Hello everybody and welcome to a new video! Today I show you a bit of Tokyo – the capital city of Japan What would a Japan-Journy be without a visit in Tokyo And that’s were I go today! But I’ve got a little bit of time left – waiting at the track – so I show you how it looks like here 🙂 Bit different than in Germany 😉 I arrived at the Tokyo central station – and it’s building is amazing!!!! And from there I made my way to the imperial placa, which is close by I’m on my way to the Imperial placa – actually I’m right in front of it’s area You can’t enter the placa like all the castles in Japan, ’cause the emperor and his family are living there 😉 But around there is a garden and a fountain park But let’s just see, what we can see there… Of course this place is not a famous tourist attraction *irony off* We started at the bridge aaaaannnnd walked all the way up here – all along the water And now we are here That’s what you can see of the imperial placa – not much But I think it is impressive how huge this area is! It looks way smaller on the map! But it takes around 30 to 40 minutes to walk all the way we did; if you are taking some pics in between 😉 but of course I did not just made a trip to Tokyo to see the Imperial Placa area again, but also to go to Asakusa and see the Tokyo Tower! Because Tokyo is so big it took me a while to arrive in Asakusa Asakusa is one of the most famous sightseeing spots here in Tokyo – also pretty close to a lot of other areas 😉 I hope you liked this video ♥ I really love to do sightseeing ♥ A thumb up would mean a lot to me!! And don’T forget to subscribe – alot more from Japan is coming up in the ext weeks! see ya ♥