In 2018, Facebook committed to supporting its operations with 100 percent renewable energy. This commitment is coming to life with the help of Enel Green Power. Introducing Rattlesnake Creek Wind Farm. Enel Green Power’s first project in Nebraska. The power produced at this site will allow Facebook to
operate their new Papillion Data Center entirely with renewable energy. Thanks to Facebook’s long-term partnership with an Enel Green Power, 320 megawatts of clean energy will be purchased by Facebook and will make Papillion one of the most energy efficient
data centers in the world. Rattlesnake Creek will also power software leader Adobe. Another major corporation committed to renewable energy, Adobe has agreed to purchase 10 megawatts of energy for
operations. Through our customized renewable energy solutions Enel Green Power is helping companies reach their clean
energy goals. It’s a partnership that’s setting an example for how businesses can invest in
climate solutions while achieving their business goals at the
local and global levels. The Rattlesnake Creek project will generate enough clean
energy to power more than 105,000 U.S. households, and will help avoid the emission of over 900,000 tons of CO2 each year. That’s equivalent to over 200,000 vehicles. But the benefits of the Rattlesnake Creek Wind Farm
stretch well beyond the boardrooms of Silicon Valley. Rattlesnake Creek is making an immediate positive impact on communities in central Nebraska. The 430 million dollar project created over 300 jobs during construction, and 12 to 18 permanent local jobs for operations. These are jobs that have made a difference to the local
economy. With Enel Green Power, and projects like Rattlesnake
Creek, forward thinking partners like Facebook and Adobe and places like Papillon, Nebraska can find themselves on the forefront of the green
energy revolution.