It’s been raining since dawn. These yellow rain boots go well with the yellow raincoat I got for my child a long time ago. He has taken an interest in nature recently, and everything is all so surprising to him. Rain can ruin some people’s outfits, but it also can offer some a rest. I’ll be resting for the rest of the day. I think I’m happy when I can go to bed and sleep with no worries. How about you? I wish you and me happiness. Raindrops are the best music to listen to. You can spend a lazy day if it’s with rain and cool breeze. Red bean paste with butter can be easily made at home. The leftovers can be stored in the refrigerator. Many thoughts fill my head on rainy days. I become calmer. I love the time drying my soaked clothes, coming out of the hot shower, and brewing a cup of coffee. I love being true to myself, crying when feeling sad and unbridled in expressing joy. After a day with some alone time, I feel my head is clearing up. My son’s nap has given me some free time. Everything outside the window seems more beautiful when it’s raining. After a long time has passed from now, when would you like to go back if you could go back in time? I think I’d want to be here again; when there are endless laughters. I wish there were ways to save our memories like you would with computer games. Dinner for today is fishcake on a stick and Tteok-bokki (spicy rice cakes). Add 2tbsp of Gochujang, 2tbsp of chili powder, 3tbsp of soy sauce, 3tbsp of sugar and one spoonful of honey. I prepare Jjajang tteok-bokki for my son. Having a conversation with a four-year-old is always a joy. A child’s transparent perspective is very fun. Sometimes I worry if my child is growing up too fast. It’s a shame that the more joyful it is, the faster the time flies. Time to play with my son after an early dinner He has really grown by the looks of him concentrating for a quite a long time. I can’t remember the time when he was a newborn baby anymore. I sometimes think about going back in time and cuddling him again. The toy we made with paper cups in the afternoon became a pretty fun play. It’s an evening with cool breeze. I prepare a snack that goes well with beer. I sprinkle the batter mix for frying on a flower-shaped onion, cut into 12 sections I sprinkle the batter mix once more after dunking it in egg wash. Fry it – and there I have – flower-shaped fried onions. Listening to raindrops, I truly feel so rested. I had a nice day thanks to the rain. A day like a present. I love the present. Thank you for being with me today.