This video on air versus water cooling has two million views. It looks like crap Time for an HD remake And, it’s not just a pure sellout move to capitalize on an idea that we already know works because a lot more has changed since that video, than our production values around here In particular AMD’s High performance, not to mention huge and hot, 180 watt threadripper CPUs are pushing the limits of all types of cooling systems in ways that we have never seen before So what’s the ultimate cooler for the ultimate CPU? We have the answer The white Dark Base Pro 900 from Be Quiet features a modular design to support a variety of layouts and configurations. Check it out at the link below. We’ll be testing six coolers that on previous platforms have delivered comparable results Three air and three liquid For water coolers, AMD helpfully provided an Asatek compatible TR4 mount in the CPU box, so we’re able to use our existing stable of compatible Corsair H series AIOs, which is cool, because that means so can you. We’ve Got 120 millimeter, 240 millimeter, and 280 millimeter radiator versions with all of them featuring the same Asatek design CPU block and in the H115i’s case, a slightly more powerful pump. In a stroke of either luck or AMD foresight, the blocks are just big enough, that even though the heat spreader sticks out, the heat producing die area for threadripper is covered So while these are mainly meant for more square CPUs we have no reason to believe that you Should Worry about it as for our Air coolers well due to Their Wildly Varying Shapes and Mounting Mechanisms Not many of Them have Been retrofitted with Support for socket TR4 yet. Which is where Noctua’s new line-up comes in. They’re Visually and for The most Part Functionally Identical to their non TR4 cousins but when you turn them over, you are immediately greeted with plates Big and Shiny enough to host a Fancy Dinner Party This Huge Mount is common on each of them right down to the 92 millimeter NHU-9 Because noctua decided to bake in Support for AMD’s on socket Mounting Points, a Good idea Because well let’s just say that taking this apart isn’t a good idea Now to testing. While our old Standard Depth Version of this video discussed performance with different custom fan configurations Inside a case our video today Will focus on the temperature differences between the coolers themselves right out of the box so it should then be noted that you could get slightly better performance out of These AIOs by adding more fans in a Push-Pull configuration and the same can be said of the two tower coolers Another trick up our sleeve this time around is that we’re going to be running our threadripper 1950X in both stock and overclocked configurations furthermore, this time we are in a climate controlled 24 degree Celsius Environment, Not my garage during the winter, so our results should be more comparable to what you can achieve at home. But enough talk, let’s Do the Results Starting off then with our H80i-GT and Noctua NHU-9, we’re seeing some pretty ok numbers for stock performance with similar Load temperatures and Package Power Overclocked on the other hand shows Again similar numbers but Markedly lower Package Power For the H80i-GT, meaning that it’s throttling more to maintain that same 87 Degrees so in the lightweight Category air cooling comes Away with a clear Victory The Next step Up is the NH-U12S and H100i v2 and again, we see almost identical numbers between these guys at stock speeds Looking now at the Overclocking Results We’ve Got a Much Narrower Lead for the Noctua fan over the corsair AIO as far as Package Power goes Meaning That They’ve Throttled Just about Evenly so we’re gonna call This one a tie Bringing us to the main event the NH-U14S Weather versus the H115i Gregor, both of them lasted all 12 rounds Maintaining maximum performance in both the stock and Overclocked tests and this is incredible considering we’ve got all 16 cores pinned to 3.9 Gigahertz But This Kind of a Match Isn’t about pinning and the Noctua ran a few degrees cooler so we have to award it the win by technical knockout Of course, performance is only part of the equation Aesthetics and Physical Compatibility are Key Considerations as well Water Coolers do come with an additional mechanical point of failure-the pump But they look sexy and it’s becoming more and more common for small form-factor Cases to Have mounts For 120 or 240mm radiators but not enough clearance for comparable Air Coolers and It’s also worth considering that large AIO coolers like the H115i are Generally far easier to work around inside a chassis than a larger Air cooler especially where RAM slots are concerned With that said price is kind of a big deal – and Noctua’s solutions Even though they’re not the cheapest air coolers out there Generally come out ahead of the Water cooling equivalents by a significant margin here So TL:DR, then if you’re not planning on overclocking Threadripper, it’s actually a relatively easy beast to tame But overclock it and You’ll need to set aside some budget for a beefy cooler Also if your priority is performance You’ll reach for an air cooler or custom water cooling. 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