Earth Changes Summary – July 2019 Extremely rare, large tornado hits southern Taiwan – 01 Jul Powerful hailstorm brings winter to Lappeenranta Finland as record heatwave strikes Europe – 01 Jul Giant sinkhole swallows garbage truck in Naples, Italy – 01 Jul Receiving 10 times more rain than normal, flooding chaos in Mumbai, India leaves at least 27 dead – 01-02 Jul Major flooding in Uttendorf, Austria – 01 Jul Huge volcanic eruption rocks small Italian island of Stromboli, killing 1 and sending tourists fleeing in fear for their lives – 03 Jul Rare tornado strikes China’s Kaiyuan City, killing 6 people and injuring at least 190 – 03 Jul 6.4 magnitude earthquake hits Southern California, largest tremor to hit in decades until… – 04 Jul …the following day a 7.1 magnitude earthquake strikes the same region and felt as far away as Las Vegas – 05 Jul Massive sinkhole swallows car in Woodbridge, Virginia – 05 Jul Meteor fireball streaks across Camberra skies, Australia – 05 Jul Hailstones the size of tennis balls hit south-central France – 07 Jul Tornado, apocalyptic hailstorms, floods hit Italy from Pescara to Milan… – 06-10 Jul …uprooting large tres – 06-10 Jul …and sweeping cars away like toys as streets turn into rivers – 06-10 Jul Meanwhile in the Far East, torrential rains and flooding in southeast China wash away houses and displace 77,000 people – 07-10 Jul 5.7-Magnitude Earthquake Hits Iran – 08 Jul Severe hailstorm and torrential flooding in Valencia, Spain leaves one dead and towns under wáter – 08 Jul Nearly one month of rain falls in 24 hours in Washington, DC – 08 Jul Flash flood emergency declared as massive torrents of water, waterspout rock New Orleans – 10 Jul Freak storm hits northern Greece, killing six tourists and injuring dozens – 10 Jul Dead whales wash ashore in India and Turkey – 10 Jul Deadly flash floods hit Pennsylvania – 11 Jul Flash flood affects 423,000 people and leaves 749 villages under water in Assam, India – 11 Jul Rare summer snow in Poland – 11 Jul Floods landslides ravage northern India and Nepal – 30 dead and more than 100 buildings destroyed – 12 Jul Flood hits 10 districts in Bangladesh hard – 12 Jul Hawaii wildfire forces thousands to evacuate Maui towns – 12 Jul Flesh-eating bacteria kills man in Florida – 13 Jul Magnitude 6.6 earthquake strikes west of Broome in Western Australia – 14 Jul Shallow earthquake with 7.3 magnitude strikes in eastern Indonesia – 14 Jul Unprecedented floods affect nearly 20 million people in China – 15 Jul Floods kill over 100 in India, Nepal and Bangladesh with 4 million forced from their homes – 16 Jul Rare July snowfall for the Alps – 16 Jul Spectacular waterspout near Sochi, Russia – 16 Jul Record flood in Bihar, India – 78 dead and 5,500,000 affected – 17 Jul Wildfires force evacuation of hundreds of homes in Israel – 17 Jul Torrential rains flood highways in Toronto, Canada – 17 Jul Flash floods wreak havok in the northwest of Turkey – 18 Jul Athens residents flee as strong M5.3 earthquake shakes Greek capital – 19 Jul Baseball-sized hail, high winds damage cars and homes as severe storms pound Minnesota and Wisconson – 19 Jul Major fire in Rio De Moor, Sintra, Portugal – 19 Jul Mount Bromo in East Java erupts – 20 Jul Peru’s most active volcano erupts spreading ash hundreds of kilometres to Bolivia – 20 Jul Massive wildfire in Portugal – 21 Jul Ski resort in Argentina hit by 2 feet of snow in 72 hours – 21 Jul Severe flooding in Sibu, Romania – 22 Jul Lightning kills 32 people in one day in Uttar Pradesh as monsoon batters India – 22 Jul Tsunami-like waves inundate beach and beachgoers in Brazil – 22 Jul Bison charges and injures 9-year-old girl in Yellowstone National Park – 24 Jul Record heat melts glaciers in Zermatt, Switzerland flooding streets and homes – 24 Jul Bangladesh flood death toll reaches 104 – 25 Jul Before latest record high temperatures Dutch province Zuid-Holland battered by hail – 26 Jul For the first time in 2 decades, thick snow lingers on Himalayan passes in July – 26 Jul Huge swarm of grasshoppers invade Las Vegas Strip – 26 Jul Meteor fireball may have dropped meteorites in Ontario – 26 Jul Over 100 wildfires burning across Arctic region have generated smoke plumes visible from space – 26 Jul Tourists flee as volcano near Indonesian city of Bandung erupts for first time in 6 years – 26 Jul Two days after cyclists raced in record-breaking heat, Tour de France halted by hailstorm and mudslides – 26 Jul Army & navy called in to save 700 people stranded on flooded train in India – 27 Jul Waterspout seen on South Padre Island, Texas described as rare weather event – 27 Jul Storms strike Barcelona leaving streets flooded – 28 Jul Over 670 people killed, more than 25 million affected by flooding in India, Bangladesh, Nepal & Myanmar – 29 Jul What heatwave? Violent storms, flash-flooding, mudslides pummel Europe – 29 Jul Huge hailstorm brings winter-like scenery to Colorado Springs área – 31 Jul Indonesia issues flight warning as volcano erupts on Sumatra Island – 31 Jul Massive waterspout filmed on Lake Constance, Switzerland – 31 Jul Severe flooding in the Midlands region of the UK – 31 Jul Thousands evacuated after more floods in Amur and Irkutsk, Russia – 31 Jul Volcano filmed erupting on the northern Kurile Islands, Russia – 31 Jul If you like this video, please share! Send us your photos and videos to [email protected] Consider a donation to keep the lighthouse shining The world for people who think