I was learning Accounting theories of organizations.
It was quite hard to understand so I was worried about the exam After school, having a coffee date with a friend at Ikebukuro Here was a nice second floor but too crowded. We sat next to the man in white shirt on the first floor instead lol Coffee was quite good. I am no expert in coffee beans, so I picked cafe latte as a safe choice Forgot to take video of the coffee I ordered 🙁 I like to drink lemonade so I was making some honey lemon syrup First cut the lemon into a thin slice like this I hate drinking lemon juice with seeds inside, so I picked out all the seeds.
Then put the cut lemon in a clean glass jar Add some sugar, lemon juice and a lot of honey Finally, mix well and done Now just put it in the freezer and enjoy it later Gomagura cafe in Kichijoji I found this coffee shop close to my home from Instagram and always wanted to try it I ordered coffee au lait with chocolate cake
My friend ordered cheesecake with fruit tea I strongly recommend this place It was raining heavily so I just wanted to snuggle into a coffee shop and study and do some stuff~ Noriz coffee in Musashisakai Ginger ale and pancakes rolled with espresso caramel sauce Naturally, I found myself slowing down compared to life outside that door Raining all the day Korean Shin ramen is perfect for cold rainy day Shin kimchi ramen, eggs, pork and cheese, super good I’m a kind of person who can’t live without caffeine At kitchen cooking again. There were some zucchini so I decided to make garlic butter pasta. It was not bad. My order was shipped, super excited Salary was spent on clothes immediately after receiving it I usually order clothes from Korea these days The shipping fee wasn’t that expensive and clothes are no doubt cheaper than ones in Japan So beautiful hihi I had been adding English subtitles to my previous vlog Actually, my friend who can translate Japanese into English and Chinese, I only had to do the timing, hehe The most nutritious meal in the week
Part-time job is tiring but brings happiness Went to coffee shop again to study Every time I review for exam, I spend a lot of money on coffee 🙁 Kitaguchi cafe in Kokubunji is clsoe to where I work Run into senpai and chatted for a while Got a cup of hazelnuts coffee latte. I really like coffee here
The place was a 6,7, but coffee was 8,9 Studying accounting management
A pile of unknown recipes to be remembered Senpai paid and left first T_T I was tired and having headache, wanted to go home When I opened my eyes, it was raining It was hard to go to school in this weather, especially 1st period The test was not good as i thought I was not in the good mood so my friend took me to Shinjuku to hang out Always so crowded We had dinner at a Okonomiyaki restaurant Went to see MIB after dinner Because my friend was still not full, we went to buy more popcorns and coke Choosing Coke Zero to not get fat I know I’m getting fat these days but on the day like this I wanted to drink tapioca We were the last customers of that day :)) Milk tea with black sugar pearls is delicious but too sweet Was raining again at midnight Good night everyone.
Thanks for watching my vlog~ 💙