hi everyone well we are in full on wind
recovery mode we have had two days of really strong Santa Ana winds and a lot
of you guys have asked over on Instagram and even on YouTube how things are going
here we’re okay and if our Gardens survived so I thought we’d just do this
video just kind of show you guys around a little bit of the wind aftermath winds
and fires seem to be a way of life here in Southern California we’ve gotten two
winds every single year since we’ve moved here but what’s changed over the
past few years are the fires they seem to be bigger they seem to be a lot more
destructive and hopefully this year won’t be quite as bad but we did have
probably twenty mile an hour winds for two solid days and gusts of 50 to 60
miles an hour so things aren’t looking so good now the video we posted last
week we were all sitting right here with Christie nice little arranged area and
you can tell the winds just pretty much took everything up and scooch them over
blew all the pillows up off of the furniture and the leaves are just
blowing we’re just blowing everywhere we have to really batten down the umbrellas
and one thing that’s crazy about these winds is and that really helps bring on
the fires too is a humidity level is so so low I think it was 5% for a couple of
days and even today it’s only about 5% so as you can imagine everything pretty
much just turns crispy so I had some really pretty yellow flowers here and
look at it now their flowers pretty much completely blew out of the container the
soil is super dry even though my drip irrigation was still running and the
leaves are just crispy as all get-out so that’s one thing we’re just pretty much
seeing throughout the garden is just dry crispy leaves and leaves everywhere so
let’s head down to the garden and we’ll take a look around so I do want to say
thank you guys to everyone who was checking in on us we did have a pretty
good fire like the town over but it wasn’t threatening where we live we did
have some smoke but mostly it was the wind that affected us here so the wind
pretty much blew this way that way for two days and you can see how everything
is just kind of lean being over so for the most part
everything held up pretty well but all the leaves on these trees right here
blew off and into the garden so pretty much my garden beds are covered in
leaves which isn’t necessarily a bad thing I mean it’s free mulch and then I
don’t have to do all the mulching myself but the big thing that I’ve concerned
about then I think I may lose quite a few plants is just the dryness the
cosmos here pretty much all of the flowers blew off and you can see here
these cucumbers remember when you planted this on the ladder trellis here
look how crispy these leaves are I mean they’re just pretty much I can just pull
these right off a lot of them are just pretty much dried up to a crisp so we
will be going through the garden in the next couple of days and just trimming
things up and seeing what we can save and what we’re gonna have to pull out
this latter trail is actually held up really well though so it was really
pleased about that and we’ve actually got a little cucumber here so you know
what it’s all good but down in here guys my squash that was crowing on this
tomato cage just got absolutely a beaten up I mean look at how shredded the
leaves are so I’m not sure if I’m gonna be able to save this plant or not but
you know what that’s okay we’re i’m looking forward to actually pulling some
of these plants out and then covering the hill with some greens because it’s
pretty much shaded now almost all day long so we’ll get some greens planted
and it’ll be a nice little break you can see this garden bed looks pretty much
toast things just got completely battered the squash is just shredded and
blown over and this tomato arch here I’m actually kind of disappointed about this
almost completely blew over the tomato plant actually doesn’t look too bad so
we’ll have to see if we can save this plant I was really excited about this
tomato plant climbing up over this arch so that is a little bit disappointing
now one thing I was really happy about was how this super sturdy trellis held
up I mean this thing did not move it’s not leaning over it’s not falling over
so really happy with how it held up even though the cucumber plants I’m pretty
sure I’m going to have to pull all of these out
they’re just pretty dry and crispy we were actually gonna film a video today
and I was gonna plant some peas along the base of this trellis with all the
wind and the cleanup we decided to postpone that a week so we could get
things cleaned up a little bit before we plant peas I do want to show you
something here that I was pretty bummed about I have some watermelon in here and
I plan to kind of late in the season but I was really excited because I had a
watermelon that was just about ready to harvest a really small when a sugar baby
but it completely blew off in the wind so it’s pretty bummed about that here it
is completely split open and you can see it’s totally like a rotting and
everything so that’s gonna be absolutely no good so I was pretty bummed about
that and I’ve got a couple other little watermelon here that are coming on so I
don’t know if we’re gonna have enough heat and light for them to mature we’ll
have to see about that and then the scarlet runner beans I had growing on
this trellis here are completely done for these are just crispy canned dry so
that’s kind of a bummer but I do have some growing in another spot in the
garden and I can always say the seeds from these so I’m just trying to look on
the bright side of things to here on the smart pots deck I don’t know things
aren’t looking too good here this basil is just dry and crispy just lots of
damage to these plants so I probably most likely have to start over here
which I did just plant some fall garden back up so this might be a good spot to
expand my fall garden and back in here I tried to cover what I could with shade
cloth in hopes that that would protect the plants you can see this shade cloth
did absolutely nothing it completely blew off even though how I had it
connected here but the plants actually didn’t do too bad this was charged is
looking pretty good maybe took a little bit of a beating but
I think this garden bed but will probably recover just fine once it gets
cleaned up a little bit but over here this shade cloth pretty much did nothing
and there’s a lot of leaves stripped from the peppers here I think it just
kind of got tangled up so you can see it really did a lot of damage to these
pepper leaves they’re really shredded so I may just completely pull these out
and then put some cool weather vegetables here the cooler their
vegetables actually held it pretty well some cabbage in here actually popped
this I had a big tomato plant in here that I popped out and put in some
cabbage and I think this is kohlrabi and it actually held up pretty well so I
think that might survive too so remember a few weeks ago we planted our fall
garden in here based on your suggestion so that was great and I haven’t even
peaked in here yet since the wind stopped yesterday so let me just take a
peek underneath to shake off I had it covered because the temperatures were up
in the high 80s and I was trying to hopefully get this garden bed to survive
in the heat and it actually looks like it took more of a beating from bugs than
anything else definitely have got myself a cabbage
looper problem so the plants actually all in all look pretty good except for
the bug holes so I think this garden bed may come back too and I think Jerry you
can tell me what you think from back there behind the camera but it does look
like the garden art just kind of leaning a little bit yeah so we might have to do
a little bit of shoring up the next windstorm it’s definitely looser than I
remember yeah definitely and then the scarlet runner beans over
here though it looks like they did beautifully some leaves are shredded but
I think the scarlet runner beans are gonna make a good comeback too I did
come out here like the day before and kind of tie up some of the plants I tied
up the zinnias right here to kind of help you know help help them stay a
little bit more stable and that actually I think really helped things look they
look really good well you guys know how I love using shredded leaves on my
garden beds for mulch so I feel like in a way I kind of just hit the jackpot
because look at all these leaves here they’re super dry it won’t take much
just to shred them up so I’ll be collecting those and then spreading them
over my garden beds as i replant things now our little living wall here
man it was just blowing around like crazy and you can see this is where all
the leaves are coming from because a lot of the trees are kind of stripped of
their leaves but the good thing about these trees these are called Japanese
privets they’re super super fast growing so I don’t have any doubts that they’ll
be filling out again in no time now over here to the the pepper planter just
really got toasted and dried out so you can see a lot of the the red in the
right white profusion zinnias just got so dried out from the wind and the super
low humidity actually filmed a video on all these peppers last week which I’m
really glad I did it before the wind hit and that’ll be airing this Wednesday but
a lot of the leaves got stripped off the peppers too but all in all I think the
peppers actually survived the best here in the fountain planter area now if you
follow me over on Instagram you know that I’ve grown okra for the first time
and I’m really really trying to like it but it’s just not my favorite vegetable
in the world it pretty much got taken out by the windstorm here you can see
I’ve let this okra grow super super big I’m gonna trim this back and I don’t
know if it comes back or not so those of you that grow okra can let me know if
it’ll grow back once I cut it off but we’ll try this again next year
overhead here is the perfect example we have one of our super scoopers that
to fought the fire so well flying overhead and we are just so thankful for
the firefighters who worked so hard to really knock the fires down this part of our yard just got
completely battered by the winds how the patio furniture blew over thankfully we
didn’t lose any trees but there’s just tons of leaves everywhere and I did
actually lay that umbrella down because we didn’t want it getting blown
completely away that’s what I use for my live streams but mainly it’s just the
dryness of everything I think that’s the thing that strikes me the most is I’m
gonna have to take out a lot of the plants just because the leaves are just
shot and dry so the strawberry towers I actually tried to cover but the covers
just blew off but here let’s just take a peek under here it did have some flowers
coming on last week looks like I still got a couple berries a couple flowers so
looks like it worked for this one anyway here’s my eggplant pretty much got
shredded I have a couple of flowers I hoping to get a few more eggplants out
of it so I’m just gonna trim these leaves off give it a good fertilizer and
hope for the best on this one too just to give you an idea of how strong the
winds were these are two of our patio furniture cushions that blew from all
the way up on the deck that black couch right up there and blue all the way down
here all the way down the stairs until they stopped here by the fence so these
winds were ferocious now I’m actually really bummed about
this whole area these peppers we’re looking beautiful just about a week ago
still have some peppers on here but the leaves are shredded and just looking
pretty ratty so I’m hoping that these will come back we’ll just have to see
little tiny peppers coming on I saw some purple peppers in here there we go so
we’ll hope for the best with these two pretty much just leaves leaves
everywhere so we’re definitely have our work cut out for us so up here is where
I do actually a lot of my YouTube live streams when it’s really hot out because
it’s easy just to come out here right from the backdoor and set up and this is
all from the wind you guys every everything just blew this way
up here it’s just crazy remember their radishes I did like a week ago they’re
right under here let’s check them out I haven’t looked at them yet you can see
things are just absolutely toasted oh wow they actually look pretty good very
happy about that I know this is a little bit of a different video usually you see
my garden looking pretty good but you know what just keeping it real here
things are an absolute mess and I will be working hard this week to get things
cleaned up so stay tuned for that how to grow peas video hopefully next weekend
we’ll get to that and I am running a sale this weekend on my website I’d plan
to do it in conjunction with that P video but we’re gonna let that sale run
anyway it’s 30% off all my seed collections and my CaliKim smart pots
with the code calikim well if you live here in Southern California we would
love to hear how your garden and how you survived the Santa Ana wind storms of
the past couple of days and if you’re one of the fire affected areas please
let us know that as well you would love to hear from you thanks
so much for watching we’ll see on the next video