Hey, folks! I am Dinho Lima And I am Gabi Cecon And today we will watch together the last episode of the sixth season of Game of Thrones More happiness! More emotion!!! WE WILL WATCH THE LAST More enthusiasm EPISODE OF THE SIXTH SEASON OF GAME OF THRONES! I can’t do that anymore! We just speak of this all the week, you have no idea We live together with people who watch GOT like us and this is the top trend of the week We know all the theories, everything Exactly, we know everything about GOT We will intensify this more here in our channel and we will record a reaction about what will happend in this episode stay there, so Uh! Live long Starks! I hope that the battery does not run out! Started! Already we want to see the changing in the opening. Let’s see if in Winterfell, they took out the flag of the Boltons. Look there! Look there! Come back! Starks! It’s there! I hate this Sparrow, bro Oh my God… Geez! Why? Ah, ok. I don’t wanna see that… She is there, she is there… She is in the Red Keep The Cersei didn’t go, bro. That’s it, she will blow up the Sept of Baelor With wildfire Will gonna die! OMG! Here, look! Oh my! This is hard… Dude, don’t do that with the childrens. I’m sorry for the childrens… Damned! Guys, where the converted Lannister is? Ah, that is where is the wildfire… Geez.. Look! Look there! I cant see the bottles. OMG! In spleen! Now he didn’t get up anymore… Dear, in this tv show only one who survives the stabs are Starks. I am sorry about the child’s, this take off his innocence Look, she will see up there the things blow up Detail, Tyrell is there, right? What’s up? If she had any plans, she will die. OMG! OMG, bro… OMG, Look… Bro… It’s… it’s like Saw. Look, even the uncle of Cersei is there. Wow, Tyrell will die, anyway? Everyone? Tthat’s right? Look, what an explosion! The vision of Bran. Oh my God!!!!! OMG! OMG, bro… Come on! Do not mess with the mad queen. Yeah… That’s over… The mad queen… And now, what Tommen will do? Because she killed his wife. He loses his wife. OMG! OMG! Geez, are you crazy? Ah, he will throw out the window? He will commit suicide. OMG, Tommen will commit suicide. Don’t, son. And died. Shit. We are already expected so. Loser! Holly shit! But why? Take Sam there? In the last episode… I don’t know. Nerd! It’s like when I visit the “Livraria Cultura”, in the… Not. In Santos Avenue. Has the other Red Queen who is there with Daenerys. Jon Snow is already sorry. Jon Snow is an honor man. That’s why I like him. Has honor, he has character. that dialogue… The Queen’s Hand. No! Ah, the hand, it’s true. The Queen’s Hand. Wow. What is that? It is a finger. Geez! Who is her, dude? Arya Suck it! Geez! Wow, like when her mother died! My goodness! This girl grew, dude… I didn’t expect that. No one expect that. Wow, that’s nice I’m chocked! Sansa, girl… Will not marry this idiot No, she left already Loser! Little Finger, friendzone! How this girl will carry Bran? I’m pretty lost at the core of Bran now Tower of joy! Tower of joy! Tower of joy! Tower of joy! Please. Tower of joy! Let’s go! Let’s go! Go Ned! OMG… OMG… It’s Lyanna… And now? Wow, he looks like Sean Bean. The Ned. The theory, the theory. It’s like the book. No… Now will disappear and will appear the face of Jon, Do you want to see? It’s tetra! It’s tetra! It’s him, it’s him! Confirmed. I didn’t tell you? I’m good forecasts, predictions and cuts The little Lyanna is blowing up Dude, I liked this little girl now… She is the best things of the las season, the little Lyanna.. Loser! Now the things got serious. He wants to be the king of the north. It’s logic. Wow, they come back to King’s Landing. The Cersei will sit on the Iron Throne Ah! The prophecy can be about Daenerys. Yes. Geez Shame… Look that… In the last season… That turnaround… And now… It’s now… Queen against Queen… Now it’s just them call Jon Snow to ally with Dorne and Tyrell No, no… Dorne just… just… Dorne and Tyrell are just with her. Yes And the Iron Island too… Just missing Jon Snow. Yes. Jon Snow doesn’t like the Lannisters too. That’s over. Ah, but she will make a covenant with him, for sure No, but… Is that over? No, not end, for God sake… That’s over, that’s over… Nooooooo… That is the pain of the person that watch GOT. I can’t… Now, just next year… One year! One year for the seventh season. That is sad. The episode is over now. Do you like it? Yes, but I wanted more.. Did you understood me? It was a little bit… I’ve watched GOT since the second season, you know. So, I listening about the first season one day Some friends told me about the books Then, when started the second season I watched the first in one weekend And tryed keep watching the second, but I had to downloaded because I didn’t have HBO And for me is very hard, because I wait for the resolution of the things In this season a many years ago It was six years waiting I liked it I think everything I hoped they tied Are many cores, so I thought they were going to take a muddled now at the end But they did a good job at the end We watched now the last episode of the sixth season of GOT We think It was very exciting Very good, and It was exciting We watched in our confortable bed In warm And detail, we are sick, ok… We are flu. With cought Our voices are different, sorry about that. But that’s it, if you liked this video and want us make other videos of reaction, please, give your like, give your “joinha”. And if you are not registered yet in the channel, register here because you will recieve video every week, okay? Ok? That’s all folks, until the next. Bye bye Good bye