This one… (Don’s pick, brisket) And this one. (Rump) The rest of you, see you later. That is incredible. He is really determined. A sandwich. Steak sandwich. (First contestant, steak sandwich) Bread at the bottom, cheese on top. The concept is O.M.I.C. O.M.I.C. (Outside is moist, inside is crispy) It’s hard in Korean. We eat first and then go to work. That’s what chefs do. – I know. / – The main sketch. (Serious) Number 2. Name, super balls. Wrap-less dumpling Style. Wrap-less dumpling. Three, bucaron. Bucaron? Deep-fried. World’s richest… Okay. My choice is? (Which dish will he choose?) I will pick after I make them all. Yes, it’s best to test as many as possible. Right? I will make the sandwich first. Butter… (Butter the pan) (Slice a thick piece of rump) – For a steak, / – Nice beef. butter is the key. Butter, salt and pepper. (Grill the steak and season with salt and pepper) (Spices that will bring out the flavors) That looks so good. That looks delicious. (Meat thermometer) He’s checking the temperature. He is good. Okay. (The steak is done!) Add more butter here. (Grill Korean wheat bread in the same pan) (Sandwich bread is done) I need some vegetables. (Chop various vegetables into small pieces) Look at his knife skills. Mozzarella cheese. You are great with knives. (Balsamic sauce) (Stir-fry in the sauce) Plating. On the top… (Place the steak on the grilled side of the bread) Place the steak. That looks really good. I can’t believe it. (Drizzle the vegetable sauce on top) That has to be good. (Visually impressive) Done. Steak sandwich. Meat-lovers would love that. The second is… (Meat grinder) Super balls. I need minced meat. (Wow) You have that at home? That’s for commercial use. I know. Homes don’t need something like that. You get minced meat. You buy it minced. Slice the beef against the grain, cutting the tendons. (Slice meat against the grain) I wonder what the others are making. But… But… Whatever you make, meat is the best. (Hahaha) Meat is the king. And I will take care of the meat. I will win. (Buzz) Hahahaha! (I can beat everyone) (Is he the Joker?) That’s what I thought. “Is he the Joker?” He’s not the Meat Fairy, but the Meat Demon. (Grind the beef in the meat grinder) Good job. Minced beef. (Plenty) Fritter mix and flour made with Korean wheat. (Slap, slap) (Shape minced meat into balls) Knead. In the style of wrap-less dumplings. (Coat with egg) (Coat with fritter mix) (Dip his finger into the oil?) You dipped your finger into that? My goodness. Isn’t it hot? Is that just to show off? – There’s no reason… / – Show-off. He’s a show-off. I didn’t get burned. It’s an induction stove, so it took a long time. It felt lukewarm? Lukewarm. About 60 degrees. Here it goes. (Deep-fry the meat balls in oil) Nice, nice. Very nice. (Extremely happy) Sounds like April shower. The sound of a shower in April. (The sizzling sound always makes you happy) That looks so good. (What is it now?) (A mic?) Hello, everyone, your darling little meat fairy, Don Spike is here. The music you will hear is the sound of a shower in April, “April Shower”, “April Shower”. Here are Don Spike and beef rump. Enjoy. (His mic is for ASMR now) It’s ASMR. (Deep-frying ASMR) It sounds like the rainy season. He called it the rainy season. (Deep-fry them the second time) (Get the yogurt ready) Amazing. (Eat the rest) (Dripping) (Skewer them and serve on top of yogurt) That looks good. (Cinnamon apple jam) (Cherries) Amazing. Done. Nice. (Don’s super balls) They should be served at a restaurant. And the highlight of the day. The ultimate fritter. Butter fritter. – Butter fritter? / – Butter fritter? That butter… Is deep-fried whole. Like ice cream fritters? Right. It’ll melt. (Doubting, interested) It won’t melt? There has been no other fritter like this before. Is this fritter made with butter? Or is it butter made with fritter? (Slice) Wow, this is amazing. (Sizzle) That beef looks delicious. Rump meat is amazing. Yes. (Dizzy) That looks delicious. (Happy) It’s beautiful. His face changed as he began cooking the steak. (Bread the butter) This came from cow too. I’m so grateful for them. This will work, right? I’m doing it because it will. I should make it really quick. One more coat. That butter should be almost frozen. Is that butter frozen? It is frozen. I froze it afterwards. Can you really deep-fry that? If it’s frozen solid. Ta-da. (Plop) (Deep-fry the butter in oil) It didn’t pop. But it’s going to start melting. I think it’ll work. (It isn’t melting, it is deep-frying) My goodness. You can deep-fry that. Two, one, done. (Golden brown) Wow, that looks good. It’s golden brown. When you slice that… (Layer steak and butter like macaron) That’s butter fritter, butter fritter. Butter fritter. As it says, bucaron. (Butter is no longer a sidekick) A macaron… It’s a macaron from outer space. These are a shooting star and a meteorite. Stardust. There is stardust. (Don’s bucaron) His dishes look visually shocking. I know. This is cheating. We have a dangerous man here. Oh, boy. Oh, I’m tired. (It’s time to eat now!) Let me begin with bucaron. (There are all kinds of fritters in this world) I’d like to try just one bite. Just one. (Was bucaron a success?) (Slicing) It feels like the knife is cutting. What is that? Oh, good for you! Good for you. Oh, good for you. – “Good for you” is your first comment? / – Good. – Good for you. / – He was silent until now. (First winner who is very happy) Good for you! – That’s what happens. / – I knew it wouldn’t work. So it doesn’t work. (Melted butter shooting out) (Darn it…) (Melted butter) In that case, I’ll eat it like this. There’s no trouble. That’s actually better. That is better. This is my dish for convenience stores called meatcaron. (Crispy) – Oh, that sound. / – That sounds delicious. That sound. I can tell you one thing for sure, if you eat this, you’d be eating the greasiest thing you would have ever eaten in your life. I’m confident. I knew it. (He is honest about his food) About the butter fritter, was that how it was supposed to be? If you want to eat the butter, you have to coat it with dry breadcrumbs and deep-fry it quickly in high temperature. Then you can eat the solid butter. When it melts, it turns into oil. Don Spike’s dishes are kind of dangerous. They are. They are dangerous. And dynamic. – There’s a danger of getting burned. / – Right. The steak sandwich that looks like it is already being sold at convenience stores. This will be, – Too big. / – really delicious. It’s a little too big. That one looks great. I like that one. They’re going to sell that in college towns. But without aging, the beef will be tough. (Stretching his jaw joints) (Ah) He can’t do it. He can’t. – He can’t do it. / – No. (Steak sandwich is a failure too) Good for you. (Dejected) It tastes delicious, though. (O.M.I.C. sandwich bread was innovative) The idea was great, but there is a problem. I had to use a cheap cut, so I used this. The beef was too tough. Even with cheap cuts, you have to age them, but what he got was too fresh. This one can’t be bad. – That’s all he… / – super balls. – That has to work, super balls. / – Super balls. (Oh) That must be good. And a bit of cinnamon in the jam. This one worked. (Super balls saved Don Spike) Where did he use Korean wheat in that dish? There was a bit of it in the coating. It was in the coating? I know that too! He is honest. It’s good, but I didn’t use enough flour. (Too busy focusing on the beef to use Korean wheat) This is hard. (He is honest when it comes to food) It’s not easy at all. He’s good. The five of you look nervous. You look like you are a bit scared. He is very charming, and the food he makes are… They are different, like from another level. My being here has brought all of you closer together. We became close. We are one. (Except Don Spike, we are one!) (“Tazza: The High Rollers” OST, “Intro”) Do I know Korean wheat? There she is. It’s the best wheat I know. I’m the fat Kim Hyesu. (Not Tazza but Mukzza) (The studio is in a stir) There she is. I’m curious. I made it look like “Tazza: The High Rollers.” Made with Korean wheat, hotteok. Hotteok? – Dumplings. / – Dumplings. Chopped noodles. – Chopped noodles. / – Yes. Donuts. Oh, donuts. Twisted donuts. As a wheat-learner, it made me happy. Wheat-learner. (Very catchy words) You’re using strong words. It was the best wheat class ever. Wheat-learner. (Scene-stealer Mukzza) And special effect. I got goosebumps. (Wheat-learner: Discover Korean wheat) Wheat-learner. Oh, you have to go to the market. I knew it. Namdaemun is the best. I love Market Man. I want Market Man to be a spin-off. – Right, please. / – I wish it were a separate show. The market can satisfy everyone’s palate. Of course. They have everything there, including public sentiment. (Mukzza in Namdaemun Market) National daughter. She bows first. Oh, Yeongja! Hello. (Market’s idol) Oh, hello. Just like that. – She’s so friendly. / – Thank you. (The shop that captured Mukzza’s eyes) Oh, you got this in large? Large. I dare you. (You couldn’t film this) (Mukzza’s wheat search continues) – Play table tennis. / – Oh, my goodness, This is table tennis? That’s interesting. This is nice. Gyeonggyu! Lee Gyeonggyu! (She loves Gyeonggyu) Lee Gyeonggyu! Lee Gyeonggyu! (Mukzza’s love for Gyeonggyu, the finale) I’m sorry. Oh, the ball flew off. (Mukzza’s next target is?) (Are you kidding me?) (Exchanging soft punches) (Hollywood action) (Report violence to 112) Are you delivering something? (They never met before) Oh, my. I thought you met someone you know. Would you like to try? Look. (She has a good sense of balance) (She found a new talent) – Is this chopped noodles? / – No way! Oh, scorched rice? Here is scorched rice. I can do it, right? Yes, you’re good. (Delivery king) Yeongja. (Where is Mukzza going next?) I should get some Busan fish cake. – They have delicious food everywhere. / – Hi. You’re thin. Oh, do you mean that? I discovered their fish cake, and now I get them delivered. – That looks good. / – I discovered that place. It’s so good. But they use flour in fish cake… (No flour, edited out) 100% fish meat. You’re pretty. Hello. (Caught her eyes) Wait, isn’t this the most famous in Namdaemun? No, it’s not famous. Namdaemun’s hotteok is famous. The second most famous? (Shaking) The 100th most famous? (He won’t humor her) One dollar for one hotteok. Sweet hotteok, one dollar. Like baby’s bottom. They look soft. I like that. He doesn’t use that much oil. Like the empty ones. – It’s very unusual. / – Look at the dough. Oh, there’s an oven! (Masterpiece created in the oven) Oven? When you call it “oven,” it sound luxurious. It’s a furnace. That looks great. That must taste a bit like a bun. That looks so good. Sir, can I have a bit of that dough? Just a bit. A tiny bit. Well, a little more. I want to see how stretchy it is. (She got some of the precious dough) Sir, look how sticky. It’s so sticky. (Sticky, sticky) It’s so sticky. (Stretching) Look at that dough. Sir, one of that. The furnace hotteok. That looks so good. Ouch, hot. Hotteok is the best. (Sniff, sniff) I have a feeling it will be crunchy. It smells a bit like scorched rice. Just a bit. It looks like the airy bun, but it’s soft and moist. (It looks rough, but it’s silky soft) (Lee Yeongja, Mukzza, smell matters) It smells like scorched rice. (Crispy) (Mouthwatering) Wow, that looks good. (Finally, a hot kiss) Oh, it looks a bit like a bun. It’s not like those airy buns. It’s soft and crispy. (I want one) It’s not greasy. It’s more delicious because it’s hot. – Really? / – Yes. Thank you. It feels like this should be sold at a hotel. It’s luxurious. How come the dough is so moist? Everyone likes hotteok. The hotteok dough. I can’t believe how it tastes. It tastes like scorched rice. If you top it with cheese and microwave it, it’s good. Take it home and? It goes great with coffee. With coffee? Americano. (Amazing tip) That’s a great tip. Here’s your coffee. It’s even more delicious with coffee? (The owner’s tip) You look like a New Yorker. Nice. (A sip of coffee and a bite of hotteok) I was shocked. – Coffee and hotteok. / – Hotteok was good? – So good. / – Was that Americano or mixed coffee? Americano. With Americano? (Perfect harmony of hotteok and Americano) (Slurp) With the furnace hotteok, it makes morning feel sweet. Sweet like newlyweds. (Haha) The coffee subdues the sweetness, so it’s aromatic and sweet. This will be perfect for relieving stress. (First choice for stress-relieving) (One hotteok) (Two hotteok) (Three hotteok) (Real shock) (Four hotteok) (She just might eat all of the hotteok) (4 hotteok disappeared in a flash) You ate four? (Big player in the hotteok world) But they were this small. This small. They were this big. They were a little bigger than the walnut cake. The owner looks like he’s in shock. He looked shocked. Four’s not bad. Yeongja, let me have one hotteok. (A bystander asks for hotteok) Get her one. Pass them around. Ma’am, have you seen me share food? (Food is more valuable than her life) Ask me for jewels instead. (She’s not greedy for fortune) This is all flour? Yes. How long do you rest it? My son. Your son? (Disappointed) – Goodbye. / – Thank you. Thank you. (Saying goodbye after stuffing herself with hotteok) – You’re pretty in person. / – You are. That was delicious. Oh, hello, sir. Side dishes. Please be good with one another. (They are on good terms) What is this line for? Wow, that looks good. Kimchi dumpling. – Kimchi dumpling. / – What’s that? Dumpling? Their kimchi dumpling was thick. The wrapping? The wrapping was thick. And the texture was like eating hand-pulled noodles. (Looking around) (Why don’t you have a bite?) (Lee Yeongja’s motto: Never share food) (Embarrassed) (I’m sorry, so I’ll give you one) (Thank you, Yeongja) (What about her wheat lesson?) You’re so thin. I know, malnutrition. (Heartbreaking) Heartbreaking. (It’s nice to meet you) – It’s nice to meet you. / – Hello. You become an insider at any market. (She enters a shop) (Wig?) – You have to let your hair down. / – I can’t. (What are you doing?) Ouch, ouch. Ouch! (It’s not easy to say goodbye to the wig) I can’t do business with this shop. (Severing all ties) Too many people recognize me. I’ll walk by, so see if you can tell if I’m Lee Yeongja or someone else. You’re so cute. Who do I look like? I don’t look like Lee Yeongja, do I? You look exactly like Sunmi. Sunmi. Yeongmi. (Sunmi, I’m sorry) Who do I look like? I don’t look like Lee Yeongja, do I? I don’t look like Lee Yeongja, do I? Good, good. Good. No one can recognize me now. No one can. (Failed strategy) I put on a wig to disguise myself. What’s the use? (Good example of fruitless effort) You look just like my aunt-in-law. She looks like her aunt-in-law. (She’s very honest) (Flustered) Your aunt-in-law? – Your personality and looks. / – How funny. Really? Your aunt-in-law is vicious like me? Talk about insolence! I even put on a wig. Why did I buy this? I should get it exchanged. – Hey. / – Yes? Everyone recognizes me. (The disguise failed big time) (Embarrassed) (And soon…) Director, go away. People can recognize me because of you. There must be a celebrity somewhere. – A celebrity. / – There must be one. – You’re a celebrity. / – There must be one. (Who am I? Where am I?) That’s too much. They won’t recognize me over there. Anyone could spot her from a mile away. You look a little like a rapper. Sir! (Oh, I have to get it on camera) Sir! (Still funny) (It’s not working) (Green being disappears into the crowd to get in line) There are too many people. (Tap, tap) I got in line. You can recognize me? (But you can’t…) Lee Yeongja? Are you Lee Yeongja? No, no, Lee Yeongja, no. (Speaking in tongue) (Front row seats) (So embarrassed) (#Failure) I think I failed. (What is she standing in line for?) (A very lone line) That’s a line? The most famous snack in Namdaemun. I know that too. (Namdaemun Market’s top snack food) It’s so delicious. It’s deep-fried. Vegetable hotteok is the hottest snack now. – Vegetable hotteok. / – Yes. (Vegetable hotteok) It looks greasy, doesn’t it? It looks deep-fried, doesn’t it? Not at all. (Magical hotteok that isn’t greasy at all) Just how good is it? It’s been 40 minutes. I know. My legs hurt. But it will be sold out soon. Sold out? They’ll run out? (Oh) Don’t sell! – More than two! / – More than two! We came to Namdaemun Market for this! – Don’t sell more than two! / – Don’t sell! (We have plenty left) – Next in line. / – Yes. We have vegetable and honey. Which would you like? I’ll take both. Just how good is this? Try it. It took 45 minutes. You waited for 45 minutes? (Sniff, sniff) Oh, this is… It smells like vegetable fritters. I got this idea from the seaweed noodle rolls. – Seaweed noodle rolls? / – Yes. When? I used to sell fritters and I switched to hotteok. Try it. We use oil to make glass noodles. (Crunchy) (Sweet on the ears) Wow, that sound! It’s crunchy, isn’t it? We use oil to make glass noodles. (Clear crispy sound) (Yum) (Happy slap) (Taking off the wig to really start eating) Put my glasses on. No lenses, but I need them to see. (No lenses, but she needs them to see and eat) The dough of this hotteok… Is really moist. Do you know what’s really amazing? (Amazing?) The glass noodles inside tastes freshly made. That’s their secret. The stuffing is fresh, as if just made. How do you do this? The secret is in the dough. I make it really soft. There’s a secret in the dough. It’s my special dough. (Respect) (Hotteok hunter is back) (I love hotteok) Can you tell me one of your secrets? Top quality ingredients. No! Even with onions, do you use ones this big or this big, the good ones? – The dough. / – Dough? – When you make the dough. / – The dough? Salt, water, fresh yeast, that’s it. (So cool) That’s it. (Wheat-learner’s diary, vegetable hotteok) (Developing a dish using Korean wheat continues) (Fun chefs are out looking for secrets!) (Tasting) (And tasting some more) (With passion, they even went to the market) Those dumplings look good. (Or was it for mukbang?) (Coming to his senses) What do we have to buy? I’m making 100% Korean wheat black bean noodles. (Mommy, make it good) (Find a Korean wheat dish in Vietnam!) (Inhaling) (Did Gyeonggyu find the right dish?) Delicious! (Happy) This is it!