It is said that morning shows the day and a rainy morning never fails to make me seat by my window with a cup of coffee
to experience it But when it is in one of the most beautiful hill station in the lap of Himalaya the cheerful mood turns into none but a dull one with time by my window at Mcleoadganj The weather locked us inside the room which advanced into boardom which forced us to play cards with full of love. Yet life awaited. Awaited with full of surprises The nature appeared charming within a few hours Mcleoadganj finally smiled on again with a rainbow at its heart Evening welcomed a new dawn, when we set out for our journey for Dharamshala Cricket stadium The oval shaped cricket field surrounded with colourful stadium with red top club house was just a piece of paradise The wheels rolled on again to make its way towards Baijnath temple I missed to the convey the serene beauty of Dalai Lama complex Where in the 14th Dalai Lama was Even sheltered by the Government of India against the threat of Chinese communist party in 1959 during the aggression Since them Dharamshala has become a safe place for the tibetian buddhists