hello everyone please welcome and join me Easy Steps today I’m going to share with you HUMMER H2 it’s a hot weather and all of sudden your a/c is working fine but you’ve got a problem it’s working perfectly fine the other side of the wind is blowing really hot air now you got a problem in my case on driver side it was blowing hot hot air but the passenger side was really nice and cold in your case it could be vice versa driver side blowing cold the passenger side blowing hot and this fix I’m going to share with you is going to make a life easier you don’t need to spend any money and you can fix it yourself in my case I fixed it so I’m sharing with you all so you can take advantage of this and if you found this video to be helpful please like share and if you haven’t subscribed please subscribe for more HUMMER videos this fix will work with all the GM suburban for Lincoln Navigator all these SUVs cadillac expedition Denali Yukon Explorer search the Google many has a reported of this issue and after spending so much amount of money they still not able to fix it when you think it’s a compressor but the compressor is not an issue because it’s blowing a cold air on one side of your Hummer but the other side doesn’t when you turn your AC on the Actuator shuts the hot air only the cold air flows and when you turn the heater on it shuts the cold side and it blows the hot air the trick I am going to share with you that basically not going to spend any money please do it exactly what I have done it and it did fix my problem and let’s get started really hot air on this side or that side please don’t change it actuator or any other thing please try what I have done it in my case what happened that the actuator was stuck no matter what you do your turn your HUMMER off you turn to your a/c and just blows hot air that was one thing initially on the other side was 65 when was the like in 90, 95 on this side so like hot burning so let me share with you I’m going to open it the hood first thing we’re going to open it I’m going to open the latches we’re gonna come back on this side again first I’m going to share with you on that side now we’re going to go on over fuse panel i open it the fuse panel is located here 2nd fuse panel is located here in order to open it we’re going to pull it up on this side then we’re going to pry it and this one has the tabs on so they have tabs in there so pop up the fuse panel the fuse panel chart is a located on the back of the cover so we’re going to remove AC compressor then this is the 10 Amp the way chart shows the first this one the big one then AC compressor right there in the middle one you can use fuse puller or you can use the plier so whatever the easier way you do it so we’re going to remove the middle one which is 10 Amp then we need to remove this is in compression it’s a good idea because there is not enough room so you pull the first one just like that now we’re going to remove this so now I’m going to put back the same the other one back into the socket if we look it now this is the AC compressor and now the question is that you don’t want this fuse to be rotated and then put it in I’m going to share with you if we look at closely that one has the numbers 30 if you look at here 85 on the top then you see 87 on the top 86 so the numbers are written correspond to 30 85 87 86 so that’s thing you need to watch out that’s another tip so these two are removed now we’re gonna go inside on a second fuse panel we’re going to remove ignition which is 10 Amp HVAC which is the 10 Amp then 30 Amp the heater AC by looking at the chart you know where the locations are ignition 3 which is a 10 Amp we’re going to pull that this is the heater AC this is the 30 Amp then HVAC pull that one out it’s like that after removing three fuses ignition 3 which is 10 Amp HVAC 10 Amp 30 Amp the heater AC we’re going to leave it on a side after removing these to the third one HVAC that’s a 10 Amp under airbag and ignition we’re going to remove that which is located right here three fuses here and three on the back it’s a hot day today only reason I’m out here I wanted to share this tip with you so you guys can take advantage of it so after removing the three fuses in the front and the three fuse on the driver side now what you need to do put your key don’t crank it what is mean number one let it sit for 10 to 20 seconds until you hear this beeps once the chime stops then take out the key now this is very important this is what I have done it if you follow it for one hour don’t do nothing let the car rest and now the question will be should I do it on the hot time or evening time doesn’t matter just follow these steps after what we have done so leave the car off for one hour after one hour you come back you put your key in and that time you’re just going to start it as soon as engine cranks it starts like 10 second you turn it off take the key out let’s wait another five minutes after five minutes you’re going to put those fuses back at the same location where we have taken the fuses out so be careful you’re not going to do any mistake because you have the chart in front of you if you don’t have some reason the sticker fall off if you don’t have the chart you’ve seen it here and you follow exactly the same fuse back to the same location same thing in the front once we are done I’m going to close up everything because it’s already I really don’t need it it’s already fixed mine so what’s going to happen once you going to put everything back and when you’re going to put the key in creaking noise clear like that that means your that your actuator started working your actuator back to the factory setting so then you going to start it and you going to enjoy the cold breeze which you really want it please try this trick and it’s going to fix your problem it’s on a hummer hummer h1 h2 h3 even all those GM models suburban tahoe Silverado yukon denali now the Lincoln Navigator aviator this is a very common problem with the AC it’s blowing cold air and hot air so if this video helped you out in any way and if you haven’t subscribed please subscribe for more videos on auto and on Hummer and I’m going to see you soon and thank you very much bye bye