This is the Wilier Turbine, the
brand-new time trial and triathlon bike from Wilier Triestina.
The Wilier Turbine was designed around four design criteria, and those are:
aerodynamics, wide range of rider positioning, efficient braking and ease
of Transportation. The Wilier Turbine frame was designed making extensive use of CFD software. CFD stands for Computational Flow Dynamics, and it’s the
kind of software it’s typically used by Formula 1 teams to optimize
performance of Formula 1 cars and it allows engineers to accurately predict
the performance of structures in airflow. When that was all completed the
frames are also tested in a wind tunnel by our professional rider to simulate
some riding in real-world conditions. Every surface of this frame has been
optimized for aerodynamic performance and if we look at the two profiles
that are presented to the wind they all have this truncated aerofoil shape
That’s known as as Kamm tail sections and it’s from the automotive world and it’s
used to have an aerofoil section that is both very efficient there’s also
lightweight and because it’s truncated at the back it has the added advantage
for a bike designer of improving torsional stiffness which is always a
desirable thing in a time trial frame. In addition to that the aerofoil sections
have been optimized using something called NACA profiles and again these are
from the aeronautical world and algorithms for optimizing aerofoil
sections for maximum aerodynamic efficiency. There are some really well
executed aerodynamic details on this bike for example if you look at the way
that the the fork is blended into the downtube
the whole bottom bracket shell area is one huge Kamm tail section and at the
back you’ll see that the the Kamm tail section seat stays are as low as
possible according to UCI principles to reduce
drag as much as possible. In the interest of aerodynamics. The fork bar and
stem extensions have all been considered and designed together in one
body. Disc brakes have also given us an opportunity to improve aerodynamics
because they freed off the designers to position the four blades and the
stays further away from the wheel. Widely spaced studs are more aerodynamically
efficient because they reduce turbulence and drag behind the the tube sections.
Disc brakes are obviously an advantage as well because they provide for
powerful and consistent braking under all weather m conditions. Pertaining the correct riding position
is massively important to any time trial or triathlon rider and to help with this
Wilier collaborated with Profile Design and have cooperated their latest
handlebar system into the design of the Wilier Turbine. So this allows for a an
almost infinite range of adjustment because the pads and the extensions are
adjustable in all three planes: so up and down, from side to side and forward
and backwards as well independently. In addition to that the whole structure can
be tilted in both planes as well. Another area that allows riders to attain a good
position it’s the relationship of the seat post and the saddle
so the Wilier Turbine has three seat post options this one here is a zero
millimeter setback there’s also a minus 25 millimeter setback post and as a plus
65 millimeter post as well option and the plus 65 millimeter post is not
generally UCI legal so there’s only really used to triathlete. Triathletes and timetrial riders tend to
travel a lot with their bikes and breaking down and reassembling a bike
for the races can be a time-consuming and frustrating business, so that was one
of the design requirements of the Wilier Turbine that it was easy to
disassemble and assemble for a race or when traveling. So the the handlebars can
actually be disassembled in less than one minute and fold it down which allows
the bike to to fit into a normal bike container for shipment and it can be
reassembled almost as quickly because there are no cables are detached and you
do not lose your position so it’s very easy and simple to travel with this
bike. The Wilier Turbine is available in three color options including this
beautiful blue chromovelato finish and it’s also available in a number of build
options and specs and you can look at these all in detail on the web at so that’s the brand new Wilier Turbine
from Wilier triestina