Hah! – Ouch!
– Jenny! – That hurt!
– I’m sorry. – Got ya!
– Hey! No fair! Never let your guard down. Boys are weird. Oh great…
I forgot my umbrella. Don’t worry, Jenny…
I’ll share mine with ya!   Oh no. Nice try. And even though
I don’t really want to, I guess I can share my
umbrella with a classmate. – Jenny!
– Hi Mom! Thanks guys.
See you tomorrow! See you, Jenny!   I hate it when I
act polite for no reason. But now you can give
your umbrella to me! – What…why should I?
– Well you broke mine! – Did not!
– Did too!   – You OK, Posty?
– Sure. Thanks, Poli. – Hey Poli… Roy.
– Hello, Spooky. Posty, you all right? Heard your
day’s not going too well. Yeah… I … had a slip. Roads can get slippery, especially on rainy days
like this one. – So drive carefully.
– Don’t worry. I’ll take good care of
our friend, Posty. – Thanks. Bye guys.
– Be safe Spooky! Well Roy… I’m heading
over to the school. Yeah, I guess classes are
over by now. Right… and I want to
make sure the students all
get home safely. – You be careful too, Poli!
– Will do! Quit hogging it!
I’m getting all wet! I’m getting wetter
than you, Kevin! Wrong! Kevin, what do now? I don’t …know!   This rain just
won’t go away.   – I’m soaked!
– So am I!   – Let’s cross.
– OK.   Gotta hurry.
Oh no..I can’t see! Hey, look out! I’m rolling too fast! This won’t be pretty!   I’m sorry Poli. I warned you about
driving on wet roads. It’s dangerous. You were right.
I’ll keep that in mind! Kevin and Doug, you should’ve
been more careful too, especially since
it was raining. Us too?! When it rains, it takes
more time and distance for a car to stop,
because the roads are more slippery than usual. Don’t walk too
close to the curb… it’s safer to keep your
distance from cars when it rains. It’s also a good idea
to stay back a few steps
from crosswalks. If you get too close,
a car could hit your umbrella.   Always hold an umbrella
higher than your eye level so you don’t
block your view. An umbrella you can
see through is even better. Use a shoulder bag when it’s
raining to carry papers, books and other things,
so they don’t get wet.   When it’s dark and rainy, it’s safer to wear
brightly colored-clothes and use
a bright umbrella. Dark clothes and
dark umbrellas make you hard to see and make
accidents easy to happen.   It’s the same on
snowy days. But don’t wear white clothes
when it snows. They make you
blend in too much. Wow. We blocked our view
with the umbrella… and walked right into the
crosswalk without looking. We even had
a dark umbrella! – We got it all wrong!
– That’s true… But now you know how to
get things right as rain. Yeah!   Jenny, you’ve got nothing
to worry about today! You can’t share that
tiny umbrella with him? Here. I’ll share mine. Thanks guys,
but, I’m covered. – OK.
– Well, see ya tomorrow! – Jenny, wait for me!
– Try to keep up.