In before Roberta falls in Good morning everyone! Today, we just got to Hiroshima After a 12 hour bus ride TWELVE hours twelve hours A disgustingly hot 12 hours Yeah it was pretty hot So we had to ask them to turn the air con on at some point They only turned it on for about 10 minutes So, by the end of the trip we were dead again Yeah I don’t know, I guess it can’t be helped But yeah, so we can’t check into our guest house until about 4pm Which is a bit of a nuisance considering we had 4 suitcases That was a struggle in itself Yeah And… The place is easy enough to find, so it’s not so bad, but We’ll be looking forward to checking in and taking it easy for the rest of the day because I’m tired I definitely need an early one tonight I can’t handle it anymore My voice is still like… not recovering, so… But I’m sure it will be fine after a good night’s rest! Hopefully! We’re in a dorm tonight, so it’s going to be a little different. Not going to be able to film much Oh well, we’ll find out Anyway Byeeeee We’d finally arrived at one of our last destinations, Hiroshima We were really excited to be there, but we were also starting to get tired Since check in time at the guest house was quite late, we bought some lunch and took a walk around the neighbourhood while we were waiting Roberta’s taking photos of the little crabs Little crabbiesss!! I want to pick one of them up but… You probably shouldn’t pick them up I could pick up a little one, it’s claws won’t be developed enough to hurt me Look at the little crab And so begins Roberta’s crab hunt I was so close to getting it! Oh my lord… I HAD IT In the end, she couldn’t catch a crab but once she’d given up, we took some time to relax And took another walk around before checking in at the guest house I haven’t filmed much today because we’re a bit tired and kinda just got into the guest house today It’s pretty nice but, yeah We’re gonna get some food and then.. Chill out, get an early night, that’s about it! See you on the flip side, byeeeee Little bit hard to find, but there it is We tried to do some washing, however, the guest house owner was washing sheets So we gave up on organising our luggage and headed out to eat As we were walking around, we noticed a curry place near the tram stop So we decided to check it out While the day ended unspectacularly, We managed to get an early night to prepare for tomorrow It’s raining today Rainnnnn Helloooo Today it is raining So, we are going to chill and make some food for the next couple of days Because we need to be cheap Yeah, we need to be cheap, because we are running out of money Well, I’m running out of money We’re both running out of money, let’s be real Yeah This is what happens when you decide you want tattoos in Japan Yeah, I know like, once I realised I under-budgeted it It’s a bit shit, but oh well So yeah, we’re just going to cook some food today We’re gonna go to some temples nearby Maybe buy some protection charms or something Beautiful, Roberta. Beautiful And then just chill out during the day! Really looking forward to that Just having a chill day because I think we really need it Yesterday we chilled quite a lot but, Roberta didn’t sleep too well because of some asshole waking her up in the morning So Like, literally, at 6am… I hear this sound and I wake up and he’s like… going through his entire plastic bag collection So bad For like, a good 5 minutes So that’s pretty shit But oh well I slept through it, I slept in It was the first time that I slept well and Roberta slept shit No, I slept well last night! I slept more at least Okay, correction, I slept more than Roberta for once! So it was good, I needed it. Anyway, I’ll see you later, byeeee We bought lots of food! We’re gonna be eating properly this time [Choko laughing] There’s probably gonna be a lot more nutrients than I’ve been getting so far Yeah, we’ve got I mean, we’ve still got cheap things but More vegetables than, well… Roberta has been eating anyway I’ve been eating salads most of the time, so… I haven’t been doing too bad I’ve had pasta a lot And noodles… When bae makes you food So we’re gonna be doing like… Onigiri every day for lunch Then we’re going to make a big batch of Japanese curry and do that for dinner Curry is really easy to make an it will have enough vegetables so that it feels healthy So all together, I’d say it adds up to being about $5 per day That includes our breakfast as well ‘Cause we got toast for breakfast So that’s breakfast, lunch and dinner for five dollars per day Supermarkets are the best, we should have done this from the start Yeah, we just didn’t utilise the cooking facilities until now, so Watch me cry Tears of joy, as you think about how delicious this curry will be I just filmed you at a really weird angle We’ll check back in when the curry is cooking a bit more Check back in later. ‘Coming to you…!!’ Look at all those vegetables All those vegetables So, Choko is about to drop things everywhere We’ve just jinxed it, I reckon Welcome to Choko’s kitchen Today, we’re making Japanese curry! Simple and easy recipe that anyone can follow at home! OH OHHHHH!! Nervous I’m just gonna stabilise it Oh, it’s not going to move All the weight is on this side anyway It’s more veggies than I’ve eaten the entire trip I agree I think I only had potato once Oh really? ‘Cause we only found one place that had the meat free potato salad because everywhere else had bacon in it Apparently guys ham isn’t “meat” and seafood isn’t “meat” If you’re vegetarian, you can eat ham and fish, they are vegetables Okay, I’m good now Choko is searching for the meaning of life Bae is cooking Yummmmmmmm Look at all them veggies [Roberta laughing hysterically] [Still laughing] I’m really sad Carrot~ carrot, carrot~ Eating some dropped carrot Good for the immune system That’s the curry we made That’s the curry, finished We’ve got tofu, carrot, beans and potato in there We’re periscoping as well This is the curry! This is Choko This is the curry! This is Choko This is the curry He likes you, he likes the one with the glasses Who does? It’s tofu I’m damn cute! Choko is gone, so I’m filming myself! Helloooo! So we are boiling the eggs for the onigiri at the moment I cracked like all of the eggs So Choko did her skillful… I cracked all of them… That was not a good choice We’re on periscope at the same time We’re back over here I’m dropping you, I’m sorry [Frantic ‘oh’-ing] Choko is dropping the phone We’re on periscope with a few other people at the moment [Choko laughing] Having a bit of a film? Saying hello to everybody I haven’t been concentrating on the time How long should we boil them? It’s like 4 minutes That concludes our second day in Hiroshima Here’s a sneak peek of the next day! And as always, Thank you for watching Bye bye! See, that one’s nicer… Yeah … two days of just chill Yesterday we spent all day cooking And those of you who watched on Periscope would know we were chillin, messing around and trying to make curry It smells like potatoes [Laughing] That would be the starch