>>RAFEEO: There’s my phone!>>RAFEEO: Guess what, I’m outside. RAFEEO>>Feels weird being outside. I feel like an alien.>>RAFEEO: Rainy day, outside, cuz it’s a freaking crappy rainy day but I like rainy days cuz um . . .>>RAFEEO: Actually, rainy days suck. It’s so beautiful out here . . .>>RAFEEO: and guess who’s out here with me?
Miscellaneous Megaman. That’s what I’m>>RAFEEO: calling him. It’s so wondrous out here
and beautiful. Look this is a whole>>RAFEEO: cornfield. Just want to bring back a little uh
nostalgia and stuff. It really is>>RAFEEO: beautiful out here. I’m just gonna keep
saying beautiful. It really is beautiful. So yeah uh, the object>>RAFEEO: of today is I’m gonna place Megaman
randomly around this yard, and um you know>>RAFEEO: just talk a little bit. Probably… got my
pants on. Sweatpants. And um there’s a power>>RAFEEO: line. Look at that. [singing] I’m walking down the street. Yeah. So yeah, if you guys don’t know, I am
a winemaker. I live in beautiful Italy, as>>RAFEEO: you can see. And I make delicious wine.
Really big celebrities come>>RAFEEO: and drink it and uh that’s pretty much it. I
have a really freaking dog…stop! I’m just>>RAFEEO: talking to the dogs.
I have- I have a really nice winery and>>RAFEEO: I’ll show it to you very soon.
Um, I got about 40 people working for me,>>RAFEEO: which I think is nice. Including this
here Megaman right here. Look at him. [gruff voice] He doesn’t>>RAFEEO: pay me enough. I don’t pay him anything.
Oh look. Is there still water on these>>RAFEEO: branches? Look at these beautiful
branches.>>RAFEEO: Look how beautiful they are. I do not eat
branches. And I’m just walking around- I mean>>RAFEEO: look at all this, look at all these
grapes I’m planting. And>>RAFEEO: over here is a fence. Look at that fence.
Completely fell over. It’s not really a>>RAFEEO: fence anymore. It’s offensive that I’m
talking about this fence over here.>>RAFEEO: I don’t really know where this videos going. I’m
just- I’m just talking about how freaking>>RAFEEO: crappy this day is. Look at this. See
this post right here?>>RAFEEO: Know why it’s green? Cuz it rained. You
see this tree right here? See why it’s all>>RAFEEO: wet? Cuz it rained. That’s gonna be on a
t-shirt. Cuz it rained. Um, why is my shirt>>RAFEEO: all wet? Cuz it rained. Someone’s gonna
be posting that in the comments, going>>RAFEEO: cuz it rained. Why are you commenting on this
video? Cuz it rained. How>>RAFEEO: long will it take to get annoying when I
keep saying cuz it rained? Wow.>>RAFEEO: Woah, what is happening there? So yeah,
just vlogging about my Los Angeles life.>>RAFEEO: I got a really nice Los Angeles life. A
bunch of celebrities come to my house>>RAFEEO: all the time and I’m like I can’t, I
can’t talk to you guys right now. Cuz I’m,>>RAFEEO: you know, I got other things going on and
you guys, you know, you got acting and>>RAFEEO: stuff. Why the heck you coming to my
house? Look at that tree. I’m gonna start talking>>RAFEEO: like Bob Ross. Like I drew all this. [Bob Ross impersonation] I
just, I’m gonna get some happy little>>RAFEEO: sticks. These happy little sticks. Look how
beautiful it looks.>>RAFEEO: Rock, rock, rock, big rock, rock rock, a
couple of smaller rocks, a little bit of>>RAFEEO: moss, rocks, rocks, rocks, rocks, stick, Megaman!>>RAFEEO: [singing] Climbing up all these things getting on….
In this, in this vlog today I’m gonna be>>RAFEEO: climbing up this tree. Crap. Look how wet he is! He’s got a
freaking piece of grass on him! What’s>>RAFEEO: your problem Megaman? You sicko, hanging
out in the grass. Sicko. Sicko. What do you feel like>>RAFEEO: doing Megaman? Admiring this pile of
bricks? Oh, look at that. Look at that Megaman. It might>>RAFEEO: be a bonus level. Look at him, he’s like crying
tears. Look at him, he’s like I don’t wanna go. Give me the coins.>>RAFEEO: Oh, am i giving you guys anxiety? I’m
sorry. Aww! You’ll be safe with me. [whispering] I love you Megaman. I love you too RAFEEO. Why do we both sound the same? And everyone’s giving me a weird look because I’m kneeling down by this hole.>>RAFEEO: As you can see over here there’s uh, that’s
where I used to keep my gorilla, but um now>>RAFEEO: he’s gone. [Sad music]>>RAFEEO: Guess what guys? I just saw a cardinal, our
state bird. Um, uh, that’s- that’s the Los>>RAFEEO: Angeles state bird, of course. I don’t
know what the state bird of Los Angeles>>RAFEEO: is. Maybe it’s like a phoenix. Avoiding mud. I’m
just walking around. People think I’m>>RAFEEO: crazy.
Oh my God! Look how freaking stormy it>>RAFEEO: looks. See how stormy it looks? It’s probably gonna
rain on me and when it does it’s gonna>>RAFEEO: be the end of this vlog. It’s not really
a vlog, it’s more like a- just walk around>>RAFEEO: and explore the beautiful landscape
with my boy Megaman. I’m a big Nintendo nerd.>>RAFEEO: I just- I like Nintendo things. Can you
guys hear me? There’s cars going around>>RAFEEO: in the background. Semis going past. Beautiful
life of a semi. [rapping] Going up, going down, going>>RAFEEO: [rapping] all around. Got my Megaman down, he ain’t
got no frown. He’s happy as heck, happy>>RAFEEO: [rapping] all day around. Walking through the mud,
in my awesome town. Look at all these>>RAFEEO: [rapping] trees, they’re all over the place. Gives
you oxygen for all the human race. Plant>>RAFEEO: [rapping] a tree down, plant it all around. There’s a
truck going past me, he looks very odd.>>RAFEEO: [rapping] I didn’t bring my guitar, I didn’t bring
my horn. I’m gonna keep on dancing,>>RAFEEO: [rapping] prancing like a deer. Because over here, I
just like to strike fear, with my>>RAFEEO: [rapping] Megaman, cuz he’s pointing his nub, cuz he
ain’t got no fingers boy. Ain’t got no>>RAFEEO: [rapping] fingers. I’d like to tell everyone a very
big secret. Um, okay, whoever is watching this>>RAFEEO: video….get everyone you know to just look
at this video right now. Your parents,>>RAFEEO: your dog, your cat, your hamster. Whatever
kind of animal you have. Bring ’em close>>RAFEEO: okay? Okay?
Just bring them close. Bring ’em close.>>RAFEEO: Right there.>>RAFEEO: You guys listening? You guys listening?
I like Ritz crackers.>>RAFEEO: I love Ritz crackers. I love Ritz crackers.
[singing] To see the beautiful Los Angeles sun. Behind a bunch>>RAFEEO: [singing] of freaking houses that I don’t even
know about. This jacket. This jacket, what>>RAFEEO: [singing] does it say? Guess what it says? Old Navy.
Cuz that’s where I get my jackets. That’s>>RAFEEO: [singing] where I get my jackets. Look how
beautiful this looks. Look at that. And>>RAFEEO: over there is just a bunch of farms, cuz
that’s what this place is mostly made out of. There’s>>RAFEEO: a truck.
I’m gonna get him on camera. Red truck.>>RAFEEO: There it goes. Following the red truck. Where’s the>>RAFEEO: red truck going? Look how fast it’s going.
Look at that. Now it’s starting to rain again. My>>RAFEEO: thing-oh, where’s it going? Oh it went behind. Oh! This is now
walking and talking with RAFEEO movie reviews.>>RAFEEO: Because that’s what I like to do. I
like watching movies. Um, my favorite movie I>>RAFEEO: like to watch? Uh…..ummmmm….ahhh…>>RAFEEO: I don’t know, I mean Big Hero 6, I guess. [Happy music]>>RAFEEO: Cuz uh, you know, I always wanted an
inflatable robot. I’m just walking back>>RAFEEO: to the place I already was. I’m just,
I was pretty much doing laps around>>RAFEEO: around us- as you can tell, I’m running. But I’m
like so tall that doesn’t even look like>>RAFEEO: running, it looks like walking. Okay I’m just
gonna go over here and show you the>>RAFEEO: awesome trees that I got and I’m just
gonna kind of fast-forward it until I>>RAFEEO: get there. So it’s gonna be like really
fast. Okay, here I go. Ok, I’m here. It took me a long time,>>RAFEEO: but I got here. It’s probably weird like seeing me like
this, cuz I’m always behind like a black>>RAFEEO: screen, so it looks like I’m just like a
painting, which is cool. Look I want to>>RAFEEO: sit on that. Actually no I’m not. [Warrior music] The
freaking grass. I’m like freaking in the>>RAFEEO: jungle. What is that? What is this? Is that
grass? Oh my god, I feel like I’m on a>>RAFEEO: different planet.
This grass…it’s so beautiful. I think I’m>>RAFEEO: gonna get poison ivy. [Warrior music] It’s like, it’s like
three leaves let it be, but if it’s four>>RAFEEO: leaves, rub it on your knees.
Just like how I please. Aww, I think I know>>RAFEEO: everything about the internet. I just, I-
it’s something that just comes to me>>RAFEEO: sometimes. Like something pop in
my head, and I’m just like..hey that’s>>RAFEEO: that video. I can find it. Um, like that uh
Krispy Kreme guy who raps. Like I can>>RAFEEO: pull that video up right now. [Krispy Kreme] And also like
this picture of this kid eating the>>RAFEEO: apple. Cuz my…look at the face like….I love
that picture so much. If you were a>>RAFEEO: freakin superhero, you can’t keep that
secret! Because like if I, if I was to>>RAFEEO: fly away right now, just up in that
sky, just go woop! Just go oooooop up into the sky,>>RAFEEO: then you know, you’d see it and it would
probably get a lot of views. Like it would>>RAFEEO: probably get somewhere between like, I don’t
know, 500 million views. If we can get to>>RAFEEO: 500 million views on this video, then I could
possibly look into becoming a superhero.>>RAFEEO: Keep uh your shirt dry, your socks soggy
and your shoes muddy, cuz life is an>>RAFEEO: adventure. Life is a highway. Ride it all
night long. Oh what a feeling, when you’re>>RAFEEO: dancing on the ceiling. Kids were
laughing, in my classes, while I was>>RAFEEO: scheming for the masses. Who do you think
you are? Dreaming about being a big star.>>RAFEEO: Havana, ooh na-na. Hope you guys enjoyed this
amazing video of me exploring this>>RAFEEO: wondrous land. The next one is going to
be RAFEEO In the City and he’s gonna be>>RAFEEO: talking to people about what their
favorite candy bars are. So uh, pretty>>RAFEEO: excited! Stay tuned for that. And as
always, thanks for watching. [Dance music]>>RAFEEO: Hey guys! Thank you so much for watching
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