Even when the wind is being a pain in the neck, there is always those nice sunrises to wake up to We’ve been becalmed all night, we drifted two milles during the night just take it and try
to keep moving forward again we stuck with barely no wind
and so not much to do but showering second shower of the passage oh and also I’m getting rid of this beard That’s look number two That’s the ladies normally (nope) We are all clean and
shaved to enter the third week and hopefully we’re going to get some wind
and get to the other side because so far we’re not making any progress at all So it’s the second day that we are
completely becalmed there is zero zero wind we’re just floating around we’re not even halfway through this passage and it’s been two weeks that we’re at sea No major trouble so far, we can even make it more time with the supplies we have rationing and stuff but we need the wind to come back we need to move We still have 1500 miles to go and we’re not moving at all at the moment don’t know what we’re going to do with that Hey you idiot why don’t you turn your engine on? Ho and also I cannot
turn on the engine because I have 50l of diesel which means 50 hours of engine working I go about three knots average with the engine which makes 150 miles to
cover with diesel and there is 1500 milles
so I would need 10 times more diesel so engine isn’t an option Will just waiting for the wind then Look they’re coming back It’s been the 3rd day that we’re becalmed like this the only wind that we have is the wind
created by the oceanic swell We’re bored to death There is just a couple of mahi-mahi that pass by so now we’re trying to fish them
as we cannot fish with the line because we’re not moving
trying to spear fish them, but not working so far And that’s just another day not moving, at all there is on all the pilot charts a current going west and actually we’re drifting to the east so I just don’t understand what’s happening But still nice sunsets All ships for S/V Ann Alé, can you read me? I’m a sailing vessel on your port side
about a mile away -russian cargo-
Sailing vessel on my port side? Yes good morning sir, I’m travelling
towards the Caribbean I’m traveling without Satellite phone
and I would like to know if there is a chance that you have weather forecast for the next few days to share with me -russian cargo-
Ok just wait a minute.
But how many milles you are from me? I am 1 mille or 1.5 mille on your port side
maybe for you 10 o’clock -russian cargo-
Ha, see you yes. Wait, I’ll call you back Ok I’ll stand by thanks -russian cargo-
Sailing vessel? Yes I copy -russian cargo-
So if you go west, I can’t see any storm ahead, weather is like this Ok, amazing thank you so much -russian cargo-
So you are travelling around the world? Well towards the Caribbean for now, I’m coming from Canary Island right now it’s a twenty
day at sea now -russian cargo-
Enjoy your travel, good voyage Thanks a lot, have a good passage, fair winds We’ve been becalmed for 6 days
and finally during the night the wind picked up slowly and now we have perfect conditions, we have the spinnaker on and we’re gliding it’s super nice to be to be here inside you can listen to the sound
of the water that is like gliding on the hull We still have 1,400 miles to go,
that’s about 15 days more It feels good to be moving This is the GPS that say that
we are way through the passage It’ day 19, we’re celebrating with a nice bottle of wine from our friends in France and with nice ham from Spain, It took us 19 day to reach here,
and we still have a good 15 days to go All good but we hope that the wind
that finally arrived today is going to keep up So far we still have nice sunsets Food is really important on a long
passage, it’s not only food for the belly,
it’s foot for your mind so I did quite a lot of cooking,
without a grocery store around for more than a month and without a fridge onboard Today it’s mixed cold salad Tomato salsa with some couscous For dinner we have burritos
with whatever we found of canned food Today is pancaked of sweet potatoes For navigation I only have a GPS that is giving me the position every four hours I report in
the logbook the position and once day I report on the chart
the position that we are at that’s about all the navigation we have It’s day 28, which means four
weeks at sea, one months and we’re still on the passage,
we’re 300 mile from Martinique we’re looking forward to arrive because since a few days there has been lots of waves, not much wind so we’re rolling around quite a lot also the main gas bottle just finished so we had to change it Anyway we still have good food
and wine so cheers to the fourth week and normally only three
more days but these let’s see…. so a bit for us, a bit for the boat and a bit for the sea,
so it lets us pass to Martinique finally and we can reach the other side and enjoy the Caribbean It’s day 30 and we are 70ish miles from Martinique If the wind stays like this
we will make it tomorrow mid-day to the south of Martinique on the leeward coast We haven’t suffered from anything,
no technical trouble on the boat we had enough food, enough water,
so it wasn’t a struggle it’s been now on month that we are at sea
without any mean of communication maybe Trump and Kim Jung Hun
started their war, maybe there is been a zombie attack or something and we don’t know but most probably not much would have happened It was an interesting passage, a bit too long, looking forward to do something else
than reading and watching the sea Looking forward for the last 24 hours We’ve been trying to fish the whole passage and there we go, 60 milles from arriving,
our first catch, a small bonito So fresh fish for the last dinner! I hope this is the last sunset of this
passage Martinique is normally right under the sun there, we can’t see it yet but soon
during the night we should see the lights So maybe tomorrow
we’re having a cold one there in Le Marin It always amazed me to sail
for 5.000 kilometers and then arrive on a piece of rock
that is barely 100km wide This is Le Marin, we made it!!! Cheers Dad!
Cheers to the passage, congrats, until the next one My little boat, my dad and I
finally made it across the big ocean, and what a journey! If this passage was the point of this travel,
my videos would stop here But this Atlantic crossing was only
a step in this voyage au long cours, the travel of my life Stay tuned to this channel if you want to experience some cruising in the Caribbean all about exploration of nice places, spearfishing and chilling but also racing around islands on big boats and sometimes taking out large catamarans
working as a skipper in order to refill my account
to keep sailing and exploring so for navigation I have a GPS that is
giving me the position so first I report in the logbook the position and once day
I report on the map and chart the position that we are at so like this and
that’s about all the navigation we have I have the smaller a small laptop that I
use when close to the shore where I have open CPN which is an open source sharp
water to have like detail of the coast and so I made the decision not to have
any Sat phone on this passage or any time because normally tried to try doing
the pretty straightforward so the thing I use is barometer this is my the the
water useful for tracking it gives the pressure so every hour in this book I
report the pressure here so I can track the low pressure so it’s not really
accurate and in this passage we’ve seen that we got like westerly wind up within
knew where they were coming from we got become it’s not as accurate as if I
would have where the forecast was a satphone but fair enough
anyway the boat is too slow to go in front of behind a low pressure so to
then change much to have the the real time where the forecast and also
sometimes when we see a cargo ship we can ask but now it’s been six days that
we haven’t seen any so we don’t really know so yeah and now we are 500 miles
from the arrival so which is here and Martinique is there
we already did all this way so yeah you guys pop down