hi everyone and welcome back to Faith
and Flour if you’re new to my channel my name is Robin today’s video is a
relaxing rainy day clean with me but our day did not start off that way in fact
it was a beautiful sunny day here in Texas
the temperatures had started to climb back up into the 90s however a cold
front was expected to come in later in the day and with that it was going to
bring rain so I wanted to spend the day preparing for a cozy evening at home one
of my goals is to get the ironing finished for the day and so I thought I
would show you guys a little bit more about the iron steamer that I used
because a lot of you had questions this iron and steamer combination was sent to
me by the company Abox quite a while ago for me to review and I have been
using it ever since in fact I even got rid of my traditional iron because I
think it worked so much better after filling the reservoir with water and I
use distilled and I would recommend that especially if you have hard water like
we do it heats up in no time and because it uses steam it really speeds up my
ironing time and you can use it on an ironing board like I’m doing today but
you can also use it as a traditional steamer with garments hanging this video
is not sponsored by Abox but I love this iron steamer combination so much
and because you guys have had so many questions about it I thought I’d give
you more information today you can always find it it’s in my Amazon Store
and the link for that is in the description box below in case you’re
interested a sort of bonus favorite feature of mine
is the fact that the width of this iron gets in between buttons when ironing
shirts perfectly and I think this was probably meant for travel but I use it
for our regular everyday iron and I love it with the storm rolling in and cooler weather
I would like to make a cozy dinner for tonight and I want to prepare it in the
crock-pot but before I get started on that I realized that my dish soap was
getting low so I’m refilling that and I’ve decided to use this method
Clementine scented dish soap which smells amazing
but the jury for me is still out on this orange color dinner for tonight is going to be a
chickpea curry and for all of my subscribers from India I know this is
probably not authentic but this is something that I have made up sort of a
variation of another recipe and my family really loves it and this type of
thing is just so perfect for a cozy evening at home
especially when it’s storming outside things are still looking hot and sunny
outside and I noticed these beautiful acorns growing in our front yard and
they are just perfect so pretty and I want to gather up some to use as decor
inside outside the clouds are starting to
gather I can see the rainstorm in the distance and I know it’ll be here soon preparing dinner ahead of time in the
crockpot means that our evening can be so much more relaxing and even more so
if I go ahead and clean everything that I use for prepping now My wooden spoons and utensils are
looking pretty rough so I’m going to gather them up take them outside and
give them some much-needed TLC lightly sanding my wooden spoons with a
fine grit piece of sandpaper will help smooth out the rough edges and remove
any stains and we’ll just get them looking a lot more like new then I’ll
take them inside give them a thorough washing and then seal them up with some
coconut oil and you can see why I chose to do this
outside we have a metal roof on our house so as
you can hear the rain is very audible inside the house and I love that sound I
find it so cozy and relaxing and now that the spoons are dry I’m just going
to take some coconut oil and generously rub it in and then remove any excess
with this clean cloth and this will seal them up and protect them and condition
the wood so that they will stay in good shape I love this cutting board it comes
from Ikea I get a lot of questions about that too and it could really benefit
from having some coconut oil rubbed into it as well earlier I put some rice in to cook in my
instant pot and now that it’s ready I can serve dinner I love this chickpea curry it is a
really great plant-based meal so easy nutritious and delicious and I like to
top it with a little bit of coconut and Major Grey’s chutney you can find my
recipe in the description box below the rain has stopped for now but I can see
new clouds gathering on the horizon so I’m sure we’re in for another
spectacular storm I hope you guys enjoyed today’s video if you did be sure
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a great week and I’ll see you in the next video