For the weather updates you’ll need before
stepping out, we turn to our Michelle Park. Michelle, with rainy days,…there are many
cases of people encountering electrical accidents. That’s right, so to prevent shocks, try to
keep wall sockets and appliances cords dry as possible. Also, don’t touch any damaged equipment with
wet hands and try not to overwhelm nor overuse power strips. Speaking of rain, it’s going to pick up again
tomorrow. But a sunny day will come upon us on Wednesday
leading us into another rainy day. And amidst all this rain coming and going,
the mercury will remain on the cool side. With that in mind, let’s take a look at our
readings for tomorrow. Seoul begins at 10 degrees Celsius, while
Daegu and Busan will be a few degrees warmer at 11 and 12 degrees respectively. Looking at the mid-day temperature readings,…Seoul
will hit 17 degrees while all other parts of the country will be warmer… and mostly
in the 20s. That’s all I have for now. Here’s a look at the weather around the world.