This is our Montreal fulfillment center ShopperPlus has another fulfillment center in Vancouver with Western and Eastern locations. We deliver most of our orders to our Canadian customers in one or two days. This fulfillment center is 120,000 square feet has a capacity for
over 7,000 pallets and currently there are more than 30,000 different products During highest season, we can process five thousand orders in one day with our
45 warehouse colleagues. For years We have been using Wave Picking Technology to organize the sequence of orders and their items to different picking waves reducing picking times and walking distance with continuous optimization of
software algorithm and routing Now we have a lot of ongoing projects such as using electric cars to replace current picking cars using electric LED
tags to accelerate orders sorting Maybe in the future we will use automatic AGV robots
for order picking We are doing this not only for efficiency but for fast
fulfillment of customer’s orders We are obsessive with our customers fast order processing and delivery is always the first priority in our fulfillment center Now ShopperPlus serving more than 1 million Canadian in the future we will serve all Canadian families and businesses This is our mission