Hello, good morning guys. Today we are going to Taj Mahal Taj Mahal is almost 300KM from my place and we are going via TAJ Expressway I am going Taj Mahal for the first time How much you paid for the Toll?
Ish: 665 Rupees For both side We took the 1st stop just for getting fresh We will eat later either on the second stop or the third stop You can park your car here There is pizza hut, subway, vanjo and so many things to eat So how was the food?
Ish: It was good Which do you like best? I like the dosa I like bhature, but we will eat more and more We have reached Agra and parked our car. We are waiting for electic car to go to TajMahal because it is 1KM away from here So we have to go by Battery car So finally, we have reached TajMahal, it is very mesmerizing and beautiful I really recommend you should visit once in your lifetime It is a very nice feeling here and the weather is also good Although it is very crowded because today is Saturday Can you go behind the bench? Now we are heading back, we had a photoshoot and clicked 6 photos, so we have to collect the photos As we come late, so we only cover Taj Mahal However, there are so many places which you can also cover We are outside the Taj Mahal and it was very nice experience Let’s share Mummy’s feedback about it Mummy, how was the experience? It is very nice How many times you have visited?
Mom: 5 times Today is the 5th time I am visiting Taj Mahal Today is my first time to visit TajMahal So is it different every time or same Yes, a little bit different like the entry has changed a bit To go inside now you have to pay extra When do you come the first time?
Mom: After Uncle’s marriage Oh, you also came after the marriage So do you feel the difference in development since then
Mom: Yes However Taj Mahal still the same as always ๐Ÿ™‚ Do you also give Chai in these cups too?
Uncle: Yes These are only for taste or what These are for local people as it is only 5 rupees These are for customers Kullad cup is for 20 Rs but kullad cup is one-time use So you are going to give us in this cup? Now we are having dinner because of a lot hungry right now Ish, hows was your experience? It was very good It was fun Your face does not say that. I am very tired right now Our visit was over and we came back and did dinner already Now Let’s talk to Papa about his experience Papa, how was your experience? You had fun?
Yes Finally, we have reached home and it took 3.5 hours. We did not stop in middle it was a nonstop ride We did not stay in Agra. However, you can stay there if you want There are some more forts which you can visit too You can also go to vrindavan if you want We also want to go but we are very late so unable to go If you like the video, please like and subscribe to our channel