Hey you guys, Welcome to Child’s Play in Action. Today I’m talking about soundtracks and how
they’re an amazing vehicle to create dramatic play in your home. And they are also really great in the winter
months when you can’t get outside so easily and you really need like a physical release. So what I love about soundtracks, especially
if it comes from a movie or a ballet even that your kids know and love, is that the
kids already have a sense internally of the story and the characters that they want to
portray. So here we’re playing with Peter and the Wolf
and this is a great thing because David Bowie gives an amazing narrative behind it, so the
kids are kind of jumping in as different characters and they really have a clear sense of beginning,
middle and end. Maybe your kid loves The Nutcracker – just
listen to that soundtrack – that score – and really get involved in it as Clara, as the
Nutcracker, as the Sugar Plum Fairy, and you can do all those dances. And it doesn’t even have to be a ballet. It can be like the score of a movie. So maybe your kid loved The Good Dinosaur
or Frozen, just listen to the score and not the soundtrack, and they can dance and free-associate. You can even do Red Light Green Light with
it. Pick the most amazing dramatic moments of
the score too and that will provide a really cool robust playing opportunity that’s physical
and fun and really character driven. Have fun playing, moving and dancing in character. For more games and tools on playful parenting,
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