sounds really interesting definitely up my alley. I am
just like writing out this thriller kick and I want to read as many as I can
before my reading tastes change so I’m excited to hopefully pick this one up
soon. And then the last book I bought I don’t have it physically but it
is Hidden Bodies by Caroline Kepnes and it is the sequel to You. I
actually read You maybe in October like, I had watched the first episode of the
show like when I had first aired that first week and then I like immediately
picked up the audiobook loved it, finished the show loved it and I know
I’m actually rewatching this show. My sister also just started watching You
and asked me to borrow the book so she could read it and then mention that
there was a sequel and I was like oh my god I didn’t know there was a sequel like I
want to read it. So that’s gonna be shipped to my house so I’m excited to
read that when it comes in. I’m honestly a little wary about this book because
You felt like such a complete standalone story and I’m not really sure how they
could expand upon it in a way that’s like feels necessary and it’s not just
like a sequel that we didn’t need but I’m really interested in it too so I’m
going to probably call my dad on my drive to pole and if I have time I’m
gonna listen to more of An Anonymous Girl and I’m gonna go have a really nice
pole class which I’m excited for and I’ll check in later. So last night when I got home from poll
I literally fell asleep immediately I just took my anti-depressant and a
melatonin and I was like BYE. But I had an amazing time at Pole as always. I like
nailed that chopper to a leg hang to a twisty splitty thingy that you saw in
the video so I’m super pleased with that and I have two more classes tonight
which I’m really really excited for. Yeah you know sometimes I just feel like last
clips of a vlog is so unnecessary like, what else is there for me to say? I had a
great day at the bookstore, you saw all of it it was a really fun
time and I hope you guys enjoyed the video. So you know let me know in the
comments if you guys are interested and more just like casual vlogs that aren’t
necessarily like a specific event that I’m vlogging because I really enjoy
doing them but that is it for this video thank you guys so much for watching and
I will see you soon for a new one bye!