good morning nurse western regions are
waking up to a rainy Thursday widow heavy rain advisory being in place for
Incheon and parts of gyeonggi-do province that’s including PAH drinking
pool and it is also raining here in the capital I’m slightly that the rain will
pick up as the day goes on warm moist air will bring in showers to central
parts of the country until tomorrow afternoon southern provinces will
receive a rainfall until later today and you know it’s getting obvious that
Korean Peninsula will be the target for typhoon ling-ling the 13th the typhoon
of the season typhoon ling-ling will bring strong winds and heavy rain to the
country this weekend sir please do keep an eye on the path of the typhoon in
checking the today’s temperatures morning temperatures are similar to
yesterday ranging from 21 to 25 degrees Celsius daily ice will go up higher for
most areas so getting up to 27 degrees peg wushu Co high of 30 degrees Celsius
this afternoon that’s Korea for you and here’s the International weather for
viewers around the world you