Good morning, we had mid March-like temperatures
yesterday under dusty skies… well we have falling to wash away all the dust in the air.
Entire nation have been receiving showers from last night and will continue throughout
the day except Jeju Island with the precipitation of between 5 and 40 millimeters and rain could
turn into snow for the Gangwondo province. It′s a wet road out there so drive extra
carefully on the way to work. The temperatures didn′t drop that much over
night, the low are kicking off near 5 degrees here in Seoul but the highs will not be as
mild as yesterday it will be 3 to 4 degrees lower today,
as the high in the capital will climb to 6 while the top temperatures in Daegu and Gwangju
will rise to 7 and 11 Busan will see high peaking to 11 this afternoon.
For other regions, Jeju Island and Daejeon will rise to 13 and
8 Dokdo will top out at 6. That′s all for Korea and here′s the international
weather for viewers around the world.