Renewable energy generated more electricity than fossil fuel power plants over the past three months, in an eco first for the UK  Wind farms, solar panels, biomass and hydropower plants generated around 29.5 terawatt hours of power  That is higher than the 29.1 for power stations fired by coal, gas and oil, climate website Carbon Brief found  RenewableUK’s Luke Clark said it was “great news not just for the environment but also for consumers”  “The expansion of clean power is set to accelerate in the years ahead, as our offshore wind capacity will more than treble by 2030, generating more than a third of the UK’s electricity,” he said  But he added: “The public wants to see faster action to tackle climate change and meet our net zero emissions target  “If Government were to back a range of technologies – like onshore wind and marine renewables – in the same way as it is backing offshore wind, consumers and businesses would be able to fully reap the benefits of the transition to a low carbon economy ”  It is the first time renewables have outpaced fossil fuels since the first public power station opened in 1882