NARRATOR: Deep in remote
jungle, an unusual day is about to unfold
for the pupils of the Borneo Orangutan Survival
Foundation’s Jungle School. Orphans are assigned to
different groups here according to their skill
levels, and each group has its own forest classroom. But every so often,
there’s a mix it up day where the youngsters get to
visit someone else’s classroom and explore different
areas of the forest. It’s also an excellent
opportunity for them to broaden the
socialization, which is such an important aspect
of the curriculum here. Today is extra
exciting for Valentino and his classmates
in Forest School 2. They’re visiting group
3, whose classroom has turned into a water park. It’s early in Borneo’s
rainy season now, and overnight rain has
flooded the stream. In the wild, torrential
rain can submerge the jungle into a lake within hours. Orangutans generally don’t swim,
but the students have to learn how to forage during a flood. Utris is one of the first
to explore the delights of what you can do with water. Spenja, one of the group
3 kids, has figured out how to blow bubbles. Benny copies, watched
closely by Shero. La La has another
game for her bubbles. Valentino appears a little
out of his comfort zone, not really wanting
to get his feet wet. But Utris is in his element.