Good Evening! Here’s the news about this video. Those of you who are watching on PC can click right here to start the playlist. I’d like to tell this to the people on smartphones or tablets… After the YouTube App has been upgraded recently, something is wrong with the playlists. So, what you have to do is open my channel ‘Ari Keita’ first, and click the play button to start the playlist. I know it seems pain in the neck, but please check my channel to start the playlist. Well, let’s get started with this week’s VEST MEDIA! Ari, why are you talking alone? Sorry, I was talking to ‘them’. I was talking to the people who are watching me. Really? Yep. I heard your voice from outside! My voice is loud, you know… Why didn’t you call me? I’m really sorry!! I wanted to start this right away. I was spacing out at the outside. See, I got tanned. You got quite tanned! You know, I was in the Venice… Take a seat anyway. Oh yes. Let’s take a seat first. I got tanned while training. Was that you? Yes, yes! I’ve seen you from the window! I was hesitated to call you… That’s why I left you. Even I thought my skin got quite tanned. How do you think of us? And more, there’s ‘California’ on my shirt. Oh yeah! Looks like burnt pork, right? I’ve tweeted ‘Here’s the roasted pork’. I also tweeted ‘Here’s your dinner tonight’. ‘Here’s the oily pork.’ You can check Boo’s twitter at the description below. It cracks me up! Yeah, it was funny. So, let’s get started. The weather has been lousy lately in Japan. You don’t feel like going out in the rainy season, you know? Yes, indeed. So this time, I’ll show you the theme for this week. ‘The video for the rainy season.’ I see! I’ve collected the animation this time. The first one is from the channel called ‘Simon’s Cat’. I found the one that an animator in England had made as a test. Animation is about Simon Tofield’s cat. It looks simple, but very fun! Sounds good. Cat is one of the popular content in YouTube, and he combined it and animation. I see! It’s a wordless content, so that anyone can understand. Oh! No sounds!? There is! There are some voices… But you know, it’s rainy outside. So I want the audience to watch this at home!