Good morning, Seoul and other upper regions
are waking up to the gentle sound of rain this morning. It’s not due to the impact of the typhoon,
but weak trough of low pressure has been dropping showers to regions up North. Rain will go away shortly but it will be a
busy and wet morning commute, give yourself extra minutes on your way out to work. Meanwhile, southern regions are waking up
to mostly sunny skies and it will remain sunny all day. Checking on today’s temperatures, Seoul, Daejeon
and Jeju are waking up to a low of 25 degrees Celsius… Heatwave alerts are in place in many parts
including Seoul and highs will be slightly lower than yesterday getting up to 32 degrees
in southern regions, Daegu and Gwangju will be sweltering hot. As for the updates on the 19th typhoon of
the season Soulik. We’ll start to see heavy showers from tomorrow
from Jeju and southern coastal regions and gradually moving up north by Thursday. Torrential showers along with strong gusts
are expected to sweep the country. So be sure to keep an updated on the path
of the typhoon. That’s Korea for you and here’s the international
weather for viewers around the world.