It looks like we may be facing more complications
during rescue operations tomorrow afternoon… due to strong winds.
For more, we connect live to our Kim Bo-gyung at the weather center. Bo-gyung what’s the
latest? You-sun, conditions on Jindo were better today
compared to yesterday, but that will only continue through tomorrow afternoon. Currently, it looks to be cloudy in Jindo,
with 10.7 kilometers of visibility. Wind speed and the waves are down to 1.5 meters per second
and 0.6 meters, respectively. The speed of tidal currents began to slow
down about an hour ago. So it should be a bit easier for rescue operations. We will
get four more of these opportunities tomorrow, at 5:40a.m., 11:13a.m., 5:12p.m and 11:13p.m. However, things are not looking good overall
for Saturday,.. strong winds will blow at a maximum rate of 8 to 12 meters per second.
There is a also a high possibility that a wind-wave advisory may be issued in waters
south of the peninsula, which could effect conditions in Jindo. That’s all for now, but I’ll be back with
more updates on the weather at Jindo an hour from now.